Friday, March 29, 2013

Started off the day disappointed but using it as motivation!

Well, I started out the week excited and pumped up about winning the biggest loser contest here at work. I've steadily lost between 1 to 2 pounds each week...below is a copy of the excel spread sheet from work, my weigh-ins are the 2nd column and the winner's weigh-ins are in the 7th column..

                                        ME                                                                                              KATHY
1-Mar 276.4 0 0.00% 7.20 2.54% 195.0 1.6 0.83%
4-Mar 275.6 -0.8 -0.29% 7.20 2.54% 195.0 1.6 0.83%
5-Mar 275.6 -0.8 -0.29% 8.00 2.82% 193.4 0 0.00%
6-Mar 275.6 -0.8 -0.29% 8.00 2.82% 192.0 -1.4 -0.72%
7-Mar 275.6 -0.8 -0.29% 8.00 2.82% 192.0 -1.4 -0.72%
8-Mar 273.2 -3.2 -1.16% 8.00 2.82% 189.6 -3.8 -1.96%
11-Mar 274.0 -2.4 -0.87% 10.40 3.67% 192.2 -1.2 -0.62%
12-Mar 274.0 -2.4 -0.87% 9.60 3.39% 191.8 -1.6 -0.83%
13-Mar 274.0 -2.4 -0.87% 9.60 3.39% 191.8 -1.6 -0.83%
14-Mar 274.0 -2.4 -0.87% 9.60 3.39% 191.0 -2.4 -1.24%
15-Mar 273.6 -2.8 -1.01% 9.60 3.39% 189.4 -4 -2.07%
18-Mar 272.6 -3.8 -1.37% 10.00 3.53% 189.4 -4 -2.07%
19-Mar 272.6 -3.8 -1.37% 11.00 3.88% 192.4 -1 -0.52%
20-Mar 272.2 -4.2 -1.52% 11.00 3.88% 194.0 0.6 0.31%
21-Mar 270.6 -5.8 -2.10% 11.40 4.02% 193.4 0 0.00%
22-Mar 270.6 -5.8 -2.10% 13.00 4.58% 193.0 -0.4 -0.21%
25-Mar 269.8 -6.6 -2.39% 13.00 4.58% 194.4 1 0.52%
26-Mar 268.4 -8 -2.89% 13.80 4.87% 191.2 -2.2 -1.14%
27-Mar 268.2 -8.2 -2.97% 15.20 5.36% 189.8 -3.6 -1.86%
28-Mar 267.8 -8.6 -3.11% 15.40 5.43% 188.8 -4.6 -2.38%
29-Mar 267.8 -8.6 -3.11% 15.80 5.57% 186.4 -7.0 -3.62%
31-Mar 267.8 -8.6 -3.11% 15.80 5.72% 186.4 -7.0 -3.62%

At home, first thing in the morning I'm currently 264.6 but the weights above are what we weigh when we weigh in together at work around 8:00 am each day after breakfast and fully clothed. I lost 8.6 pounds this month and 3.11% but my awesome opponent lost 7 pounds and 3.62%. I'm also an emotional wreck because on weigh in day not only did I not lose any weight but I also got my period. Thanks mother nature, great timing! If you notice my buddy that kicked my butt's column she dropped 7 pounds in 4 days. All because she quit drinking diet cokes, literally she went from drinking 15 cans of diet coke a day to none and dropped that much in 4 days. She's my buddy and I am very happy for her! Not only for losing the 7 pounds but also for giving up diet cokes which is something she's been addicted to for YEARS! I am so proud of her! I wouldn't be feeling so sorry for myself if it weren't this time of the month. I still lost 8.6 pounds this month and that's awesome!!

Let's discuss my workouts since last Friday...

Friday:  16:08 minutes, 454 calories

Saturday: none

Sunday: 2.5 miles around the neighborhood with the family.

Monday: 17:02 minutes, 479 calories

Tuesday: 17:35 minutes, 495 calories

Wednesday: 18:06 minutes, 510 calories

Thursday: none (I was late for work by an hour and a half so I didn't get a lunch break)

Friday: Goal is 18:30 minutes

As far as eating goes:

I had a breakfast shake, an apple, a lunch shake, a banana as a snack before dinner and then we either ate turkey or chicken with veggies.

