Thursday, February 28, 2013

Same Story - Different Day

I’m not doing as good as I’m capable of doing.  But, I’m not doing terrible either.  I’m still in a funk, but I seem to be somewhat functioning through it.  I am still doing a really good job with food choices.  I’m even starting to realize that I like these foods.  Lol  I am taking the stairs in the parking garage and at school.  I’m just not doing my walking at lunch.  I don’t always get to enjoy my lunch hour.  Sometimes I have to work; sometimes I have homework to do; sometimes I’m just to damn lazy.  I have a treadmill at home as well as an elliptical.  What are some exercises y’all do at home without machines?  Anything?
I would say that I think working full time and going to school full time are the reasons I’m not doing as good of a job, but let’s face it – this ain’t my first time at the rodeo.  I don’t really know why I let myself want it, but not go for it.  I am my own worst enemy.  The ONLY good I am getting out of this is that I am eating better.  That is what is helping me to not gain anything (and only lose absolute minimum – ugh).  I guess it could be worse.  I could be gaining weight.  I am REALLY trying to find positive things to look at.  Lol
I just need to do it.  there’s no secret to my goal.  EXERCISE.  What the hell is my problem?  Why am I setting up my own roadblocks?!  What I need is a good kick in the ass.  Like I said, same story – different day.  L

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We're only 1/2 Crazy!! 13.1


This past weekend was our BIG race! The Rock-N-Roll 1/2 Marathon!  A.....L..o..n..g..13.1 miles! We went into the race with NO training...& We got less than 3 hours of sleep the night before. As Chad said "We have got to be the worst 1/2 marathon-ERS in the history of marathon-ING." Yes..that bad! But we had No excuses...We woke up exhausted..Got our butts out there in the freezing cold.. We prepped for the worst weather (bc we were expecting rain on this day all week) We had our jackets, ponchos, and backpack of supplies prepared for whatever weather was to come, just in case. Luckily, God was kind to us and it turned out to be a beautiful day! We could not have asked for better weather. It was sunny, cool, nice breezy wind, felt awesome! And we did great weaving in and out of all the people, the mile marker signs seemed to come and go by quickly and we made great time. We ran for a little over 6 miles straight. Then we stopped for our first potty break.**Mind you the furthest I have ever run, prior to this run, was a 5k (3.1 miles)** Stopping caused us both to start cramping. We continued on and had to stop yet again for another bathroom break, by this time my calves felt like rocks, totally stiff hurt to walk on but actually felt better when jogging..So we continued on. Looking at the Endomondo stats we can tell when we ran/walked/stopped...Total we ran/jogged about 8-9 miles (pace ranged bw 9:34-12:29) and we walked/jogged the other 4-5 miles (pace range bw 13:02-19:46). We went into the race thinking we would run 1/2 and walk 1/2, So we are very happy with how we did!!!

Im excited for several reasons:
1) We exceeded our expectations running more than we thought we would be able too.

2) I beat myself!! My previous 1/2 time, RnR 2012 was 3:21:04. Beat myself by 30 minutes. I also had a time in my head, I was hoping to come in under 3 hours. & I DID IT!

3) Im really loving this addiction!! Im looking forward to signing up for a 10k (maybe the CCC 10k in March??) I have it in my head I can run the whole race! & I can't wait to try! 

4) I can't wait until my next 1/2 marathon bc I know w more sleep and some training...I can do even better next time! :D 

Official Race Stats:
Last Weeks Goals:
~ Workout Monday-Thursday, as usual=DONE!
~ Friday/Saturday easier on the wk outs=NONE
~ Sunday Rock & Roll ½ Marathon w Chad=
As for last week: 
18Mon: MAC Gym->Stair Master:25Mins/102Floors/229Cals
                                        +Body Pump w S&S/1hr class 

19Tues: Run w Chad:23Min/2.33Miles/346Cals

20Wed: AM: Gym-> Treadmill/Ran 1 mile/10:34min/130Cals
                                    +Lax X/20:22mins/3.02miles/210Cals
                PM: Body Combat @ MAC w Shannon /1hr class

21Thurs: Gym-> Spin Class w Chad: 45mins/708Cals 

22Fri:NONE     23Sat: Rest day! 

