Tuesday, October 30, 2012

30 years YOUNG! :D

So yes...Its true the day has finally come, I am no longer the young little whipper snapper in the group. I am now older, wiser and buffed to a bright shine, or so I would like to think! Idk if the times have just changed, it seems couples are waiting to have babies, companies are producing in mass quantities anti-aging products, celebrities make 30s-40s-50s look so young and youthful, or probably just bc its me here now, but 30 just doesn't seem so OLD after all!:D 

Well the goals from last week were to run everyday and try not to eat 2 much.Update: 
Mon-I ran 2.24 miles in 23:45 
Tues-I ran 3.03 miles in 19:05 (9:24/mile pace!!!) 
Wed-I ran 2 miles in 20:19 (10:10/mile pace) 
Thurs-Funeral, PTC & Bday festivities=Excuses got the best of me! 
Fri-I walk/jogged 2.16 miles in 33:57. Then I ran 1 mile in 9:43. 
Sat & Sun-Were also slacker family days. 

And as far as the "try not to eat too much" goes..Well lets just say this was NOT a good week. Last Monday I weighed in at 174.4. This Monday 174.2. Guess I did just enough to maintain, not happy with that. I need to get my mind right and get over this hump! 

I am however, excited about (as Shannon's calls it) NSVs or Non-Scale Victories. 
I went shopping alot over the bday week and I am SO excited to be able to walk in just about ANY store and fit the jeans, slacks, shirts, shoes whatever! I spent way too much $$$ but I am super happy I have a nice wardrobe coming together! Its actually fun getting ready to go places these days. I want to dress up and look nice no matter what the event/occasion is that Im going to. Which IS A HUGE CHANGE!!! I use to end up in tears sitting on the floor in my closet and skipping events all bc I had NOTHING to wear or just felt I looked horrible in everything! 

A few of my FAV purchases have been....
MY BOOTS!!! This is HUGE for me! I have NEVER in my adult life been able to fit in ANY boots Ive tried on. My kankles were simply just too BIG! So, I am SUPER excited about my hooker boots and I want to wear them everyday! 
MY JEGGINS: Never thought I would be able to pull it off (and maybe I still shouldn't..lol) but they come in my size now and they make me feel sexy and confident and they are soo soo soo comfy, IDC anymore...Im ROCKIN them bad boys!! 
& DRESSES: Just in general love to be able to throw on comfy little dresses, with or wo a little shrug sweater, some flip flops or dress it up w some heels and roll on out. Its so easy to throw a dress on and look and feel great and it took little to no effort to get ready in the morning. I think Im shocking the work crew, who are always use to see me bumming it, but again idc. I feel great! :D So...

This week dispite Halloween on Wednesday and my already non-existent start (did nothing on Monday and so far today :( My goal is to not let the rest of this week get the best of me. I will run Tues-Friday and throw in a morning workout on Saturday. I will also start making healthier choices with my eating, this starts NOW!

Good Luck to everyone with your weekly goals! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Not Easy, But Worth It

What's up everyone!?!?  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  The weather has turned chilly here in NOLA, and I'm loving it! 

So let's get down to it...

Activity Since Last Monday's Post:


4.07 mile walk @ lunch (5 laps)
2.50 mile walk/run intervals @ home

2.42 mile walk @ lunch (3 laps)
2.36 mile walk @ home

4.02 mile walk @ lunch (5 laps)
2.25 mile walk @ home

3.36 mile walk @ lunch
2.25 mile walk @ home
2.50 mile bike ride @ home (just b/c I felt like getting on my bike)

3.66 mile walk @lunch*

2.46 mile walk @ home
1 mile walk @ Fountainbleu Park trick-or-treat

2.66 mile walk @ home


I'm happy with my exercise for the week despite not meeting last week's number. 

My Rant For The Week:

Sometimes, being a woman SUCKS!  Women lose weight different and slower than men.  Totally unfair!  Men can pee standing up.  That could TOTALLY come in handy for me quite often!  Men don't get monthly periods....periods that cause major cramps, lower back pain, headaches, their hormones to go out of whack, their face to look like a mother f'n pizza, and their bodies to retain water like a f'n cactus!  (I'm writing this as I experience the majority of these symptoms.) 