I've been drinking 160 ounces of water a day, on average.

Next weeks goals:

Continue my eating habits, working out at least 5 days and get over 19 minutes on the stairs at work.

I hope everyone has a happy Easter!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bustin' On Outa This Funky Place

I woke up feeling pretty good. This usually doesn’t happen. I usually wake up and immediately begin to dread the millions of things that I need to accomplish within the next few hours. I was going to start the Body by Vi shakes today, but I did some reading first. Good thing. One of the side effects of the shakes is that it can cause significant drops in blood sugar. I am hypoglycemic. My sugar levels are usually around 74. I can not afford for them to drop any more than that. So, I opted to make myself some breakfast. I am determined to stay within my calorie budget of 1,480. I would normally say that today was pretty uneventful, but I can’t honestly say that today. I finally felt the motivation I’ve been looking for. So, while I didn’t run off and kick ass in a gym, I did tighten the reigns and am buckled down for the weight loss extravaganza! I have even decided to buy a scale! I’m not looking to weigh a certain amount. I am looking to feel great. However, I think that if I buy a scale and have to answer to myself on a daily basis, I’ll be more motivated to improve myself daily. The monthly weigh ins (which will continue at Shannon’s for measurement purposes, etc.) just don’t hold me accountable to myself.

I have not fallen off the wagon! I know it’s only day two, but lately I haven’t exactly been sticking with anything. I feel good. I am extremely proud of myself today. For diner, the family wanted Texas Roadhouse. Oh, let me count the ways I love this place! This was a test for me. I am happy to report that I PASSED with flying colors! I ordered my food as I usually do, however, this time, I immediately sectioned it off and reminded myself that I can spread this meal over the next three days - I don’t have to eat it all in one sitting. I ate about 1/3 of the pulled pork and 2 dinner rolls (LOVE them). I ordered the side of fries to have cheese. Well, I decided to eat the bread and pulled pork first. I decided that I’d rather fill up on those two item. After I finished those, I ate about four fries and decided that I really don’t want them. Aside from beginning to feel full, I DIDN’T EVEN WANT THEM! YAY! I only ate about two bites of the side mashed potatoes as well. I was SO excited to push the food to the side and not care. I ended up giving my fries to A.J. and potatoes to Tony. I don’t miss those items at all!

Today started off by pissing me off. I was supposed to meet with my student advisor to discuss my fall graduation. Well, he was a NO SHOW! Asshole. I know it’s Spring Break. You know it’s Spring Break. YOU SCHEDULED THE EFFING MEETING, NOT ME! Anyway, I did not let this get me off track. I forgot to bring my leftovers for lunch, so I went downstairs and bought the lunch special. It was so good. I had about half of an oven fried chicken breast, a few bites of the plain pasta, and the side salad. Again, I WAS FULL. I have been eating my lunches with a bottle of water. I think this is helping me with being full. I could be wrong, this could all be in my head, but who cares? It’s working! I did eat another 1/3 of my pulled pork for dinner with two more rolls. I gave my leftovers to my puppy. She loved it. I’m still feeling good. I’m still feeling motivated. I even did some research as to what kind of scale I want. I want one that reads the ###.#. I want to see the number after the decimal. I want to know my range of fluctuation. I got excited about a freaking scale. LOL

Today was a HECTIC day. We had a settlement conference in our office which lasted from 9:30 until after I left at 4:45-ish. I had had enough. Not getting into that. Bad moods stem from it. Anyway, I was so busy, that I didn’t have time for breakfast. At about 11:00, I was hungry. I decided to only drink a Special K protein shake. Love those. About an hour later, I went downstairs and got the lunch special, beef brisket, garlic mashed potatoes, and green bean artichoke casserole. Again, I had my meal with a bottle of water. I ate the meat, maybe 3 oz, and about ½ cup of the potatoes. I didn’t even touch the casserole. I know it’s yummy because I’ve had it before. But I wasn’t hungry. I was full. I was satisfied. I don’t NEED to eat EVERYTHING on my plate.

I am learning. I am improving. I am ready.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Insert Witty Title Here

Lol, and I don’t have a witty title today but last week was AMAZING! I am very glad that I was able to get lots of work out’s in.

