Thursday, November 29, 2012


I haven't done quite so well with my walking this week.  So far, I've only walked Monday.  I'm not throwing in the towel though.  I plan on walking tomorrow at lunch and go for a walk again on Saturday.  I didn't get a chance to walk at lunch today because I had a dental visit.  My mouth f-ing hurts.
Anyway.  I went to lunch with Shannon yesterday.  We went to Panera.  WARNING!  Panera WILL cause you to eat TONS of oh so warm and soft and fresh bread!  lol  It was FABULOUS.  I had my first bread bowl (potato soup).  lol
I don't have a whole lot of time to post tonight.  I have some homework and studying to do as finals are coming up next week.
So, this is me cutting it short for the second week in a row.  :(

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gobbled Until I Wobbled

This week has simply been a joke for me (exercise wise). As for Turkey Day, I did really well. The days that follow… that’s when the joke was REALLY on me! After doing so well on Thursday, one would think that it would be motivation in its self… that would be a no. I ate more Friday thru Sunday than I usually do in a week! Below is my picture of my Thanksgiving Day food.

So this week I have a goal just as I do every week but this week is different. Different how you ask… I don’t know. Just different. Goals for this week:

1.     Start juicing again – DONE! Juiced 3 apples and 9 strawberries for some yummy breakfast goodness and that’s 4 servings of fruit already today.
2.     Get back on the water train.
3.     Get in at LEAST 4 work outs from now until Tuesday.
There is absolutely NO reason why I can’t get these VERY simple goals in. I need to just get my will power in check!

As for workouts, I need some additives to my days. I think my buddy Nicole alternates with weights and cardio (chime in any second Nicole). What is your workout routine? Do you do the same stuff week after week? How often do you change your routine?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Whobe Whatee??

So...To cut to the chase. Shannon's challenge was to take pics of everything you eat on Tday. Point being to try and make you more aware of what your eating. I'd say it worked for me! 

I started the day thinking I CAN NOT go into this day eating all my favs w/o Getting it IN! So I did just that.  I got up and started cooking. Once I got everything in the oven, I hopped on the treadmill and cranked out (2) 10 min miles! :D I wanted 3 miles but gave in after only 2...I didn't let that get me down..Im still proud I got that in! 
So, On to food pics...Below is everything I consumed on Thursday:

Breakfast:Nothing...(I rarely do breakfast)

Lunch: I had a plate w...a slice of turkey, a little salad w italian dressing, a tiny square of mac n cheese, 2 table spoons of corn, 2 table spoons of broc n cheese, a scoop of potato salad, and a side small bowl of rice w a slice of roast and gravy. I also had 1 can of sprite to drink & 2 dinner rolls. For dessert I had an Ooey Gooey Square...Then later grazed and ate another, The only thing left for the pic was a tiny piece.

I was much better for dinner...(I was still stuffed from lunch) Dinner aka Round 2: Sm salad w italian dressing, tiny taste of mac n cheese, scoop of potato salad, and a little rice and gravy. Water to drink! 

Round 3: My Blk Friday Fuel-Medium Caramel Macchiato! 
In review, Yes I know I could have been better; more salad less of everything else. But...I enjoyed myself! I got to enjoy all of my favorite foods, the company of my family and the thrills of blk friday shopping...Overall I had a great Thanksgiving holiday! :D

To go bk in time for a moment, the rest of my week was as follows...
Monday: Gym-Chest/Tricep/Ab
Tuesday: Nothing..
Wednesday: Gym-Legs/Bk/Bicep/Ab
Thursday:Treadmill 2 miles/21:03 min
Saturday:Nothing..Home Organization/Christmas Decorating & Bday Party
Sunday:Walking...Family Fun @ Ren-Fest

Pics of this weeks workouts:

& A little Lagniappe...Christmas FUN!
This weeks Goal is to start eating better!! Also, as always...Do something physical everyday...Run, Walk, Bike, Elliptical, Zumba, Shop...HA! (Threw that in to see if yall paying attention) I know that one will be DONE for sure! :D 

Have fun Movin & Groovin this week!!! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Break Hangover

Thanksgiving 2012 is officially over...and I'm kinda sad about it.  I had a nice long break from work and today I am back at work.  Relaxing didn't happen and I'm still fighting off this funk that started last Sunday.  One day my nose is runny, the next day I'm stuffed up...annoying!!  Factor in my monthly visitor that arrived while on vacation and you see how my holiday went.  My mom and step dad came to town for a visit and stayed at my house. It's always great to have them around, but it's always hard when they leave because we never know when we'll get to see them again.  Today I'm in a funky mood, I'm exhausted, and it's raining outside.  All reasons for me to want to go back to bed! 

