Friday, June 28, 2013

And the winner is....................

So today was our  monthly biggest loser weigh in here at work and I won with a 6.59% weight loss for the month.

I did my weekly weigh in at home this morning:
Only 41 pounds from ONEderland!!!

Starting July 1st. I'm attempting a plank challenge I found on Pinterest. The beginning sounds like it will be simple but by the end of July I will have to be able to hold a 5 minute plank. OUCH!!

Other than that I plan to walk every evening with my family and swim on Saturday's. My goal for next Friday is to be in the 230's again!!! That's HUGE for me, I haven't been in the 230's for almost 2 years!!

Juicing is going wonderfully!! I still love my juices!! I get a lot of people asking how I'm not sick of the juices but even after our fast we will continue juicing daily with our un"beet"able and our mean green. We will slowly incorporate healthy foods on July 20th. Lost of veggies, some fruits and little chicken/turkey/shrimp or fish.

I have watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" again. I love watching Joe Cross, he is such a HUGE motivation for my husband and myself. He did the 60 day juice fast that we are doing and he continued losing weight by maintaining a very healthy lifestyle which we will do after our fast! Everything three months we will do a 10 day juice fast to detox. I love my new healthy life!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Time Flies...

Where has the time gone?  The weeks have been flying by.  I am excited to report that I'm down 8.6 pounds in the last 8 weeks.  I have even eaten out a few times and still didn't gain.  I fluctuate a few ounces here and there, but that's it.  And, that's normal.  My clothes are getting big again.  I can take my work pants off without unbuttoning or unzipping them.  That can be both good and bad.  Lol.  I think I need to have them taken in before they fall down at the office.  That would be bad.  Unless they're into that kind of thing and give me a raise.  Kidding!!
Work is still going great.  The days are flying by. Such a nice change of pace.
I'm also back at the gym.  I do circuit training three days a week.  The other days, I walk about two miles and do the bike for at least 3.5 miles.   It feels so good to be back at it.
You'll also be proud to know that I drink water ALL day.  I have a small juice for breakfast and a small cup of kool aid for dinner.  The rest is just water.  I make sure to keep a cup of ice water at my desk so that I remember to drink it.
Well, nothing else is going on,

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ain’t No Shame In This Game

So it’s been 2 weeks since I last blogged and things went WAY sour but are looking up. The weekend after I last blogged, I thought I got alcohol poisoning but I really think it was food poisoning.  That made for a pretty miserable week last week but by my birthday on Saturday I was feeling back to 100%. Naturally, I drank more! Lol, had to make sure it wasn’t originally just alcohol poisoning and it wasn’t because I was back to normal by Sunday morning. I do have to apologize to Nicole, I may or may not have been doing some bump n’ grindin on Chad! =)

Aside from having an amazing time with some of my girls and

guys, I also got my own shiny new fancy bike from my wonderful


 As you all know Amanda is doing “some” juicing. By some I mean” full on beast mode, f-you solids! I don’t need your damn texture!” and I think she is dabomb fashigity! After reading some of the links that she has sent us I decided to do the 3 day detox from . I am currently on day 3 and I must say… I’ve been weak at points, but I’m pretty proud of myself. The first day was pretty discouraging. I had a headache pretty much all day and felt light headed at times. Day 2 I woke up pretty dizzy but as the day went on it went away. This morning I woke up with no dizziness, no headache, but peeing like a racehorse. This is what I’ve eaten so far for these 3 days:



My husband and I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead last night
and he is considering getting on the juicing train. He, totally
unprompted by me, said that he will have a juice dinner with me
tomorrow night (Wednesday night) and that if he likes it, that he
wants to start incorporating juicing into his schedule. He even
made comment this morning about the kids eating too many
snacks and drinking too many juices (prepackaged) a day.

I guess the only question I have for any juicers out there right now
is, what do you feel two finicky boys that don’t like the juice!?!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ups & Downs & Back Up Again!!

 A good friend of mine Julie, received a notice that Dr. Khoobehi (her surgeon)  was having an event to talk about the newest type of breast implants "gummy bear" She knew I had mentioned one day, after reaching my goal of "maintaining" for one year, I want to have my boobs fixed so she passed the message along. 

At first, I thought Im not ready to even entertain this idea...It hasn't been a yr of maintaining yet (October 2013)... I don't know if Im ready to spend the money on myself for something like this...Many IDKs ran through my mind...And then I decided whats the harm in going for the consult?? I will then know exactly what I need and how much I need to do it, when I am ready. So, I went! 

I was super excited at this point. I sat and listened, played w boobies and read material on the different types, talked to other women, and waited patiently for my turn to be called back for the consult (I was LAST). I meet with
Dr. Khoobehi in nothing but a robe and my bday suit...and the robe 1 sec into the apt was pretty much on the floor as he lifted, pulled and tugged at all my looooose skin.  Showing me what he could do for me. He showed me pics of what the before/after looks like on other patients of his... Remarkable! Amazing! 

As he started at me, he asked questions.."How did you loose all this weight? Did you go the easy route, bypass/band?" I said, No sir. I did consider that route but after having my two children and deciding I was done with babies. I decided to try it the old fashioned way...Eat Less & Move More and surprisingly, It worked! "He said how much did you loose exactly?"
I said, About 85 lbs" He congratulated me and then said "This looks like so much more than 85 lbs. You have so much loose skin." At this point Im thinking great..This coming from a man that looks at this shit all day?? Uggg :/

He explained that I would need a boob lift and not implants. He also mentioned and showed me how he can fix my arms. He also said he could do a full body lift for my stomach/booty/hips/legs. The pics of his other patients are amazing and at this point I wasn't even thinking about the actual surgery. I was just smiling and so excited that I could actually have all this skin Gone Forever!!! 

