Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Disappointed but not discouraged

So my weight went up a smidge but I’m not discouraged. I know that muscle weighs more than fat (not by much!) and I know I’m stronger than I was before therefore….. I know I have more muscle!
10/17/12 – 168.6 lbs – Starting weight
12/19/12 – 172.0 lbs – Highest weight
01/23/13 –168.4 lbs – Last Week’s weight

01/30/13 –169.0 lbs - Current Weight

My January 31st goal weight is 166.2. While I don’t think I’m going to lose 2.8 lbs in a day, I’m disappointed but not discouraged. =)
(1/23) 80 Squats – I was feeling the burn and was sore for DAYS!       
(1/28) C25K – Week 7 Day 3
            2.25 Miles – 14:43/mile
(1/29) Insanity – Cardio Power and Resistance

While this week’s workouts were less than stellar, I did get 3 workouts in. I have no excuse for not working out more so I’m not going to go there! I was being lazy!!!

As for Insanity, what a workout! Talk about sweat some bullets! Wowza! I’m looking forward to being able to keep up with the people on the video. I know it’s a video, I know some of it is hype, but these people are sweating their a-double-s’s off! It’s a TON of jumping and I wish I could do it outside, but I like it!

As for the jog, I do like that pace! This was the first time in MONTHS that I didn’t jog on a treadmill and I must say that it’s MUCH harder. There no moving belt to keep you going, just you and your will to go. During the walk/jog I was getting down on myself but after seeing my miles and pace, I got over it! =)

While I was logging that jog, the app showed me the 5k to 10k app to keep going so I downloaded it for when I finish C25K. I made a spreadsheet so that I can log both the C25k and 5k to 10 jogs. This is what I have so far.

As for the squat challenge, I gave up on it because I missed so many days that there was no way for me to keep up. SO, since I gave up on the squat challenge I am doing a leg challenge in February that one of the ladies that I follow on Facebook posted. I’m not registering for her contest or whatnot, but I’m doing the challenge. This is the schedule.

I will update my goals (in general) on February 1st and then again when I reach 166.2! I will get there!

49.0 lbs to goal!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bikini BOMBshell...Alright!

So...The "Add more CARDIO in my life" thing..and the "Counting cals w Loose It" thing....Is WORKING! Weighing in every morning has become a religion to me. I know...I know..."I shouldn't weigh in every morning"..Says Everyone!!! But its what I do..I let it get me down, which motivates me to be strict that day. I let it get me HIGH, which also motivates me that day! Either way, it works for me.  But, I've decided that I will "officially" weigh in on the 1st of every month, its just easy to remember. So, I will update you on my blog post and also on my "NICOLE" page, with my official weigh in's on the 1st Tues of the month. Which will be next Tues, Feb 5th!!!! Im excited by what I've been seeing each morning and Im just working hard and praying that I don't get sabotaged by the hormonal womanly issues that we are all blessed with. Stay tuned for weigh in results nxt week! EEEEK! :)

Goal Update from Last Week: 
*Buy bikini & Bikini pics=Well...See below...
*Take measurements=Nope!
*5/days wk @ Gym=YES, Done!
*Loose it app=Done!
*DIET:Resist Temptation!?=See below...

Sweat This Week: 
Mon: None...Officially
Tues: Gym->Cardio: LateralX:33min/4.83mi/78floors/335cals
Wed: Gym->Cardio: Treadmill:1mi/10:08min/118cals +J.Ladder:3mins/160ft/35cals
+LateralX:17min/2.31mi/37fl/161cals +3/20 Seated Dip (Tri's)50# +50 Squats
Thurs: Cardio:Run:2.63mi/30:08min/449cals
Fri: Gym->Leg Day!
& Sun:Walk/Jog->3.03mi/44:07min/478cals
So as I reflect on last week..I am PROUD for several reasons...