So let's recap on how I did this past week:

No official workout b/c I was sick. BUT, I spent the day walking the lakefront, playing at the park, and running up and down the levees with my nephew.  I was exhausted by the evening time!

3.1 miles rowing
2 miles on elliptical
30 minutes in the pool

3.1 miles rowing
2 miles on elliptical
Went to the local park and threw the football for an hour. 

I took Turkey Day OFF!  I cooked, I cleaned, I cooked, I cleaned, and I ate (responsibly).  I was SO EXHAUSTED by the end of the day.  Then I hit up 9 p.m. Target deals and scored a $200 camera for $99.

No exercise.  I shopped til I dropped, scored some cute shirts and a pair of earrings at JC Penneys.

Went fishing with my step dad from 7 a.m. til 1:30.  After fishing we grabbed lunch and then went to the local park and threw the football for an hour. 

1 mile warmup rowing
1 mile treadmill walk/run intervals
30 minutes in the pool

THAT'S A GRAND TOTAL OF 12.2 EXERCISE MILES FOR THE WEEK! This total does NOT include 1 hour of swimming for the week. 
My workouts were less than stellar but I'm proud of the workouts I did do and I'm proud that, despite not making it to the gym while family was in town, I stayed active. 

My goals for this week are simple:  Gym every day.  Lots of water.  Early to bed (to try and makeup for the lack of sleep). 

Thanksgiving Challenge
So how did everyone do for the Thanksgiving challenge?  Here are my pics!
LUNCH:  A sampling of turkey breast, sweet potato casserole, mac-n-cheese, homemade stuffing,
 steamed carrots, and a side salad with homemade dressing.  1 roll. Water for drink. 

DINNER:  Mashed potatoes, stuffing, mac-n-cheese, 2 pieces of baked ham, and a roll. 
I didn't eat all the potatoes or ham.
I DID have dessert, but failed to photograph it. =(   I had a small piece of banoffee pie after lunch (Steph has a picture of what it looks like), and I had some breadpudding that my sister made after dinner.  I went to photograph the breadpudding after the fact, b/c I forgot to photograph it when I ate it, but it was all gone!  Ugh.
December is almost upon us and I am getting excited!  The Heads Up program starts in January and they are going to call me some time in December to schedule my January appointment. I'm just ready to get started!   
I hope y'all had a great holiday!  Buckle up, we've got another holiday right around the corner! 

I'll leave you with a photo of my house (I have since added beautiful Christmas garland framing my front door), and a photo of my Christmas tree:  a REAL 7 foot Douglas Fir, decorated in gold and blue.  It makes my house smell wonderful! 

Friday, November 23, 2012

The morning after...

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!!! We had a blast, we spent Thanksgiving with Tony's family because my parents had to work Thanksgiving day. It was really nice to see everyone.

Now...down to the dirty...I had eggs for breakfast yesterday with turkey bacon so that was good but THEN I went to my inlaws house and I had a little of EVERYTHING!! It was awesome!! I took a picture of it before I ate it. I am proud to say that I didn't go back for seconds and I didn't eat anything later that day.
Let's review my exercise of the week...


Well that sums it up.

As far as eating this week (other than Thanksgiving Day) I was VERY good!! I did not lose any weight but I did not gain any weight either so it could've been worse.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Next week is a brand new week and I'll be bringing it in the workout department!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gobble Gobble!!