24Sun: ROCK-N-ROLL ½ Marathon: 13.1miles/2:52:01/2800Cals
**I did use my watch, I didn't take a pic and don't have my watch w me today..I will update this when I see what it really was, but i think it was about this..*
As for next week...
My goal is to start using MFP religiously!!
I had been using Loose It daily..I made the switch to MFP, love it..but have really slacked with logging.   
Also: Friday is March 1st-My official weigh in! Im hoping the scale is my friend!! Stay tuned for more on that..I will post my results next Tuesday.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Don't Stop - Get It Get It!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  What did y'all do?  Anyone got in any good exercise?  My weekend was a busy but awesome one!  Let's jump right in on a recap of what I wanted to do this week and how I did....

Last Week's Goals

1. Workout every day!  DONE!!!
2. Take at least 3 classes at the gym over the next week  DONE..exceeded this goal!!!!
3. Complete week 3 of the Couch to 5K series  DONE!!!

How My Week Went

Monday - 1.5 miles on treadmill (fast paced), 7 minutes on stairclimber, Body Pump class (loved it!)

Tuesday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced), C25K D2/W3, 5 minutes on stairclimber

Wednesday - Body Combat Class...kicked my ass!

Thursday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced) C25K D3/W3, 5 minutes on stairclimber, Body Pump Class

Friday - 5k on treadmill (fast paced), ab work

Saturday - Early morning Body Pump Class followed by Body Combat Class.  This was a rough but awesome workout for the day!  I felt like a million bucks when I left the gym!

Sunday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced), C25K D1/W4, 5 minutes on stairclimber, ab work

What's New??

Wednesday was my 4 week checkup with Pennington and as of Wednesday I was down a total of 18 pounds since starting the program just 4 weeks ago.  My blood pressure was perfect (118/78), and my bloodwork to test my electrolytes and potassium came back good.  My next appointment is exactly 2 weeks from this past appointment.  On a roll and moving along!   

Noticeable Changes!!
  • I've been taking pictures at the gym; same pose, same mirror, etc., and I've started seeing changes.  When I get a little more confident, I'll post those pics to the blog.
  • I am loving the classes at the gym.  I have my fit friends Stephanie and Nicole to thank for that!  It was Stephanie that wanted to take some classes and Nicole that pumped us up to do them together.  I don't know that I would've taken classes had they not been with me for those first few and this is partly because of my previous experiences with taking classes at a gym.  My last gym offered classes and while I loved the gym, the classes were very intimidating and made me feel kinda lonely.  I would walk into class and no one, not even the teacher, would introduce themselves or talk to me.  At my current gym they see me and they knew right away that I was new to class.  They approached me and introduced themselves, making me feel very welcome, and introduced me to the class.  They even make sure to keep an eye on me during class and correct me if I'm doing something wrong. Other people taking the classes have even introduced themselves and they help me with setup before and after class!  It was time to put the yoga mats away and a lady leaned over and grabbed my mat and said she'd put it up for me, and a guy in my Body Pump class got my aerobic step for me.  It's like a class of friends and I hope that as I continue to go, I get to know these people more.  They really are very welcoming and nice people!


For this coming week I've got some goals in mind:

1.  Workout every day
2.  Start two-a-days - Workout in the a.m., take a class in the p.m.
3.  Take my vitamin every day

As Stephanie has said, "Have a plan, or plan to fail!"  I love that saying, and it's so true!  Before I started this journey, if I got out of work or out of school and was tired or hungry, rather than making good choices I'd pick something up or Adam and I would go out to eat.  You have to anticipate what lies ahead.  You have to anticipate that you'll be tired and the more you prepare for that the easier it will be when things come up.  It's easier to grocery shop when you make a list.  It's easier to cook every night when you make a menu for the week and stick to it.  Packing your gym bag the night before makes it easier to just grab and go the next day.  It's all about planning!  Well, here's what my workout plan for the week looks like:

I hope you guys have a great week!  Keep up the hard work, don't quit, don't give up and keep moving!!!!!!!  We can do this!!!

Before I go, here's a shot of me sweating it out at the gym yesterday after D1/W4 of C25K!!  My shirt was soaked!  Felt good!  And yes...I'm wearing full-on makeup!  I went to a bridal luncheon in Mandeville (an hour away) and I didn't get home from there until 2.  My gym closes at 4 so my only option was to change clothes and head out....with all my makeup on.  I may or may not have lost part of an eyebrow to sweat after I finished on the stairclimber!  (I pencil in my eyebrows...)  LOL!!!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Feeling a little accomplished this week!