1) I've had another active week. Monday I was off work, MLK day.  I didn't go to the gym and get an "official wk out"..But we did hang out at the park swinging on the swings, feeding the ducks, playing basket ball and riding bikes. Not so bad..and its always fun to sweat w the fam! Despite Monday's day off, I did get it in...6/7 days this week!! & Im good w that! :)

2) The Loose It app: Ive got the hang of it...I like knowing where I am for the day, no matter if Im eating bad or good. I like to be in the KNOW! :D So, Confession Time...Monday, I was terrible! It was my cheat day and boy did I CHEAT! We started the day off w breakfast @ Joes cafe where I had a doughnut & a sausage biscuit. Followed by lunch @ Jakes for the red beans/pork chop buffet...Uh, YEA! I know...Don't judge me!! lol...& After our day at the park...We went to Dairy Queen for ice cream...YUMMY! Then for dinner..I decided to be good...lmao and just had a turkey sandwich. So yea, Monday I was NOT PROUD of my: 830cals over budget! WOW! :( BUT...After that horrible start to the week, I straightened up!...& even will that huge - start...I STILL managed to be 1,692 cals UNDER BUDGET for the week! BOOM!

3) Got my boy out there with me walking/jogging last night and we actually had FUN! He was jogging his little booty off and laughing and having a good time sweating it out! We started off just walking the first two laps (.50/mile). Then I said; "C if you want to do some jogging we can."He said "OK!" I said: "Pick a spot where do you want to start?". He picked the port-a-potties. I said, "Ok, Where do you want to stop". He said, "Trashcans". I said; "Ok, Take a few good deep breaths, and lets GO!" and we did....After that first time he says..."Ok mom, Lets do that every lap." I said; "Awesome, Lets do it". From there he moved the end goal to the light post..then to the little house...little further of a jog each time. We laughed as he struggled the first few times to make it. But then he was in a full SPRINT passing me up a few of the laps too. We had a good time! He comments on the way home. "So, How often do we need to do this mom?" I said; "Should, everyday..but we'll see."
Im glad he had fun and I hope to go again with him soon! He is also into watching the Biggest Looser with us. It asks if its BL night. PROUD MAMMA! :)

Ok so...Now that the proud is out there...Its time for the...EPIC FAIL....
The bikini pics..I searched far and wide..Old Navy, TJ Max, Academy..No luck finding any... Then I hit the jackpot @ Target. I grabbed a hand full of tops and bottoms and went in for it! It WASN'T PRETTY to say the least..Actually quite HILARIOUS that I thought I could even remotely be bikini ready..Ummm...EVER!...NO!  I put them on..Didn't know what rolls to stuff in...and which rolls to just let fall out...It was Awful! I did take pics..just bc that's what I went in there to do...LMAO! I decided it was not my time to waste $30+ on a bikini I really wont fit in the next few years, if ever! When the time comes and I can, I will buy and rock that bay boy!  Till then..No! I did show Chad the pics..and he too got in a good laugh as I explained my stuffing situation. I then tried to move the pics into a folder on my phone. So the kids and who ever else scrolls through the pics on my phone doesn't have to be sacred shitless when they accidentally come across those pics...and by trying to move them..I deleted the pics...DAMMIT! So I will go bk and take more..and get Chad to help me save in a safe 

My goals for this week are: 
*Keep the cals under control!
* Keep my Booty in motion!
*Official weigh in on 2/1


Monday, January 28, 2013

Shake it Up

I received a call from Pennington on Wednesday telling me that I can go ahead with starting the protein shakes.  I started first thing Thursday morning and as of today, Monday... 4 days in, I've lost 9 pounds. 

The chocolate shake is the best, second comes vanilla, but the strawberry is awful.  Nothing I do makes it taste good.  I tried to see if I could switch out the strawberry with other flavors and I was told that once you take the shakes home, you cannot return them and switch them out.  Understandably.. 

SO I'm going to suck it up and handle up on these strawberry shakes and next time I go back I'm not getting ANY strawberry!  Ick!  Ironically, they make a flavor called creamy potato soup and I had that lastnight and loved it!  Like, I'd eat that even if I weren't on this diet!  I cooked it on the stove with water, a bouillon cube, garlic powder, and black pepper.  It was really good!  I'll be getting a box of that for sure next time I go! 