Happy turkey day!!  This post will be much shorter than the others.  It's the end of the day and I'm exhausted.  While I forgot to take pictures of my food, I did remember to eat well.  I probably ate less today than what I eat most days.  I had myself psyched so that I wouldn't fail.  I did not eat any desserts.  I was saving up for some of Angie's bread pudding.  I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure it rocks.  Worth the wait.  Well, there's really nothing to report.  I did some walking this week, didn't fail on Thanksgiving, and feel good about it.  I don't feel like I missed out on anything.  Retraining the brain is going well.   Hope all of you had a great day!

Another bad week

So I have proven to myself that I can’t be trusted when family is in town! This is something that I will need to work on in the future for sure! My husband’s sister was in town from Wednesday until Sunday and I managed to work out ONCE! At least I know now that my level of dedication needs some attending too for sure! It’s amazing how a few days of celebration can turn into a week of being lax. I need to stop “getting back in the game” and stop leaving it! Here’s my pitiful excuse for working out.

1.68 miles
Pace 18:29

Freaking Dance Dance Revolution on Bourbon Street. Don’t worry, I had enough alcohol to counteract anything that might have been productive!

Speaking of dancing. Yeah, I’ve done zumba once… but droppin it LOW…. Will leave you week in the knees for DAYS! I think ladies, we might be getting old!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Butts & Guts

The holiday madness is upon us...Its time to keep my eye on the prize and Stay focused on my goals!  I love Thanksgiving, After all...What fat girl doesn't??? My mom has got to be the best cook I know and at Thanksgiving she pulls out all the stops! She cooks enough to feed an army and of course its all of my FAV FOODS! I don't want to have to eat like Im on a "diet" on Thanksgiving Day. I want to be able to enjoy myself without worries of the dreaded scale.  

Noooo...Im not saying, I plan to throw all balls to the wall and eat like Im dying of starvation all day long…But what I am saying is I will in moderation enjoy whatever I want to eat…Turkey, Roast, Corn, Rolls, Pecan Pie, free flowing Wine, etc.  I don't want to ever feel like I have to "deprive" myself to look and feel a certain way.  Truth is...I live to eat! I love to eat!  This is the reason I work so hard every other day of the year, to LIVE, to be able to enjoy myself. And I plan on doing just that! If your thinking, this sounds alot like my inner fat girl talking? NO! The difference bw the old me and the new me is,  I plan to work out hard and consistently over the holidays and every other day of the year.  Key is not to let everything fall apart just because ‘tis the season' and with that in mind, the plan is to work out HARDER over the holidays!  
Bust Our Butts & Fill Our Guts!!

After enjoying myself so much last weekend...I decided I wanted to continue the party and have a little fun with my workouts this week. Chad got me a 7 day pass at a gym near work that Chad, Amanda & Mike all go to at lunch every day & I hit it up! I wanted to try out machines that my gym doesn't have and Just have fun gettin it in!

Over the last week, Ive had done my best to Make it Count! 
The goal last week was a simple one...Get Yo Body MOVIN! 
This is how I measured up:
Monday: Gym Row-A-Thon: 5000/meters in 26min
Tuesday: OFF!
Wednesday: Gym Bk & Bi's & Treadmill 2 miles in 25min
Thursday: OFF!
Friday: Gym Leg Day
Saturday: 1hr skating + 4 hrs of line dancing & droppin it low..low..low…
Sunday: 2hr family walk through the zoo
Monday: Gym Chest & Tri’s

I have felt more sore from this one week of workouts than I have in MONTHS and through the pain..I am loving it! No Pain...No Gain...Right? :D

Here are a few pics from this week’s workout fun...
 *I accept Shannon’s Challenge and will post my Tday food pics next week…
But prepare yourself for the yummy goodness!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! Enjoy the day of FFF:Family, Food & Fun!  

Monday, November 19, 2012


Guess who is officially on Thanksgiving break?  THIS GIRL!  Last Friday was my last day of work until NEXT Monday!  That's a total of 9 days off work!  I am looking forward to Thanksgiving because it is, after all, my favorite holiday!  More on that in a minute. 

I had an active week and I'm proud of it.  I did my measurements and I'm happy with the results.  I am officially down 15 pounds and quite a few inches, but I'll post about all that next week.  I came down with the funk Saturday, starting with a burning throat, stuffy nose, sinus pressure, and chills.  I was concerned that this was the start of something that would require antibiotics so I headed to the Walgreen's Take Care Clinic early Sunday morning and was prescribed a nasal spray, a steroid pill, and told to take over-the-counter cough medicine at night.  Hope this funk passes before Thursday! 