Yeah yeah, women do a lot of awesome things that guys can't...like spend an hour doing their hair and makeup, wearing heels that inevitably lead to long-term foot pain, and carrying purses that are the size of mini suitcases containing pretty much anything we might possibly, but probably won't, need.  Being a woman is sooooo awesome!

I said I wouldn't weigh myself til the 14th because I know how horrible it is to constantly weigh yourself and get down because the scale doesn't move.  So over the past few days, despite my exercise and strict eating, I haven't lost a single pound.  I have, however, gained 3 pounds.  It makes me want to grab a box of doughnuts and say "SCREW IT!"  I haven't done that and I won't!  I'm committed.  Balls (if I had any) to the wall. 

I feel better for having gotten this off my huge chest, which reminds me, guys don't have to wear bras!  F'n men!  I am happy I don't have balls though...as much as having huge boobs can suck, I would imagine having balls in my pants wouldn't be so awesome either!

Recap, I'm hormonal, angry, and not losing weight.  I'm not going to derail progress by eating doughnuts, even though they sound delicious!

NSVs since my last post:

1.  On Wednesday I wore a black shirt and gray capris pants, both of which were previously too tight and made me look like a stuffed sausage.  The shirt used to be too snug and the pants would cut off circulation, but on Wednesday that didn't!!  I may not always see a change in the scale, but I feel it in my clothes!  Just another tool in my arsenal to keep me from giving up on myself or giving in to temptation!

2.  Went to Walmart on my way home from work Wednesday to pick up a few items and I stood in the express lane waiting for the line to move and the candy was staring at me.  I almost grabbed for a Kit Kat bar, one of my favorite chocolate candies.  I stopped myself and grabbed sugar free gum instead.  Felt great to be able to stop myself and get something that wasn't going to fill me with unnecessary calories!  I can enjoy a Kit Kat bar some other time, but right now, I have a goal and eating a Kit Kat bar is only putting me further from that goal!

3.  I got my period and didn't overeat or let that throw me off my game.  That deserves a standing ovation, a round of applause, and a headline in the daily paper. 

4.  I was VERY unmotivated Saturday.  I simply did not feel like going for my walk, but I put my shoes on and forced myself to do it.  I felt great when I was finished and I was proud of myself for actually doing it.  


*(I was supposed to do 5 laps today, but after the 4th lap I had a few issues...#1  I had to pee SO BAD, #2 It was freaking HOT, no wind, no breeze, just icky 85 degrees plus humidity, and #3 I needed lunch.  Rather than walk 5 laps, go to my office and order lunch, I did 4 laps, ordered from my phone, and walked to get lunch.  While I didn't do 5 laps, I feel happy about the change I did make)

The next time I post I'll be a new woman.  Wiser, more sophisticated.  I'm turning 30 on Friday!  With that said, here are my goals for this coming week:

1.  Lunchtime walk around the Superdome every day this week, 3 of those days need to be 5 laps rather than my usual 4
2.  Walk/run intervals every night in my neighborhood
3.  Ride my bike 3 nights this work week (Monday-Friday) for at least 5 miles each time
4.  Walk 5 miles on either Saturday or Sunday (and try to convince one of my friends and/or sister to join me for all or just part of my walk..HINT HINT)

Friday, October 26, 2012

The dark horse is coming!!

Happy Friday!!

Well this past week has been a huge transformation as far as what I'm eating. Over the weekend my husband and I sat down and talked about what would be the healthiest way to eat and that would be an easy transformation for our daughter. We both decided from then on out that we are not buying processed foods. We printed recipes that sounded yummy and headed to the Rouses to gather our groceries!! Saturday I did TONS of cooking, first I made carrot, banana muffins (enough for breakfast for us both for the entire week), then I baked some drum fish with veggies, and maple walnut chicken using 100% pure maple with an army of veggies! I am happy to say EVERY one of these recipes and would absolutely make each of them again. Sunday I made more baked drum fish and coconut shrimp (using, shrimp in the shell, 2 cans of coconut milk, fresh garlic, fresh ginger and sea salt) this one was by FAR my favorite recipe. Throughout the week we made more maple, walnut chicken, egg drop soup, lettuce wraps, crustless quiche and the only one of these recipes that needs some serious tweeking was the quiche. Anyway, misson accomplished there and I'm so happy with my new food choices!!