I've been keeping a food log and exercise diary (as required by the program) and this is something I intend to keep up with even after this program.  It's great to look back and see exactly what I ate, when I ate it, how I was feeling when I did it, and what exercises I did.   

The hard part of this program is getting over the anxiety of not eating.  It's definitely tough to see others eating (my husband, my sister, my nephew..) and not be able to enjoy the same as them.  But, I'm strong and I've got this!

I hesitated hitting the gym after starting the shakes because I wasn't sure how my body would feel on the diet with so few calories.  I'm doing great with it and have decided it's time to get back to the gym.  My gym bag is packed and in my car waiting for me after work!  I wish I brought my swimsuit but forgot it at home so swimming will have to wait til tomorrow ... BOO! 

So my next appointment is on February 6th and I'm excited/anxious to see how much weight I can lose by then!   I'm going to work hard, push hard, stay strong, and block out the negative.  

My goal for this coming week is simple...

Work hard, devote every ounce of extra energy into myself.

Change in all things is sweet - Aristotle 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Breaking Even Never Felt So Good!

This week I’ve logged a loss of .2 of my starting weight. It took me a quite some time to get back to my starting weight but I did it. This shows that with working out and decreasing calorie intake, it can be done. HELLO!! Took me 14 weeks to get this revelation but I thank GOD that I got it!!!

10/17/12 – 168.6 lbs – Starting weight
11/14/12 – 170.2 lbs
12/12/12 – 172 lbs
12/19/12 – 171.2 lbs
12/26/12 – 170.0 lbs
01/02/13 – 170.4 lbs

01/09/13 – 169.6 lbs
01/23/13 – 168.4 lbs – Current Weight

My work outs weren’t what I wanted for the week but I’m glad I got some in. I have been slacking with the squats but today my husband said that my butt was getting smaller so I’m excited to start back up! Bye-bye huge booty!!!!  =)
(1/16)  60 Squats
            C25K – Week 6 Day 3
            2.24 Miles – 15:37 min/mile

(1/17)  65 Squats

(1/18)  C25K – Week 7 Day 1
            1.72 Miles – 20:20 min/mile

(1/22) C25K – Week 7 Day 2          
            2.28 miles – 15:21 min/ mile

As you can see, on the 18th my work out was much less than stellar and there was a 4 day gap in working out. I attribute this to not stretching. I have GOT to get on the stretching train. Usually the day after I do a C25K jog, I’m hurting in the shins. Yesterday I logged my second longest jog but I followed it with a 5 minute stretch and VIOLA! NO SHIN SPLINTS TODAY! Who knew it could be so easy! =)
While I’ve been losing consistently since my 12/19 weigh in, I’m only .2 LESS pounds from when we started but it feels so good to know that even after all this time from the start, I CAN DO THIS! I WILL DO THIS! I AM DOING THIS!


I've also updated my goals!!!
48.4 lbs to goal!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Its Mardi Gras Time...

I'm sooooooooo excited bc we have our 1st family vacation of 2013 planned and all paid for and in less than 12 weeks my family and I will be setting sail on a 7-day Carnival Cruise!!! We will be making 3 stops at the ports of Montego Bay-Jamaica, Grand Cayman-Cayman Islands & Cozumel-Mexico! So whats that mean?? Now I have a goal...I have to get on track! So I can relax and enjoy my week off in paradise!
Goal update from last week:  
*Buy bikini & Bikini pics=Slacking! 
*Take measurements=Slacking! 
*5/days wk @ Gym=DONE! 
*Loose it app=On It!
         Shout Out..TY Steph for reminders! 
* EAT CLEAN=Week:Great!
Weekend:Little too much slacking!