So here it is...

Activity Since Last Week's Post:

3.1 miles rowing
2 miles on elliptical
30 minutes in pool

3.1 miles rowing
1.5 miles on elliptical
30 minutes in pool

2.89 mile walk @ work
3.1 miles rowing
30 minutes in pool

NOTHING - Drama with the real estate agent.  BUT, I did clean the crap out of my house, and do yard work, so that's gotta count for something right?

3.1 miles rowing
2 miles on elliptical
30 minutes in pool

6.89 mile bike ride
2 hours of skating @ Skate Country!
Saturday night:  Walked through the French Quarter and danced my butt off

Nothing.  Sick.

THAT'S A GRAND TOTAL OF 27.69 EXERCISE MILES FOR THE WEEK! This total does NOT include 2 total hours of swimming for the week, skating on Saturday, and walking/dancing Saturday night.

My nephew is off of school for Thanksgiving break and I took time off which means I'll have him to occupy.  I have lots planned for he and I while we're both on break.  There won't be a whole lot of sitting around and doing nothing!

Cooking is something I enjoy and I love when everyone shows up and talks about how much food I've cooked, and how great everything smells.  I also like when everyone leaves stuffed because that means they really liked it.  But this year I don't feel the same enjoyment about the food.  I can't cook all healthy dishes just because I'm cutting back on the things that aren't good for me!  I need to cook my family favorites that everyone enjoys but learn some self control on my end!  I don't need a big scoop of every single thing I eat.  In fact, I know what mac-n-cheese tastes like and can have it whenever I want.  Which brings me to my accountability idea....


In order to keep yourself accountable, before you eat ANYTHING on Thanksgiving Day, pledge to take a picture, using your camera phone, of whatever you eat.  Then share that picture here on this blog!  Breakfast?  Take a picture.  Snack?  I wanna see it!  Lunch?  Show me what you had.  Dinner?  Fill me in!  Key is, be mindful of what you're eating.  If you're stopping to take a pic of everything you are consuming on the official day of over-consuming, you are more likely to stay in control!  I'm up for the challenge and will post pics next Monday.  Will you? 

WHY YOU ASK???????  First off, it's best to put something on a plate.  It helps you to visually see what you're about to consume.  Don't stand over the brownie tray and graze.  Don't sit over the cheese and cracker plate and go nuts.  By the time you're finished, you will have no idea just how much you ate! Second, if you are sitting down with a plate and you go to take a picture, if you think "I can't show them this!" then maybe it's a sign that what you've got on your plate is more than you should be consuming! 

Remember on Thanksgiving Day... make good choices, portion control, and exercise!

I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to seeing pictures of your plates!

Friday, November 16, 2012

In sickness and health...

I'd like to say I stick with my workouts in sickness and health but then I'd be a liar. This has been a rough week! I started coming down with something on Monday but I worked out at lunch and again at night. Tuesday I woke up feeling worse and it's been all down hill from there. I haven't worked out since Monday but I've been good as far as eating healthy. My weight has stayed the same since last Friday which is frustrating but I'm hoping for better results next Friday since I'll be back to working out next week once I'm feeling better.

I had Shannon do my measurements last night so here goes:
                                         10/15/12                              11/15/12                                Difference
Neck                                   15in                                       15in                                         0
Bust                                     50in                                       49in                                        -1
Waist                                   52.5in                                    49.5in                                     -3
Hips                                     61in                                       59.5in                                     -1.5
Left Arm                               18in                                      17.5in                                      -.5
Right Arm                             18in                                      16.5in                                     -1.5
Left Thigh                             30in                                      29.5in                                     -.5
Right Thigh                            29in                                      30in                                        +1
Right Middle Finger              2.75in                                    2.50in                                     -.25

