Fat Girl 4 Life?...NO MORE!!!
I am no virgin when it comes to starting a diet/exercise routine. I've been there and done that many...many...many times over my nearly 30 years (YIKES!) of life.  It's not the starting that is my problem, it's the following through with the life long lifestyle change required to maintain what was lost over the span it takes me to reach my goal. I have lost good amounts of weight (30-75 lbs) probably a half dozen times! And EVERY time I have put the amount loss + some Right back on! I seem to fall off the bandwagon way easier than it was to get on it. 

One of the most recent times I made the decision to focus of being healthy..Came about after trying for over 2 years with out success to conceive our second child. Both my husband and I went through testing and were  cleared of any reproductive issues. The doctor then suggested 2 options, Consider the use of a mild fertility drug or Focus on weight loss which could increase fertility. We talked a lot about starting the fertility drugs but we never made that leap.  I did decide to start focusing on eating healthier and walking as a form of exercise.  I was seeing weight loss but ultimately had just decided I was tired of battling with my weight over the years and I began to research the idea of weight loss surgeries.  I kind of put the thought of baby making on the back burner and was focusing on the idea of having surgery.  I went for the initial consultation and had began the dieting "shake" process they require before surgery. I had it cleared by my insurance and the next step was meeting with the nutritionist and then a psych evaluation (which I'm sure would have been a bust...lol). A few days before my appointment with the nutritionist, I found out I WAS PREGNANT!!! :D Needless to say I canceled that appointment! During my pregnancy, I was sick and over the 9 mths I actually lost a total of 20 lbs. BUT..after having my baby girl, I put that 20 and some right back on!! :(

I sat back for years watching everyone around me make the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle. Day after day I would listen to all the great changes happening for them. I was/am so happy for them and I would think how that should be ME! Then I would quickly toss aside all those good thoughts and cloud my judgment with all of the valid excuses that keep me from starting the journey. I'm still not sure what got me to the next step this time.  Finally deciding today would be the day of CHANGE! Maybe it was finally listening to family and friends and taking steps with them? Maybe it was because of other life altering changes happening in my life (divorce)?  I'd like to think it was just me deciding I wanted to STOP feeling sorry for myself and START being the strong person I know I am!  Overall just wanting to be both happier & healthier for both me and my kids!

That day was 1 year ago!! October 3, 2011 
I started weighing 261.2 lbs. 
Today I weigh 174.0  
Total Loss: 87.2 lbs 

Although I know I have far to go...I am super proud of how far Ive come! I will continue to set small goals, Be proud of myself when I reach them and Raise the bar by setting new goals. I am looking forward to the fun ahead keeping up with my 5 Fit Friends!!
START=10/3/2011:  261.2
1/6/2012:  221.4 (-39.8#)
1/7/2013:182.6 (-78.6#)
2/1/2013: 181.6 (-79.6#)
3/1/2013: 171 (-90.2#)



  1. Amazing! Such an inspiration and motivator! You rock! Proud to call you my friend! P.S. You look SO pissed in the before picture! LOL!

  2. WOW!!! You look Awesome! Can't wait to read more!