Sorry I've been a total slacker in the diet/exercise/blog posting departments over the past month or so but this week I've gotten back on track. It helped seeing my girls over the weekend and how motivated they are and how well they are doing. Thanks y'all! :)

Monday I started walking up and down the stairs at work, I only last 10 minutes and we only have about 15 stairs to climb but I did it!!
Tuesday I did the stairs again this time for 11 minutes (watch out!!)
Wednesday I only did 5 minutes then after work I went to an hour step/weights class with the girls from work and survived!!
Thursday I did another 10 minutes on the stairs
Friday I'm not working out because of a meeting we are having here at work

I have lost over 8 pounds since last week and that feel amazing!!

We're having boiled crawfish tomorrow and I'm so excited! I will have to drink tons of water to compensate for all the salt and then I'll be doing the elliptical in the afternoon.

Overall, I'm pretty proud of the week I have had! I hope to report the same next week!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I will eat to live not live to eat!

This week I was able to get in 2 classes at MAC with Shannon and Nicole. The classes that we did were both #LesMills and were a lot of fun! After the classes, I felt great!! Oh, and I LOVE my new watch.


Wednesday - RPM - 5:30 PM - 7.8 miles - 468 calories burned
Thursday- Happy Valentine’s Day! No workout
Friday – No Workout
Saturday - Body Flow - 9:30 AM - 232 calories burned
Sunday - Walk with the family at the lake

When I set up my watch, it automatically set up goals for me for the week which I didn’t meet because I started in the middle of the week. The goals that it gave me were:

Polar Stats:

Calories: Burn 1950.
Actual: 715
Target Time: 5 hours and 35 minutes
Actual Time: 2 hours and 3 minutes

Starting this week, I’m going to start reporting Monday – Sunday. My calorie tracker and my watch both do Monday to Sunday so I’ll conform to the dang technology!

Last but not least, here is a bit of cuteness for your day:


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Short & Sweet...

Kinda running out of things to say..And Im not sure anyone is out there listening anyway...So this week is short and sweet...

Goals From Last Week:
~Get my workouts in=Well..4/7 days :/
~Focus on my diet & water intake=Weekend Slacked! :/
~Bells 3rd Birthday=AWESOME! :D

Workouts This Week:
11Mon: Gym->Stair Master:30mins/130Floors
                       +Spin bike:45mins/25miles 
                      (Total Day: 1:20min/1337Cals)

12Tues: OFF:Mardi Gras Day!!     

13Wed: AM:Gym->Stair Master/30mins/564Cals
          +PM: Spin Class @ Mac w S&S:51min/16miles/879Cals  
           (Total Day:: 1:20min/1443Cals)
14Thurs: Gym->Spin Class:44:57min/708Cals

15Fri: Gym->Leg Day! 39mins/514Cals

16Sat: NONE & 17Sun: NONE

Pic of my baby's 3rd Birthday:
I also posted a pic from out group Spin Class on the "Photos" page.
This upcoming week: My plan is to work out as usual Monday-Thursday. Friday & Saturday I will do something but taking it a little easier...bc Sunday is the BIG Day! Not only my wedding anniversary BUT also...My 3rd 1/2 MARATHON!!! Im both Excited & Nervous! I know how hard my 1st (2) 1/2's were (which I walked) & this time I will be running (some) w Chad by my side...EEK! I CAN DO THIS! Just have to keep telling myself that! :) 
Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Keep On Keepin' On

Is it me or are these weeks flying by?  I make a post and the next thing I know it's Monday again and another post is due!  I don't mind, I've always got something to say...I'm a talker. 

How was everyone's week?  I did great...and here's a rundown:

How My Week Went

Monday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced) followed by C25K D1/W2

Tuesday -  2.5 mile run/walk around my neighborhood.  I am especially proud of this because I was feeling sick all day, I was off of work, the weather was windy and sprinkling when I left my house, and my gym was closed but I still managed to get this workout in!

Wednesday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced) followed by C25K D2/W2.  Then took a spinning class with Stephanie and Nicole @ my gym! 

Thursday - C25K D2/W2 (again).  Short workout b/c of Valentine's Day...