Total inches lost is 7.25 and I'm pretty stoked about that!!
Thanksgiving is RIGHT around the corner and I'm trying to come up with a healthy recipe to make to go along with my turkey so I have something healthy on turkey day. I'm planning on working out Monday through Wednesday and again on Friday. I know that I will not be working out after I stuff myself with Thanksgiving dinner.
I'm not feeling well and don't really have much to blog about today so I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll have much more and exciting things to say next week!! :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby Got (A Little Less) Back

Yesterday was Shannon and I's measurement day.  It treated me well!  My results were as follows:

Weight:  -5.2
Neck:  -0.5
Left Arm:  -0.5
Right Arm:  -0.5
Left Thigh:  +1.0
Right Thigh:  -0.5
Waist:  -1.5
Bust:  -1.0
Hips:  -2.0

That was a total of 5.2 pounds lost and 5.5 inches lost.  I'm pretty sure that gain of an inch in my left thigh is from all that kicking ass and taking names I've been doing.  Must have gained some muscle.  LOL 

Seeing as how the only real change I made in the last month was walking at lunch, I'd say I feel like a winner!  It has motivated me to want to walk more and continue with my improved eating habits.  I have not yet dug out the "yoda" dvd, but I will get there.  The thing about the dvd is that I want to be alone when I do it.  I hear people tend to fart a lot while doing yoga.  Not something I want going on in the living room while the kids are running around the house getting ready for school.  After I finish renovating my room, I'll start it in there.

Thanksgiving is next week.  It is going to be hard to be good.  I plan on having a small taste of everything.  I don't plan on getting full or over-stuffed.  I keep reminding myself that I can take some food home to have for dinner and then lunch the next day.  There is NO need to suck it all down at lunch and feel like I'm going to explode afterward.  I am going to bring two containers with me.  I will put food in each one.  One will be my dinner and the other will be lunch the following day.  Hopefully this way I won't over do anything.  Even though it's a holiday, I still plan on posting.  It will be in the evening so that I can recap the food events of the day.

Saturday, I walked (well, if there were a word that I could use that would express a pace slower than that of a walk, I'd use it LOL) my first 5K.  It was SO much fun.  It was the GlowRun.  Steph posted pictures of it.  Some of the most amazing people joined me for it.  (We missed you, Amanda!)  It felt good to finish it and the atmosphere provided for such a good time.  I can NOT wait for this one to come back around next year.  I wonder what the next walk I do will be?  Suggestions? 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A step in the right direction

After blogging for these few weeks, I’ve decided to take Shannon and Courtney’s approach and do measurements and weight on every 4th week, and that week is here and I’m happy to say that even though I didn’t do as well as I would have liked on the scale, I did pretty well with the tape measure! So, here are the stats:

11/16/12          11/13/12
Bust                 40.5 inches      39.5 inches
Under bust       33.5 inches      32.5 inches
Arms               14 inches         14 inches
Waist               43 inches         41.5 inches
Hips                 45 inches         45 inches
Thighs              27 inches         26.5 inches
Weight             168.6lbs          170.2 lbs

Weight - of 1.6 lbs
Inches - ↓ of 4.5 inches J


11/7 Wednesday
1.51 Miles
18:31 min/mile
11/9 Friday
1.57 Miles
17:50 min/mile
Abs & Arms
11/10 Saturday
3.1 (Glow Run)
Drunk pace… the PACE CAR passed us up!
11/11 Sunday
.8 (Westwego Classic!)
Chad-amondo said that our pace was 1 beer…
11/12 Monday
1.65 Miles
16:58 min/mile
Legs & Abs

Total Miles: 8.63! That’s WAY better than the 1.71 from last week! Along with that, my per mile pace went from 18:31 min/mile to 16:58 min/mile. That’s a decrease of 1:33 min/mile! Not too bad!!! No slacker award for me this week!

So some of my buddies and I did the Glow Run 5K over the weekend and it was a BLAST! I added some pictures to the PHOTO’s tab! It was SO much fun! My friends are, simply put, insanely awesome! 

Praying I can keep it up for some more great results in 4 weeks!

Happy jogging!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back in the Game!

So, For the last few weeks I was kinda dreading the blog.  Having to report back on what a SLACKER I had been, just wasn't sounding like a good time. Well...I am happy to say, I got my head (& A$$) back in the game and Im excited to report this week!