I decided, I need more CARDIO in my life!  Over the past month, I have loved what the weight training has been doing to tighten/tone.  I can see a difference in my body, but at the same time, I want/need to shed some #s! So I have decided instead of doing 3 exercises of each muscle group on the MWF schedule, I will do 1-2 exercises (depending on what were working that day) & Then hit the cardio! That way 5 days a week, I will be getting in my cardio. On the MWF days it may be only 10-15 mins of cardio. On the Tues/Thurs/Weekends it will be at least 30 mins. I’ll try this out for a while and see how it works. I’ve also decided to join Steph on the Squat Challenge from our FB friend Lacey Marks! <3 her! Hope our booties look like hers!! 

I Work'd OUT!
 Mon: Gym-> Chest & Tri’s + Cardio:Stairs:10min/1mi/49floors/132cals+25Squats 
Tues: Gym->Cardio:LateralX:30min/4.5mi/75floors/318 cals+25Squats 
Wed: Gym->Bk & Bi/Tri’s + Cardio:LateralX:17min/2.4mi/150cals+50Squats
 Thurs: Gym->Cardio: JacobsLadder:5min/349ft/73cals +50Squats
 +Treadmill:9:10min/.87mi/111cals +Played Basketball for 10mins
Fri: Gym->Leg Day! 
Sat :8:30am Body Pump Class
 & Sun: 1st Mardi Gras Parade w my kidos!

 I slacked and didn't collage for Fri & Sat wk outs..Sad, I 
So this week I stayed very active. I went to the gym 6/7 days and even on Sunday I was pretty active on the parade route dancing, holding Bell for floats and cleaning house at home. As far as the diet goes....I am loving the "Loose it" app to assist me in keeping my calories under control. Last week, I think I could have defiantly been better but I did pretty good. My cal intake is set for 1,220cals/day. M-F I stayed well under budget. Saturday, I over indulged and went over 123 cals for the day and Sunday, I went over 5 cals. Still for the week, I had left over 987 cals, under budget. So not terrible! But, I was excited bc when I weighed on Friday I was down 3lbs for the week. But by the time Monday rolled around, I only loss 1 lb for the week. Still a loss is a loss..I will take it..but I hate that I keep myself in control all week and then blow it when it comes to the weekends. I need more self control in my life!!!

My goals for this week are: 
*Buy bikini & Bikini pics (again..I will get this
*Take measurements (again..I will get this
*5/days wk @ Gym
*Loose it app
*DIET:Resist Temptation!

Hope everyone has a great week! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK Monday

I am off work today, Martin Luther King Day, and coincidentally so is my nephew.  Funny huh?  I get excited about a day to myself but wait...Brock is off too!  Angie offered to send him off to the babysitter but it would cost her money to do that and it's not like I'm doing anything today! 

I made an effort not to sleep late...mission accomplished.  I woke up when my hubby left for work...7:30!  I made breakfast for Brock and I, cleaned the kitchen, watched some t.v., and made my menu/grocery list for the week.  I am taking Brock to the park at noon for a small picnic and I'll let him play as long as he wants.  He loves the park and it's such a beautiful day out!  I want to bring my camera along and snap some photos of him having fun! 

I have been busy at work and busy at home!  Work is really picking up!  I hosted a game night on Saturday and I think everyone had a great time.  We only played one game of Outburst...but I am planning to host another game night next month and I'm going to get some other games to play!  It was nice just being with friends and letting the kids play! 

Since I just posted on Thursday, I don't have much to report.  I went ahead and did progress updates on my 2013 Goals which are listed under the 2013 Goals tab on the homepage.  Go check out my progress and see what I've been doing so far this year!! 

Once my sister gets off work, I am heading to the gym!  Ready to get at it! 

Have a great week everyone! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Cusp of Change

This is a long one guys...get comfy..

Today was my appointment with Pennington for the Heads Up Louisiana program.  My appointment was for 7:45 this morning and it was a fasting appointment, meaning I couldn't have any food or liquids, besides water, after 7:45 Wednesday evening.  The appointment was in Baton Rouge which is a little over an hour away from my home, so to be safe, I got a hotel room near Pennington and stayed the night.

I arrived in Baton Rouge Wednesday shortly before 3.  I checked in to my room, dropped off my bags, and hit up some shopping around the Baton Rouge area.  It was freezing out, misty rain, and sad gray skies.  The weather had me in a bit of a funk.  I'm also the kinda girl that likes to be around friends and family so being away from home, with funky sad started getting to me.