Last week I made the promise that I would exercise everyday at lunch and do the kettlebell every evening, Monday through Friday. I have so far gone to the gym everyday as promised and I did the kettlebell Monday, Tuesday and I will again tonight. Wednesday night my hubby had a meeting at school and I had baby duty so I was preoccupied then Thursday I had dinner with my in-laws and didn't make it back home until 8:30. Next week I'll be changing it up a little, instead of trying to do the kettlebell 5 days a week at night I will do 3 days a week. I think I'll be able to stick to this routine.

Not only do my awesome friends want to get fit but my co-workers do also and so we've been doing something like the biggest loser. Every month whomever has the highest weightloss percentage gets $20.00. We started this in August. I lost the month of August as well as the month of September but this month is MY month. On Monday, October 15th is when I really got on the ball with the working out and then on October 20th is when we starting our new eating habits. I've lost 13 pounds since the 15th and even though a lot of that is water weight it's still exciting. I'm the dark horse coming in from behind to take that $20!! I'm pumped!! I'm at 3.79% so far for this month and if I get over 4.00% I should get it!! Fingers crossed!!

I weighed myself this morning and I'm 266.4 and so excited to announce that I'm officially out of the 270's!!

Tune in next week to see if I was able to continue my new eating habits and keep up with my promised workouts!! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My apologies to all who have to share an elevator with me...

Thursday seems to have come pretty quickly this week.  No complaints here!  This last week has been VERY stressful, but I have handled it better than I expected as far as my food intake and exercise are concerned.  I had mentioned that I want to walk three days a week during my lunch hour and do some sort of exercise one day out of the weekend.  Well, I did get some walking in this past weekend, but have only walked two days so far this week.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday seem to work best for me.  Tuesday ended up being a wash.  I was very stressed and had a ton of work to do.  I didn't let it ruin my day though.  I still ate properly.  But, yesterday and today, I went over my usual two miles.  Yesterday, I walked 2.07 miles and today was 2.47 miles!  This is the most distance I have had yet.  It felt good.  I even took the stairs in the parking garage today.  I plan on walking tomorrow at lunch to make up for missing Tuesday.  The only thing I don't like about walking is SWEATING.  Bleh!  It is SO nasty!  But, as Nicole says, that's just my fat crying.  Let that shit cry ALL it wants!  Note to self:  you DO NOT like Chobani Greek Yogurt, Plain.  I repeat, you DO NOT like Chobani Greek Yogurt, Plain.  Yuck!  After today's walk, I went to the grocery to get lunch.  I picked up some cantaloupe and yogurt.  I figured I'd have one today and the other tomorrow.  I really wasn't too hungry.  Pretty sure you can figure out what I actually ended up eating.  I'm getting anxious for the 14th.  That is when I check my weight and measurements again.  Shannon asked if I noticed a difference in my clothes.  I'm not really sure.  I think my pants are baggier around my legs and ass, but I'm not sure if that's because I walk in them and they stretched out, or if I really am doing well.  We shall see. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I’m life, Annie, I’m biting you in the a$$!

Good morning you Wednesday Warriors! The week is half way through, hang in there!

The day after last week’s post, I got off my lazy tush and RE-started the Couch 2 5K program. For those that don’t know what that is, it’s a 9 week program that prepares you for a 5K (3.1 miles). It basically starts you off with jogging in one minute increments and works its way up to jogging 3.1 miles continuously. I had previously started the program but with Hurricane Isaac, my wedding and honeymoon, I didn’t just fall off the wagon, I fell, busted my knee and stewed in my downfall for a while! BUT I’m back at it now!

While it sucks to have to start over, it’s a small victory of its own. It’s easy to be hard on yourself and throw in the towel after you’ve been on the bench for a few weeks. I believe it takes a WANT to change, to get up and go when it’s so much easier to hit snooze. I officially have that WANT!

Stats, Workouts and Goals OH MY!

10/17 = 168.6
10/23 = 168.0
* It’s a small victory, but it’s still a victory!!!