Mon - 3/18 – 2.01 miles; C25K W1 D1; Pace 14:09
Tue – 3/19 – 1.02 miles; Pace 12:26
Wed - 3/20 – 2.02 miles; C25K W1 D3; Pace 13:29
Thu – 3/21 – 1.08 miles; Pace 11:07 (BAM! Best pace so far! Thanks for pushing me Nicole!)
Fri   – 3/22 - None
Sat-   3/23 – None
Sun – 3/24 – 6.29 Friend and Family bike ride

My total calories burned for this week was 1385 and the total time was 4 hours and 30 minutes. My goal calories were 1950 and my goal time was 5 hours and 35 minutes. That is an insane amount compared to this week!

So far this week I’m having some difficulties but plan on getting back on track today.

My story for this week is once again a bike fall…. Or a bike FAIL! Geez! I’m not accustomed to riding with my blakey on the bike and as I was stopping, he wiggled too much and the bike bucked up and we ended up on the ground. I was able to catch us on my freaking ELBOW! YOWZA! When my elbow hit the ground I jammed my shoulder and but it’s getting better every day so I’m back at it at lunch time today!

If no one has uploaded pics from the biking adventure I will on the PHOTO’s page. =)

That’s all for now! Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Good..Bad...Ugly...

I was cleaning at work last week and found this pic from our honeymoon cruise in 2007.  Before my wedding, I was on a high as far as the "weight loss journey" was concerned. I was working out everyday and eating healthier. I did well and I managed to loose 50-60 lbs? Unfortunately, this was one of many times in my life..I lost the weight but only temporarily. Over the next 4 years I added it back and then some. I got pregnant w my 2nd baby, Bella in 2010 and during my pregnancy I was quite sick the whole pregnancy and actually lost 20#s! Yeah, IKR! Well..After having her, I put that 20 right back on too...And that's about when my latest journey started, in October 2011. I think I may have mentioned how excited I am about this cruise...Well I found another reason, I can't wait to update THIS PIC! Cruise Pics! YAY! :D

Goals from last week were:
~Get it in EVERYDAY=DONE! 
~Drink more water=Eh..I did so, so.. I need to do better. 
~Keep up w MFP=DONE!
~Shed some #s=Whoomp..Whoomp :(
Workouts this past week=
3/18 Mon: Gym->Lateral X: 33 mins/5.1 miles/356 cals   
3/19 Tues: AM->Run w Chad:29:49 mins/5k=3.1 miles/445 cals
                     +PM->Walk w Julie:47 mins/2.63 miles/309 cals
3/20 Wed: Gym->Stair Master: 30 mins/120 floors/2.5 miles/318 cals
3/21 Thurs: Park run w Stephanie: 11:07/1 mile/149 cals
                         +BT Track Run: 8:39 mins/1 mile **FASTEST TIME!!**
                         +BT Track walk w Julie: 51:04/2.11 mile/397 cals 
3/22 Fri: Gym->Leg Day + TRX Core Workout
3/23 Sat:Short Fam Ride to Rollin & Julies house, 2 miles round trip.
3/24 Sun: Fam/Friend Bike Ride->1:20 mins/9 miles/517 cals

Boys will be boys...
So The Good...
Ive been really keeping active, Im proud of that. Getting the whole fam involved on the bike rides, Its been fun. This week after Leg Day on Friday, Chad & I did TRX w the help of a trainer at the gym (Vince) and OMG! My abs are still screaming today!!! Over the weekend if I had to laugh, cough, strain of any kind I had to bend over and hold my stomach. That's when you know its a great workout! Also my jeans from Express (biggest sz they have, sz 12) and all of my other hand me down dress pants (range 12-14s) are all way too big in the waste!  I can certainly drop down a size! EXCITING NSV! Last but not least I finally made it into the 160's!!!! I stayed 169 from Wed-Saturday. :)

The Bad...
That doesn't really matter anymore bc Sunday I messed it up and then yesterday I fell into the temptations again. Mom cooked, I over ate. End of story! :(

The UGLY...
Two bad days of over eating and Im right bk at 171. UGG!
Well...Im disappointed but I can't say that it comes by surprise.  