I grabbed dinner, brought it back to the hotel, ate, showered, played on the Internet, and laid in bed.  I was hoping to get some decent sleep but didn't.  On top of the usual hotel stuff:  loud neighbors, crying baby on the floor, and slamming hotel room doors. I just couldn't stop thinking about everything.  I kept thinking how stupid I was to let my weight get so out of control that it lead me to a hotel room in Baton Rouge, to a research program that will limit my calories and require only protein shakes for 4 months.  Why didn't I do something about this 50 or 100 pounds ago?  I couldn't stop thinking about the appointment itself and all that it would entail.  I realize I'm at the clinic to get help and to participate in such a great program for free, but I would show up and be weighed, measured, poked, prodded, and judged.  They were going to ask me questions, personal questions, about my life, my history, my marriage, my weight.  All of this weighed heavily on my mind.  But a call from a friend helped clear my mind enough that I was able to enjoy some sitcoms throughout the night, even though I didn't get any sleep.  Thank you Courtney for calling when you did.  I was in a real self-hate moment and was literally crying my eyes out when she called. 

I requested a 6 a.m. wake up call which really wasn't needed because I didn't sleep.  I prettied myself and makeup, jewelry, perfume, cleaned the hotel up a bit, and headed out.  I was surprisingly calm heading to the appointment and for the remainder of the day; I think it was my lack of sleep.

I arrive at the appointment and the clinic is really nice.  I sign in and I'm quickly greeted by a nurse...short, very thin, very pretty.  She asks if the dietitian could follow along during the appointment, to which I agreed.  I signed a bunch of consent forms and basic information sheets.  Then the questions began... questions about my health, my weight, my family's health, my habits, the foods I eat, etc.  They then checked my height and weight. 
After the height/weight, I was taken to an exam room and my blood pressure was checked twice, along with my pulse.  Surprisingly, my blood pressure was in the normal range.  With my weight, along with my nerves, I assumed my blood pressure would've been elevated or even in the high range.  I then provided a urine test and a donated way more blood than I feel comfortable donating.  But it's all for a good cause, so have at it! 

After the lab work portion of the appointment I had to complete a walking test.  In order to participate in the program they require that you be able to perform some exercise.  I had to complete a quarter mile walk in under 15 minutes.  I got  I started walking and the nurse followed behind me.  I apologized for walking fast and I had that quarter mile done no time.  I actually don't know how long it took because she didn't tell me, but it couldn't have been more than 3 minutes.  I was speed walking down that hall! 

After the walking test I was brought into a room and given a complete physical by a doctor.  He checked my reflexes, looked at my eyes, my ears, my throat.  He listened to my heart, and my lungs, and then pushed all over my stomach, chest, and back to ask if anything was hurting.  He said everything looked great.  I was pleased. 

I then did an EKG which is more embarrassing than anything.  I had to wear a hospital gown with the opening in the front.  The gown was huge, but the nurse had to place the EKG sensors all over my chest and on my legs and in order to get some of the sensors in the proper spot she had to actually LIFT my boob up to put the sensor.  I have HUGE knockers and that is a very embarrassing part for me.  I hate my boobs.  Large, flopping, unmanageable, and they make me look bigger up top than I really am. 

All the testing was complete and I am given all the information about the diet itself and all that it entails.  Within a week I will get a call from Pennington and will be told to start the protein shakes.  At that point, I will be on a very restrictive diet consisting of 5 protein shakes, water, broth (up to 3 cups a day), tea, coffee (no cream), and any other 0 calorie drink I prefer, such as Crystal Lite.  I can chew gum but I am limited to 10 sticks a day.  I'm required to keep a food journal as well, even though all I can consume are the items I listed above, I am required to keep track of the time, my mood, etc.  This is all done in a pre-made journal form that they have given me. 