Week 1 Day 1
2.01 Miles
14:19 min/mile

Bike ride with the Hubby
6.13 miles

Week 1 Day 2
1.5 miles
14:14 min/mile

Total Miles:

            1. Continue working out at least 3 days a week
            2. Cut the darn grass! I didn’t cut it this past weekend but will this weekend.
            3. Going to the gym next week to restart membership
            4. Make better eating choices

All in all this week was ok. I got my 3 work outs in but didn’t cut the grass or go to the gym to restart the membership. I also didn’t make GREAT food choices but I wasn’t that bad BUT the scale definitely shows that I could have done better. I am the only one that can make myself get up and go. I want it. Now is my time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The BIG 3-OH!

Fat Tuesday? Well... Technically its not but it always feels this way lately. Isn't it soooo much easier to stay focused during the week???...And then the weekend comes and I loose it! Ok so, last weeks goal was to run everyday! Update:

Monday- I didn't wake up as planned in the am to run. (Off to a bad start) Lunch time came and I wanted to eat but told myself I HAD to get it in. I decided to gear up and I ran to GNC, got some vitamins and then I ran to Jimmy Johns, sat and ate a sandwich and then I jogged back to work. Total of 1.5 miles. Not the greatest but it was something.
Tuesday- Even though it was Tuesday and I usually only run in the am MWF, I figured Monday was rough start. So Tuesday am I was up and at em! I did 2 miles in 20:17!! It is HUGE for me to maintain 10 min/mile pace for 2 miles! I was super HAPPY!
Wednesday- Am run 2 miles in 20:35. Slower than Tuesday but still in my 10 min/mile range=HAPPY!
Thursday- I was feeling down bc I didn't wake up for the am run, lunch time came I grabbed a smoothie and went shopping. The routine of the day kids, homework, dinner, baths etc was starting to get me in excuse mode, so I decided I HAD to get it in. I went full on BEAST mode and cranked out a little 5k action!!!! 3.1 miles in 31:06! My personal best time!!! Maintained my 10 min/mile pace for the entire 5k! Wha..What??? Super Proud!

And that my friends concludes the awesomeness of my week! Friday came, I was off of work and we headed out of town. We went to the Balloon Fest in Natchez, MS. We were on foot the whole weekend and I did log over 10 miles of walking over the weekend. My sister in law lives a little less than 2 miles from the bluff so we walked to and from a good 6 times. But other than that, No running & lots of eating! :(

So its officially ma birthday week! Yes yes..the BIG 3-0H!!! Not really feeling one way or another about it. The last few years of life have been a bit of a roller coaster, to say the least! Im ready and looking forward to continuing to work on making myself happy and healthy and all the fun that comes along with that! :D 

So at the end of last year, I was urged by Shannon, as every year, to write a list of goals "New Year Resolutions" for the year. In years past, I never participate in this routine bc I never follow through with half the things on the list. Well since October last year I have been in a routine and doing great staying focused so I thought..Why not..I need this! It will be fun and helpful to stayed motivated to check things off the list. So I DID IT! I decided to call it 30 BEFORE 30!  

I think I've done pretty well checking things off the list.  Ive already started making my next list of goals (keeping the ones I haven't gotten to yet) and look forward to crossing them off one by one! :D

GOALS 4 MA BIRTHDAY WEEK: Run Everyday! & Try NOT to devour too much cake and other sweet sweet goodness! Do my best to withhold from redeeming all 10 of my fav resturaunt free birthday give-a-ways! 

Good luck meeting your goals this week!! Updates to come next Tuesday, Stay tuned...


Monday, October 22, 2012

Word to ya Motha!

Happy Monday everyone!  Most days I'm like "Monday...ughhhhhh!!"  But Monday is my day to post, so I'm looking on the bright side! 