 I will get bk on track this week and I will see 160's again, Very soon!
To Do This Week:
~Workouts:Get Em In 
~Log on MFP 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Disappearing Act

My post did a disappearing act!  How incredibly FRUSTRATING!  I had an entire blog post nearly complete and ready to go, and it somehow got deleted!  I logged in over the weekend to add my workouts and the draft was gone!  I have no idea what happened to it, or why it was deleted but it's nowhere to be found!  That's kind of frustrating considering I track my exercise in an unpublished post that I then post on Mondays.  I can't remember everything I did last this post will be out of whack.  My apologies in advance... I will start tracking my exercise on my computer separately so if this happens again, I can still complete the blog post!

I went to my appointment at Pennington on Friday and I am officially down 34 pounds!  Feels good.  I can feel a difference, I can see a difference, and those changes help fuel me to continue.  I'm exactly halfway through the program at this point which means I have another 8 weeks to go.  I made it this far, I can handle another 8 weeks!  My next checkup is on April 5th.  I'll let y'all know how it goes!  Really going to try for a 10 lb. loss!!!!

After my appointment on Friday I went to work for a bit to get some things taken care of before the weekend.  I left work around 1 and went straight to my doctor's office for what became a very sore throat that started 3 days prior.  I may or may not have strep throat...the test they did in the office was inconclusive.  My doctor sent the sample off to the lab but wanted to start me on antibiotics in the meantime. The antibiotics are working because it is already starting to feel better!  I'm so glad because a sore throat sucks! 

Because of my sore throat and antibiotic medication, I took off Friday evening and Saturday from working out and chose to focus on relaxing.  I got a lot of sleep in and it felt nice to let my body rest!  I hit the ground running on Sunday doing two 10 minute straight runs on the treadmill and hit the stairclimber for 15 minutes for a total of 45 flights of stairs. 

Tomorrow is my first online group meeting.  I'm interested to see how this goes.  It will be interesting to hear how the other program participants are handling the program and what their experiences have been up to this point.  I'd also like to find out how much weight others have lost on this program to see how my weightloss compares. 

What else???  Oh yeah, I got my hair done.  I ditched the blonde and went with red.  Loving it.. 

I've been tackling the treadmill like a beast.  I made it to day 2/week 6 of C25K and have been stalling out there ever since.  I know, I know...MOVE ON SHANNON, but I'm happy with where I am and don't see a need in rushing forward.  I'm doing the 5 minute warmup walk/10 minute run/3 minute walk/10 minute run/5 minute cooldown.  I feel awesome when I finish and that routine is getting easier, which means I'll be moving on from there some time this week.  Day 3 of week 6 calls for a straight 25 minute run.  I think I may go back to week 5/day 3 where it called for a 20 minute straight run b/c I didn't complete it without stopping.  Maybe now I can?  I won't know til I try, right?  That will be my goal this week... 20 minutes straight.  Lofty goal that I feel I'm better prepared to tackle this week than previous weeks.  Wish me luck!

I'm liking the idea of ending each of my posts with a quote.  The following quote has always been one of my favorites..

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." - Socrates

What are some of your favorite quotes that inspire/motivate you?  Fill a girl in!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

What an exciting week!!

This has been my motto this month! To be honest the last several months have been difficult financially. Once I had Kinsley last June I had to take 7 weeks off of work, unpaid. Since that time I've BARELY made all my bills on time BUT I made it! I didn't pay late fees, I didn't miss any payments and I made it! I always said that everything works out for the best, I always said I know that the money will be there but I don't think I ever really and truly believed it, until now. I'm never sure HOW the money will be there but it's always there but I'm sure it WILL be there. I'm now to where I'm SAVING money again and I'm so excited about that!! Anyway, it was a very tough past 8 months but it's now getting easier and easier and I'm so thankful for that. Now onto more important things, weight loss!


Sunday: walked 3 miles in 40:40 minutes and burned 599 calories

Monday: None, it was a crazy day and I had a lot of errands to run for my lunch hour.

Tuesday: Did the stairs for 14:09 minutes and burned 398 calories

Wednesday: Did the stairs for 15:00 minutes and burned 422 calories

Thursday: Did the stairs for 15:41 minutes and burned 441 calories

Friday: My goal is to do the stairs for 16:00 minutes!!

