Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Soooo, about that exercise I was supposed to do….

Last week didn’t quite pan out like I had planned. First of all, I actually FORGOT about the plank challenge. Second, life will keep you on your toes and sometimes not let you rest let alone work out!!!

This is how my week ended up:

Workouts (HA!):

Wednesday: was just drained. Kids went to bed late, got up late, got to work late, late, late!!!!!!!!! Geez

Thursday: Son had a football game and I managed my time VERY bad

Friday: I thought I had an hour from when I got off of work until I had my kido’s but that worked out all wrong!

Saturday: ate and waterslided until I dropped!

Sunday: was still exhausted and sore from Saturday

Monday: had lunch plans but they got canceled and I didn’t have work out cloths.

Tuesday: had lunch with a friend from out of town and football game at 545pm.

As you can see, no workouts this week and my food choices were BAD!!!! So, going to try again this week! That’s all I can do! Going to try this routine. =)


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