Whether you're happy about the start of a new week or not, here it comes.  I've done excellent since my last post.  Don't believe me?  Check it out:

Activity Since Last Monday's Post:

3.21 mile walk @ lunch
2.83 mile walk @ home

3.05 mile walk @ lunch
2.13 mile walk/run intervals @ home

3.02 mile walk @ lunch
2.81 mile walk @ home

3.25 mile walk @ lunch
2.37 mile walk @ home

3.25 mile walk @ lunch
2.00 mile walk @ home

6.51 mile bike ride

2.00 mile walk @ Bayou Coquille nature trail
Mowed the front and backyard
2.45 mile walk @ home


Not to "toot" my own horn, but I am proud of all that work!  Along with the exercise, I had some exciting NSVs this past week:

NSVs (Non-Scale Victories) Since Last Monday's Post:

1.  Every Tuesday my family gets together at my house for dinner.  Last Tuesday we had grilled hamburgers on french bread with potato salad, and tortilla chips with cheese dip.  I cooked the burgers on the grill and I made it a point to say I was going to have 1 burger, no cheese, on a bed of romaine lettuce.  But then I thought to myself  "This is a lifestyle change, are you never going to eat a cheeseburger again?  Are you going to eat everything on a bed of lettuce the rest of your life?"  I decided then that I would eat what everyone else ate (minus the potato salad...YUCK) and that I would use self-control.  I made my burger with one slice of cheese, a small slice of french bread, and I even allowed myself a handful of tortilla chips with a little bit of cheese dip, which I put sparingly on my plate.  I ate my burger, I ate my chips, I used the cheese dip and I was satisfied, not STUFFED.  I got up from the table but still sat in the dining room with everyone else while they sat around the table talking and munching on chips.  I was in control and I was SO happy/proud of myself.  That Tuesday night dinner was a MAJOR NSV for me! 

2.  I banged out 3 miles in 35 minutes on my lunch time walk on Thursday!  Total for that Thursday walk was 3.25 miles in 38 minutes, but some of that time was spent waiting at the stoplight intersection for the okay to cross back to my office.  As I waited, I feverishly tried to stop my activity tracker with screen glare from the sun happening.  Yet another NSV for this week.  I felt like a beast on my walk!  All business!  The walk felt like it was over before it started.  Very proud of this accomplishment!

3.  On Friday I was invited to lunch with Stephanie and two of her co-workers to celebrate Stephanie's 6 year anniversary with the company she works for.  The restaurant they chose is a really great mexican place with the best food.  Everything I've ever had from there is fabulous.  I went there knowing I did not want to eat tortilla chips!  Seriously, I can't just eat one or a few so if that's how I was going to be, it's better to not have any.  So I didn't.  I ordered a water with lemon to drink, and for my meal I ordered the 1/2 chicken quesadilla with 1/2 ceasar salad, dressing on the side.  The salad was excellent and the perfect portion!  I used only a tiny bit of dressing on my salad, and my quesadilla was just enough to satisfy my craving for mexican food!  To go to a mexican restaurant and not leave STUFFED with corn chips is another major NSV for me!  I went to lunch with the goal of enjoying the company.  The food came second and was satisfying and I didn't feel restricted in any way!


I did absolutely fantastic with eating all last week, until Saturday.  After my early morning bike ride I headed to the grocery to get food for the weekend.  I got home, prepped some of the items I bought, and started cleaning house.  My husband called on his way home from the gym and asked if we (my sister and nephew as well) wanted to grab breakfast/lunch.  It was 11 and I had been up since 6:30..I was starving.  I overate for breakfast and again for dinner.  I overate at dinner simply because I "already ruined the day."  What a horrible way to look at food!  I should've made better choices and not let my lunch time splurge ruin the evening meal.  I need to get this in check, asap!  Though I did overeat, I am happy to report that my overeating did not result in weight gain!

This week's fitness goals:

For this upcoming week I'd like to keep the momentum going by continuing with my lunch walks and evening walks.  For three days this week, rather than walk around the Superdome for 4 laps, I'd like to make it 5 laps.  For my evening walks, I'd like to add in more running to the run/walk intervals.  I find that my run/walk intervals have become just a walking session.  I'm never going to build stamina if I don't run...and by "run" I mean jog!

This week's diet goals:

DON'T OVEREAT!  I have the potential to sabotage my efforts with a busy weekend ahead.  With a birthday party on Saturday followed by trick-or-treating and then a baptism on Sunday followed by a small gathering, I need to keep my food intake in CHECK!  Healthy choices.  Smart choices.  Small portions.  Wish me luck!

I hope everyone reading had a great weekend.  Start out this week doing great and keep it up! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

And so the story goes...

Well, I wasn't sure what to do for my first blog but after thinking about it and reading my 4 awesome friends first posts I've decided I'm going to post my measurements. This is the NOT fun part but here we go...