Saturday: My goal is to walk 3 miles with my family around the neighborhood

Sunday: None

This week I've lost a total of 3 pounds which I'm very happy about!

This morning I weighed in at 267 pounds which is 20 pounds lighter than I was in October of last year.

My goal is to add just a few seconds to each day I do the stairs which makes a big difference over time. When I originally started running up and down the stairs I was only able to do 10 minutes and now I'm over 15 minutes. I'm hoping in another month or so to be up to 20 and then 25 and then eventually 30.

I, like Nicole and Shannon, have started with the shakes! I have a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch with a very healthy dinner, throughout the day I snack on apples, grapes and bananas so I'm never hungry. My boss gave me a bag of "body by V" shake mix and it was awesome but it's expensive so when I was out of that mix I went to Rouses and got the Lean 1 shake mix and it's yummy!!!

As far as our biggest loser contest that we do here at work...

I'm in the lead with 5.8 pounds gone since March 1st!! YAY!! I get $30.00 in cash next Friday when I win!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

My goals for next week are:

1. Lose 2 more pounds.

2. Get up to 17:00 minutes on the stairs!!

3. Save $40 (for the week)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

all the other kids with pumped up kicks

A quick like blip on GOALS before I get into my work outs for last week. As most of us are, I’m a Biggest Loser fan and after having watched this season, I have decided to go a little more lax on my weight loss goals. While I don’t weigh as much as Danni started at (I WAS TOTALLY #TEAMDANNI THE WHOLE TIME!!), seeing how she looked weighing in at 137, I’m rethink my goal weights.

My goal for the year was 120. After seeing the weigh loss of previous contestants, I have figured out that I’m not that itty bitty person that I thought I was. I’m slightly wide in the shoulders and REALLY wide in the hips and boo-tay, and that’s ok.

I went to the CDC website and looked at the BMI chart with my height and weight and my current BMI is 30.1 which is considered obese. For my height (5’2”) my BMI should be 18.5-24.9 or 101 lbs to 136 lbs. For this reason I have changed that to 135. I don’t NEED to be stick thin. I don’t want to be stick thin. I want to be HEALTHY and if I look and feel good at 140, well that’s where I’ll stop. If/when I get to 135, I’ll reassess on if I want to lose more or start on a maintenance program.

We shall see. :)

Mon - 3/11 – None
Tue – 3/12 - None
Wed - 3/13 – 2.70 miles; C25K W9 D2; Pace 13:57; Calories – 350
Thu – 3/14 – 1.93 miles; C25K W9 D3; Pace 17:57; Calories - 187
Fri   – 3/15 - None
Sat-   3/16 – None
Sun – 3/17 – None

As you can see, there was a pretty good day, right next to a really bad day along with a lot of NONE going on last week. My total calories burned for this week was 537 and the total time was 1 hour and 20 minutes. My goal calories were 1950 and my goal time was 5 hours and 35 minutes. So I did HORRIBLE in that sense!

One thing that I try NOT to do is to wait until later in the week to get moving. The reason is, is because I should get in 2 workouts in the beginning of the week so that I already have those under my belt so if I slack a day, I’m not hustling to get workout’s in. This week is a perfect example of why.

On Thursday, when I went to the track, the pain in my legs was just too much. Never did I think that my last day of C25K would be WALKING…. Slowly at that! After I got over my disappointment, I decided to make a trip to Phidippides, a shoe store that specializes in athletic shoes. The man that helped me was awesome. He chose 6 or 7 different shoes and told me to take to the pavement with them. After discussing all of the shoes with him, we decided on one. It was an overall GREAT experience. I am SUPER excited to hit the pavement and I’m hoping for some GREAT results for next week!

These are the shoes that I went with:

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post but as you know I finish the C25K program on Thursday. Since my goal before doing a 10K is to jog a whole 5K, I am RE-doing C25K and focusing on being able to do the jogs at a consistent speed for the “jog” intervals. For the first round of C25K my stats were:

So far this week, my stats are growing in leaps in bounds (thanks to my new kicks!) and I can’t wait to report back next week!

Oh and here’s some random cuteness. :)