I left Pennington with a bag containing 5 boxes of protein and an appointment to return February 6th.  There's still a slim chance they could call and tell me that my testing is not compatible and that I cannot be in the program.  That would be because of lab work or the doctor seeing something in my EKG results that aren't conducive to participating.

I drove home from the appointment feeling good and feeling hopeful.  I can sit here and list all of my faults and all the things I've done wrong in the past that lead me to where I am...but I won't.  It's time to let go of the past.  It's time to let go of feeling guilty for not taking care of myself like I should have.  I can't change anything up to this point, so what's the point of beating myself up over it?

I also learned that I need to stop letting others influence my decisions and my life the way they always have.  I've learned my reasons for using food to cope with all of my emotions...and until recently, I was never able to accept those reasons.  It's no secret that life hasn't been a cake walk for me... I've dealt with feelings of abandonment and the anger and hurt that result from that.  I've also dealt with, and still deal with, an alcoholic father that can be the nicest person or the most horrible person to be around.  Nevermind that this is the same person that struggled through life to put food on the table, keep my sister and I in good schools, and provide for us.  I deal with anger and guilt over that as well.  I'm learning to let go.  I'm learning that I can't let those things bring me down.  I've been too angry and too hurt for too long.  It got me here.

So to sum it up...I feel a moment of clarity right now.  I am thankful for this opportunity and looking towards my future with a hopeful attitude.  This is going to be a struggle...but I am ready willing and able to do it. 

I just have to say thank you to my 4 friends here that support me through this.  I don't think I could do this without you guys.  I may not be the strongest person all the time, but when I'm feeling my weakest, you guys are there to pull me up....and that makes me stronger. 

I love you girls! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So, I’ve followed a pretty good week with a week that I can be proud of. Let’s get right to it!


(1/10)  30 squats
(1/11)  40 squats
(1/12)  45 squats
            2.42 mile bike ride
            1.75 mile walk
(1/13)  50 squats
            Insanity Fit Test
(1/14)  55 squats
            C25K – Week 6 Day 2 – 2.01 Miles (16:25 min/mile)
(1/15) Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Oh you read that right…. I did SOMETHING for 6 days in a row! BAM! While some days weren’t overly strenuous, I still kept moving and I feel GREAT about it!!!
As for weight loss, I had a ton of carbs yesterday and my aunt is in town so the scale reflected that for sure but I know that next week will be better so i'm not worried!!

I made a calendar from the day we started and could see the big picture and I didn’t like it. We are 13 weeks in and I’ve GAIN a pound (as of last Wednesday) since the beginning. This is simply not acceptable. Therefore, I’ve changed a few things in my routine starting last week which resulted in the 6 days of working out and I’m LOVIN MA SORE THIGHS! So, the things that I changed are:

1.       I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but I gave up Weight Watchers. My wonderful husband REALLY wants a jet ski so in an effort to make that happen, I’m trying to cut out as many extra expenses as I can. SO I started with the app “LOSE IT” again. It’s a good app. Counts your calories, you can track your exercise and it has a barcode scanner for easier input. I dont think the workout calories are true blue but but it’s something. i don't need to eat every calorie i burn off anyway!  =) Last week I was down 65 calories for the week but I kept switching the calorie intake daily to figure out which one was right for me and I think the 1519/day budget is good for me. If I eat more than that I feel like I ate too much during the day but the 1018 was WAY too low. I was SOOO hungry and end up settling for super low calorie foods that taste like crap.

2.      I am doing a SQUAT-A-THON! I stole this from someone else and I just plugged it into my schedule. This is the breakdown:

3.      I am also doing the Insanity. It’s generally a 6 day a week workout but I don’t want to commit to doing it 6 days a week because I don’t want to stop jogging for it so I’m going to alternate Insanity and C25K. The insanity program is usually 60 days but i'm spreading it out over 120 days. This is the schedule I have worked out for myself. It starts when we started the blog and as you can see, it's MUCH more than i was doing before.

I’m glad that I have a real plan. I’m always “make a plan or plan to fail” but I was the one that wasn’t following through.

I feel great and I can’t wait to see what this combination of exercises are going to lead me too!!!