The Breakdown:
Monday: Ran a 5k! WHAT? YUP! 3.18 mi/35:35 min
Tuesday: Ran 2.27 mi/21:47
Wednesday: NADA!
Thursday: 2.01 mi/20:59
Friday: NADA...Calm before the storm..Day-O-Rest!
Saturday: Fall CCC 5k 3.1 mi/31:06
& Glow Run 5k 3.1 mi/drunk walk pace
Sunday: Wego Classic-Distance:1 beer long ~or~ 1 mi

I had a much better week, certainly better than my last two!
Saturday morning, I ran the Fall CCC 5k with Chad. We run together all the time but it was our first “race” together. I am a B the whole time, for many reasons none of which are good lol.. I feel like Im killing myself running at my MAX, struggling with my internal laziness wanting to stop, feeling defeated, feeling my body getting heavier and heavier, struggling to keep a good pace and not let myself down...Despite my attitude towards him, he says things to motivate me the whole time, reminds me of my breathing, etc. He keeps his pace just in front of me, most of the time, like a little rabbit Im chasing.  It helps!! I always run my fastest paces running w him. My goal was to beat my previous 5k race time.  The Spartyka Wounded Warrior 5k, I completed that 3.1 miles in 33:58.  ***BOOM...DONE!***  
I BEAT MY TIME BY NEARLY 3 MINS! IF YOU’RE A RUNNER YOU KNOW 3 MINS IS A LONG TIME TO IMPROVE BY! I struggle to gain a 1 min lead! I am Super Proud of this time! I think it will be impossible to beat, but I will go for the GOAL! Next time…

Saturday evening, I had an absolute BLAST walking the Glow Run 5k with a few of my greatest friends! Most of the night was a drunken hot mess, but I wouldn’t do it over any other way.  I had the most FUN EVER had at a race!
Shout Out to Courtney..It was her 1st 5k! (sure she will talk more about it) but I just wanted to say again, how extremely proud I am of her for setting the goal and then making that goal her biatch!! She had many valid excuses to give up, but she DIDN’T!  Im honored that I got to walk the entire thing with her! Can’t wait till we walk many more as a group. SO MUCH FUN! :D
**Courtney, Shannon, Me & Stephanie **Finishers Medal:Can also be used as a weapon!** 
My goals this week are simple: DO SOMETHING EVERYDAY this week! Examples are, but are not limited to…Run, Walk, Gym, Bike, Dance, Zumba, Kettle bell, Class of whatever type…JUST GET MOVIN!

To see more pics from the race, Check out the “photos” page!
Have some fun meeting your goals this week!

Monday, November 12, 2012

You Are NOT Dancing in the Park!

Today is Veteran's Day and as a state employee, that means I got the day off.  You would think my day would be laid back and relaxing... not so much.  I woke up early to bring my nephew to school, I cleaned up around the house, did some laundry, made breakfast, edited some transcripts, made lunch, went to the gym, went to the grocery store, and came home to cook dinner. 

Let's get right to it...

Activity Since Last Week's Post:

2.51 miles on elliptical
30 minutes in pool

3.106 miles rowing
(32:36.1)*  Track for future comparison
1 mile on elliptical

3 miles on elliptical
1 mile rowing
30 minutes in pool

1 mile walk @ lunch
3.106 miles rowing
1 mile on elliptical


6 mile bike ride
2 miles - Glow Run


THAT'S A GRAND TOTAL OF  18.61 EXERCISE MILES FOR THE WEEK!  This total does not include the two 30 minute pool sessions where I have no clue how far I actually swim.  I literally swim back and forth in the lap lane for 30 minutes straight. 

Routine is the name of the game.  I need about an hour and a half at the gym to accomplish everything I want.  I need to be home by 7:30 in the morning at the latest.  So if I wake up at 5, get dressed, get out the house, and get to the gym, that puts me at the gym for 5:30.  That's the problem...waking up at 5!  I'm a morning person, but it's 5, and it's chilly, and my bed is warm.  It's time to embrace a routine and stick with it.  I know I can...I just need to do it. 