Friday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced), C25K D3/W2, stairclimber for 5 minutes.  Helped sister move boxes and furniture to a new storage unit.  4 trips total.. I know I burned some calories, especially with all the laughing!!!  It was NUTS and so much fun!  We were both laughing about everything that happened all the way into the next day!  Below is a clip of me riding on the rolling cart...but so much more happened.  Angie tried getting into the bed of the truck by stepping on the rolling cart which was on an incline...cart rolled down incline, she fell, I laughed.  We both raced on these carts down the video of that though.  I rode the cart like a scooter and leaned forward too much and FELL OFF that sucker hitting the concrete.  Laughed and almost peed on myself.  Angie broke the door when she slammed the empty cart into the automatic sliding doors.  Door came off its hinge.  She spent the rest of the night convinced that she'd get a call telling her she was evicted from the storage unit OR that she'd get a bill for breaking the door.  Either way, we had too much fun moving stuff! 

Saturday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced and at a 4% incline), 5 minutes on stairclimber, followed by the Body Flow class (a combo of Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi)

Sunday - 1 mile on treadmill (fast paced), C25K D1/W3, 5 minutes on stairclimber.  Before the gym I spent 4 hours cleaning house, mopping, dusting, and doing yard work (edging, cutting sweeping..)  After the gym I grocery shopped and then washed my car.  It was a VERY active day!

What's New?
On the 14th Courtney and I did our monthly weigh-in and measurement check.  I am proud to report that I've lost a total of 12 inches and 21 pounds! 
What's Next?
This coming Wednesday is my second checkup appointment with Pennington since starting the protein shake diet.  I am excited to see how I'm progressing and hope I get a good number on the scale!  I'm putting in the work, so I should see some results!  I weigh myself every day and I hate to admit that the scale isn't moving much.  One minute it's down and the next day it's up a pound.  WTF?  Very frustrating!

For this checkup they are going to check my vitals, check my weight, measure my waist, do bloodwork, and I'll be meeting with a dietician.  I'll report back with how this all went in my post next week!

This Week's Goals

1.  Workout every day!
2.  Take at least 3 classes at the gym over the next week
3.  Complete week 3 of the Couch to 5K series

Friday, February 15, 2013

Better Late Than Never, Right?

I didn’t make it in last night, but I’m getting to it this morning. I don’t have too much to report on. I did lose another pound. I could have done better. I should have done better. I’m trying to look at it in another light. Instead of beating myself up because I didn’t exercise like I should have, I’m trying to look at it like this - I must have my eating down. If I was able to go a month without exercising and ate like I normally do, then I must be doing something right with my dieting if i didn't gain anything and was able to lose a pound. Right? Or am I overreaching? Lol
The only exercise I got in was one walk at lunch and my first 10K with Shannon on Saturday. Holy hell. I thought I was going to die. But, I didn’t stop and I did finish. Yay for that. It did teach me that I have a long way to go and that I should stick to 5K’s for now. Lol (Bonus - I got bananas after the race! I LOVE bananas! That was my motivation at the end. "They better have f-ing bananas!" Lol)
I have started on the thing of only eating foods from the exterior of the grocery. The only thing I eat from the interior are the white and red beans. I still buy things from the interior, but it’s things the kids can fix for them for dinner on the nights that I have class. I don’t eat any of it. I am also finding that I don’t miss eating any of it. My belly has gotten picky. It only accepts fresher foods. Love that. I bought fresh (and some frozen) veggies instead of the canned ones. They taste SO much better. I also use freshly chopped seasoning instead of the pre-made one. I don’t eat as much bread as I did before. I am also trying to limit my rice and potato portions.
I am trying to find some time to make a daily journal that will include what I ate and what, if any, exercise I did. I think I may be a visual person. Maybe once I see it in writing I’ll feel an obligation to fill it out - honestly. Lol I may even force myself to commit to posting it on here. We’ll see. Well, back to work!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Au Revoir Mardi Gras… Bonjour Bikini!!!

I guess I should start with, I forgot to weigh in this morning. My husband and I didn’t have our kids last night so we were able to sleep in a bit! This week is also “Aunt Flo” week which followed right behind “Hurt My Kankle” week so I’m sure the number was less than stellar!

(2/9) – Body Pump

Yup, that’s it. One workout. It was a GREAT workout, but it’s the only one I got in. 1/3 of that was kankle issues, 1/3 was family in town and 1/3 was laziness!