Neck - 15 inches
Bust - 50 inches (sadly a proud member of the itty bitty titty commity most of this is back fat)
Right arm - 18 inches (not guns...)
Left arm - 18 inches
Waist - 52.5
Hips - 61 (HOLY CRAP!!)
Right Thigh - 29 inches
Left Thigh - 30 inches (This is the fat one)
Right Middle Finger (WTF?) - 2 and 3/4 inches

Well it's out there...for everyone to see...so completely embarrassing. Oh well, it's only going to get better from here!

I've also decided on my first blog to post a picture of myself from 2006 when I lost 80 pounds because one day I'm going to look like that again.

I was about 198 pounds in the picture which is 77 pounds lighter than I am today.

I would eventually like to weigh about 150 pounds. I'm going to set small realistic goals, 5 pounds at a time. Yesterday I was at 275 so by November 1st I'd like to be at 270. That's 2.5 pounds a week and I can do that. I'm also setting realistic workout goals. I plan to do the kettlebell 5 times a week and walk 5 times a week. I will include the results of my goals each Friday. Wish me luck!! :)
I hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

"It's not me. I'm Mrs., Mrs. Iglesias."

On Sunday, I went to Shannon’s house and weighed myself for the first time in who knows how long and took my measurements. I was very disappointed in myself when I saw the scale. I knew I had gained back all of the weight I had previously lost, but I had no idea that I had gained another five pounds on top of that. I am officially at my heaviest. I am disgusted with myself. I weighed in at 218.2. WTF have I done to myself?! The wake up call was received! Starting on Monday, I had a FiberPlus bar and a Yoo-hoo for breakfast. I know, you’re thinking, "A Yoo-hoo? I thought this bitch wanted to lose weight?!" Well, this bitch does want to lose weight. My total calorie count for breakfast is only 230. Yep, a fiber bar and a 6.75 oz. box of Yoo-hoo is only 230 calories AND it holds me over until lunch without me feeling the "starving" feeling coming on. Score! Occasionally, I will snack on a Welch’s Fruit Snack pack around 11:00 if I ate breakfast earlier than usual. But, that snack is only 80 calories. Nice. For lunch, I bring either a ham sandwich or a PB&J and drink a 20 oz. Gatorade. This usually runs me about 483 calories. Sometimes at 3:00, I snack on a Kraft bread sticks & cheese pack, 110 calories. By the time dinner rolls around, I still have roughly 597 calories to stay within a 1500 calories per day diet. I’m usually never hungry in the evenings or at night, so that works for me. I make a salad size plate of dinner for me and pick at it. The only snacks I buy and keep at home are snacks for the kids and Tony. Luckily, I don’t like any of the snacks they ever pick. If I find myself wanting something after dinner, I stand in front of the pantry, then the freezer, then the refrigerator. Nothing ever appeals to me. Once I realize it’s my third time checking for a snack to magically pop out, I remind myself there’s a reason I can’t find anything good - I don’t friggin’ need it!. I have also been walking this week. Tuesday, I walked 1.87 miles during lunch. Yesterday was only .92 miles because there was NO breeze and I was starting to sweat really bad. I still had another three hours of work and didn’t want to stink the place out. Now, I have baby wipes, extra deodorant, and body/office spray. The weather doesn’t look so hot today. I may be stuck walking the parking garage (provided the rain isn’t blasting through the whole garage). Exercising at lunch is the key for me. I have trouble sleeping, so I fall asleep late and wake up a few times during the night. Waking up before 6:15 almost never happens. Since I have to be at work for 8:00, morning workouts are out of the question. I get home from work around 4:30, but I have to cook dinner early (Tony gets up for 3:30 in the morning, so we eat early so he can go to bed early), do homework, do laundry, and whatever else the evening brings. Occasionally I have time for a bike ride, but not often. So, lunch is my prime time. I bring my lunch and rarely go out of the office for anything during the day. It’s a nice break and change of scenery. I wonder if the Endomondo app will be able to track my walk in the parking garage today? Hmm...I guess we’ll see. I’ll fill you in next Thursday.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Welcome to Wednesday!