Goals For This Week:

1.  Make goals and stick to them! (LOL)  It's kinda sad that my #1 goal for the week is to stick to my goals for the week!
2.  Get into my routine!  5 a.m., every morning, Monday-Friday! 
3.  Exercise 3 nights this week, with either walking, walk/run intervals, or bike riding.  Chilly weather is coming, so I think the bike will have to get put up for the Winter, unless of course it warms up again.   
4.  Walk around the Superdome at least 3 days this week, 4 laps each time. 
I did the Glow Run 5k, but I ditched out on the last mile because I was...intoxicated.  I'm sure my friends have better stories/pictures than I could provide, but this is one that I did while immitating the movie The Bridesmaids where Annie and Lillian go to the park for a "workout" where they hide beind a tree and take part in a boot camp type workout without paying. The trainer sees them and begins to yell at them for doing the class without paying.  The girls start acting like they are dancing in the park and the trainer says "Dancing?  You are not dancing!  You are not dancing in the park!"  Love that here's my immitation of it...
Thanksgiving is only a little over a a week away!  My favorite holiday!! 
Have a good week and keep chugging along! 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Why oh why must mother nature come along and play with my heart!?

So this has been a VERY uneventful week for me as far as the scale goes. I had a kick ass month last month and I was stoked! I've been exercising (although I did skip Tuesday this week, I know, I know) and I've been exercising twice a day some days yet the scale says, "Woman this time of the month you shouldn't even be stepping on here!" We weigh in every monday at work to see the progress and well this monday i was up 2 pounds from Friday. It's very discouraging especially since I've been staying away from all proccessed foods, breads, pastas, candies, sweets. I've been so good!! I know the scale will show it in a week but I'm just frustrated now. Rant over!

So let's dive into this week's workout's:
Monday - 1.40 miles on the treadmill at 3.0 and 4.0 incline at lunch
Tuesday - SLACKER!!
Wednesday - 1.50 miles on the treadmill at 3.2 and 4.0 incline at lunch, 2 miles of a walk/run at night with the family and kettlebell
Thursday - 1.30 miles on the treadmill at 3.3 and 4.0 incline at lunch, I also did 2 miles on the treadmill at 3.3 and 4.0 at night.
Friday - (Planning on a walk/run with the family around the neighborhood)
Saturday - (Planning on a walk/run with the family around the neighborhood)

So far I've walked 8.2 miles this week and the scale has gone UP! BOO!!!
I will not weigh in again until I'm "back to normal".

Now on to some awesome recipes I made this week:

Paleo Banana Tapioca Crepes:

  •  7 large eggs
  • 5 large, ripe bananas
  • 1 (403 mL) can of full fat coconut milk
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2-1/4 cups tapioca flour (about 10 oz)
  1. Mix and mash all ingredients together to make a pretty soupy batter (a hand held mixer works well).
  2. Meanwhile, heat a large, non-stick pan over medium low heat.
  3. When the pan is hot, cover the bottom of the pan with a thin layer of batter (about 1 cup or so).
  4. Flip when bottom is golden brown. Cook until both sides are lightly browned.
  5. These crepes are great plain, or use them to wrap meat and veggies.

If anyone is interested in trying some paleo recipes these are, by far, my favorite breakfast recipe! They taste just like banana pancakes. We had coconut shrimp again for dinner on Monday. Tuesday was meatloaf made with 97% lean ground beef and a little fresh cut up tomatoes, some almond flour, seasonings and it came out awesome!! Wednesady was cornish hens with roasted asparagus and it was awesome!! Thursday my inlaws are making dinner but they eat pretty much as healthy as we do so no worries of eating badly tonight. Friday my hubby has a soccer game at night so I'm cooking some dippy eggs! :)

Well I was hoping to be able to do the glow run this Saturday with my girls but I have no one to watch the kids so I'm not going to be able to do it. I'm dissappointed but since I  know the girls will be able to do the Christmas in the Oaks walk I'm signing up for that next weekend. That will be my first walk! FINALLY!
I had sushi last night and I actually ate raw tuna, raw salmon and seared scallops all without rice and I LOVED it! I'm so excited I ventured out and tried something new.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and that hopefully next week I can actually report a weight LOSS! :)