This week will be a lot different then what I'm used to. I am going with Shannon and Nicole for a one week trial at MAC. During this time, I have not been one to do workout classes BUT this week we are doing RPM (today), Body Flow on Saturday, Body Pump on Monday and Zumba on Tuesday. It will be a full schedule but I’ll get it in! I’ve done #LesMills work outs before and loved them. Shannons gym is also very nice but kind of pricy. This week will be a huge determination of if I’ll bite the bullet!

As we all know, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. This year in lieu of flowers I got a Polar FT60 (see below)! It’s SUPER nice! I have it programmed, linked to my phone and READY FOR RPM TONIGHT!

This week was also Mardi Gras here in the Big Easy. Here are some pictures of us having some Carnival fun!


 Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013



What a great surprise...To wake up and feel <3'd by the scale?...The scale may not always <3 me...But my hunny does!! So Im ok with that. *pic on 2/6 ;)

 Goals were: *Work Hard/Play Hard*
1) Work out everyday!= 6/7 Days...DONE! 
2) Enjoy Mardi Gras!=DOING SO NOW!
3) Keep up "Loose It" app/Water=DONE! 
4) Focus on Upcoming Goals...
 *R-N-R 1/2 Marathon=12 days away!..EEEK! 
*Cruise=61 days away!..YAY!!

How I kicked A$$ this week:
Mon: Gym->Stair Master/30:23mins/122Floors/2.57mi/326.8cals
           +Leg Challenge: 10 lunges/leg 
Tues: Gym->LatX/33mins/83Floors/5.13mi/356cals
           +Run w Chad/1.5miles/11:31mins/191cals         
Wed: Gym->Stair Master/30:04mins/136Floors/2.84mi/355.8cals
Thurs: Gym->1st SPIN CLASS/55:48mins/Cals 850-1517?(New Mio Watch)
Fri: Gym->Leg Day!
Sat: Gym->Body Pump w Stephanie!!
& Sun:Relaxed/Spent day w my family & awesome friends/evening parading!

  Exercised=5 hours Miles=12 Cals Burned=~3,746

1) I rocked the gym this week! I pushed hard each day trying to beat my previous stats on whichever machine I choose to make my "B" for the day. Im happy with how I Got it In! I dominated the Stair Master 2 days this week pushing hard for over 30 mins!!! I hit the Lat X and cranked out over 5 miles! I went balls to the wall and took a SPIN class (my first class in over 5+ years) Friday, I worked the legs & glutes w my hunny on Leg Day and I ended the week Body Pumping w one of my besties. Fun Sweat Fest Week! ;) <3 it!
2) I <3 Mardi Gras!! I love parades! I love the excuse to get to hang out with family and friends and enjoy the company while having a great time. The few days off work is a JOY too! Kinda sad Mardi Gras is over it was fun getting together w friends more often than we normally get to.

3) So I ended my last post saying my plan is to change some things up and hopefully I get better results for February. Which brings me to new changes.  
The Diet: Chad & I decided to be more dedicated to our diet. Doing it together makes it easier on both of us. To try to keep less "snack" type food available in the house to just grab when we get urges. We are trying to keep healthier things around for those moments.  This is hard to do with kids...We want them to grow up in a healthy home but they are just kids and I don't want to deprive them of having snacks every now and then..So we will work on finding that balance.  We went shopping together and loaded up on fresh fruits/veggies and lots of protein.

*Fun Fact:~When shopping at the grocery, You should try to shop only the outside circle of the store!~Did you ever notice? The outside circle is where you will find all of your fresh foods; meats, fruits/veggies, breads, milks,eggs, etc. The inside isles of the grocery are where you find all the processed foods! I know, I never realized that but after reading it made me wow'd a little while shopping, pretty cool. 

We are also trying to eat 5-6 small meals/day. So our bodies are always in that "Fat Burning" zone. Im pretty sure part of my "plateau" status has been because I typically starve myself all morning/day eating very little and then at night (dinner is always too late 8pm-till) & That's when I load up all my cals for the day. So my body is rarely in its target zone to burn the most cals it can.

Chk this out..."The Fat Burning Zone"
My goals this week are: 
~Get my workouts in 
~Focus on my diet & water intake
~Have fun w my family & Enjoy my baby girls 3rd Birthday Party!! 

I hope everyone has an awesome week & Kicks butt with their goals!