This Week’s Stats:
Weight:            168.6lbs
Arms:               14 inches
Thighs:             27 inches
Waist:              33.5 inches
Bust:                40 inches
Stomach:          43 inches
Hips:                45 inches

I will start off my Wednesday posts with my stats that are taken on Tuesday mornings and then proceed with my weekly rant. Enjoy!

How weight has affected me as I have packed on the pounds.  
1.   Body Perception: When I was in high school, I didn’t think about weight. I didn’t think of myself or other people as fat or thin. I didn’t think about sizes in cloths or what I should or shouldn’t eat. I guess that since I didn’t have a weight problem, no one mentioned about keeping thin or how food can affect you in the long run. Once out of high school I packed on the pound and have struggled through 2 beautiful babies to get it off. This is my biggest struggle so far in weight loss. When I’m told that I look great and then I see pictures, all I can do is cry. I hate the way I look.
2.   Sleep: I LOVE to sleep but since I have gained weight I don’t get quality sleep and I have started snoring. Yes, snoring… loudly. Enough that it keeps my husband awake.
3.   Stretch marks: While yes, my kido’s have played a part in the stretch marks, I only gained 7 and 11 lbs for the respectively so I have NO reason other than over eating and being lazy to have stretch marks on my thighs, arms and breasts. It’s a lovely sight.
My Goals.
Every time I have started a weight loss journey, I set unrealistic goals for myself that just set me up for failure. Example: I’m going to work out 5 days a week and eat 10 servings of veggies a week! That is simply unrealistic in my life. I have two kids that go to school 20 minutes from my house so just to get them to school and make it to work on time, I have to leave at 7. That means running at 5 am, to get home, shower, get kids up, feed them, get ready and be out the house for 7… that’s a lot to do and I am most certainly a morning person so why would I commit to getting up 5 days a week at 5 am! It’s just an unrealistic goal that I gave up on. SO, I am setting new small goals with a big goal in mine.
Small Goals
1.      Work out at least 3 days a week
2.      Cut the grass at least twice a month (which will also save me $80!)
3.      Go to the gym to do strength training at least once a week
Big Goals:
1.      Goal Weight: 120 lbs (I’m only 5’2’’)
a. Goal Weigh Date: May 1st
2.      Surgery: (a highly debated topic amongst friends) To rid my body of the extra skin I have accumulated on my biceps, abdomen and thighs. I know that once the weight comes off, those stretch marks will look even nicer! **oozing with sarcasm**
How do you set your goals? What do you base them on? How has gaining or losing weigh affected your mind?
I hope all of you readers, 6 I think now, have a Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Mornings...

So, I have been very anxious to start this journey with my 5 Fit Fabulous Friends who I love very much <3...BUT I myself have been kinda in a slump! I know we all go through it and I WILL get through it! 

Ive been off track for the last few months...In August, my 10yr old son, CJ started school again..4th grade..Dum..Dum..DuMmMMMM!  So with the 3-4 hrs of homework and studying each night I have had a hard time justifying going to my evening classes at the gym (Excuses...Excuses...) End of August we had a week off for Hurricane Isaac, that started my downward spiral. I did little-no exercise that week and with that comes me eating...I ate any and everything! Its so easy to fall right back into old patterns.  The few weeks following I got back into it and did some running and went to my classes at the gym but I was still off track w the diet, for sure. Weekends of September was filled with fun-filled activities for one of my best friends (Stephanie's) wedding, where again I over ate and drank but it was all well worth the cause! We did the Saints 5k race together where we all worked up quite a sweat while having fun w friends! I look forward to many more races with my girls!! Anyway the months and weeks leading up to the wedding, I slacked big time. Which is funny to me bc it was Steph & Shannon who helped boost my thoughts of getting started on this journey in the first place. One of them (Shannon, I think) said "We have 1 yr till the wedding! Lets all get Smokin Hot Bods!" I took her words of wisdom and RAN w it, literately! I worked my ass off, yet the month leading up to the wedding I fall off the wagon? Yup! lol..

I found this and thought it was perfect.  Im not at a stop sign! I am going in the right direction! I just need to Keep Going!!  

So this weeks goal is to get back on track. I plan to run everyday, No Excuses! 

I will let you know how I did next week when I post again on Tuesday. 

Until then, just keep moving! :)