I then asked questions, like Which procedure should I do first? and also mentioned I still want to loose another 15-20lbs, Should I wait and have surgery after or does it matter? What if I never do loose that next 15-20 lbs?? 

He responded and asked "Where are you trying to loose 20 lbs from? I said well I noticed every time I eat or gain 1-2 lbs its in my belly and I'd like to work on that more. He pulled and tugged and  showed me that my upper belly is a result of carrying high with my kids and that if you pull on the skin, the stomach you see below if flattened. He pointed out that I have really big deep stretch marks that are really high (nearly up to my boob line, where you bra sits) He said that is skin, and you will not loose that by working out. He said If you loose any more weight it will come from your legs.  That struck me, I was instantly depressed! Here I am kicking ass trying to work on this one area, not really just that one area but that's what I would like to see smaller and the sad thing is you can't choose where you will loose.  

Now don't get me wrong...I would not want to go back to being 260+ lbs AT ALL. I am much happier and healthier living this lifestyle and I will not go back to being the unhealthy person I was for so long. Im hoping that by living this way I can avoid many of the health issues my family has dealt with and raise my children to want to be active and healthy in their own lives.

But with health aside, I know I will never be a swim suit model and Im not trying to be. What Im trying to be is happy and comfortable in my own skin... Just alot less of my own skin!  Ive worked really hard and still do every day. I feel lean. I feel muscular. I feel myself getting stronger. I feel my legs and arms and I know I have muscle there but I will never see it. There is nothing more I can do to fix all this skin without surgery. I will forever have this flab arm, legs, hanging stomach....So depressed about what I did to myself and how I let myself live for way to many years.

So...Next came pricing..
Boob Lift----- $16k
Arms----- $13k
Body Lift----- $24k 
Total  $50k+
...and this is where it really hits..I many never get any of this done... :(

It was one of those sad moments where you realize, all the years of living obese really does irreversible damage.

So after that minor mental set back...

I realized..I really have changed and I don't allow myself to really get "set back" anymore. I am who I am...with or w/o the skin. I will continue to workout everyday and eat better bc this is who I want to live my life as. This is the mom I want for my kids. So with that being said..I still hit it hard everyday and stuck to my workout routine...See below. 

This Week:
6/17 Mon: Gym-> Chest & Tri's
 ...You can SEE my triceps muscle I FEEL if you squint and tilt your
6/18 Tues: Gym-> Spin Class:1 hr
6/19Wed: Gym-> Bk & Bi's
6/20 Thurs: Gym-> Spin Class:1 hr
6/21 Friday: Gym->Leg Day

6/22 Saturday: Danced till the sun came up for Stephs Birthday!! :D
6/23 Sunday: Lazy Day Off

This past week I choose to do the spin class for cardio on Tues & Thurs. I love Brooke who teaches the class. She really pushes you and I feel like I can't breathe and Im having a mild heart attack trying to catch breath the entire class, Its on that note, Ive decided to make that my Tues/Thurs routine. This week I will continue to weight train on M/W/F and on Tues/Thurs I will do her spin class. 

I also have been wanting to get to the track at night for some 2/day action but by the time I get home my laziness kicks in and it hasn't happened.  I will work on making that happen this week.

Im excited about this coming weekend...I wanted to plan a mother/daughter one night trip to the gulf coast.  Just for some girl fun but my mom thought I was a weirdo. So we decided to go her, me and the kids. I wanted to take my kids to see the Bello Nock show at the Beau Rivage. I looked him up last time he was there but we couldn't make the show. So I knew I wanted to make sure to take them to see it this summer. We will head there early on Sunday and spend the day at the beach and pool. Then we will wash up and go see the show Sunday night. Monday I took the day off work. So we can take our time and get home whenever. I may talk my mom into it and we can hit up the Gulf Island Water park on the way home. Ive been wanting to get season passes for the kids, and myself :D

Friday, June 21, 2013

46 pounds from ONEderland!!

Today was a great morning, I weighed in at 246.2 which is the lowest I have been in well over a year. I feel wonderful and full of energy. Juicing is definitely working for me!! 

This has been a hectic week so we only did our walking on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday was my father in law's birthday and they insisted that we go to Osaka's with them to celebrate his birthday. We had our juice before getting to the restaurant and we weren't hungry so we just had a nice time and visited. My mother in law doesn't understand what we are doing so she seemed to be a little put off that we didn't eat anything (not even the "healthy" vegetables saturated in butter and oil). Ah well, she got over it and the rest of night went great! I guess along with our juicing fast comes people who don't understand it and who think we are crazy. That was a big challenge for us but we went, we conquered and we left!! Pretty proud of us!! :)

Tonight is a graduation party so we won't get any walking in tonight either. We will get back to our routine of walking on Saturday. I'm hoping to be down another 3 pounds by next Friday so stay tuned to see if I can pull it off!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Short and sweet

Well, I'm two weeks past due with blogging.  I have been trying to get used to this new routine.  I really love the new job.  It just gets hard to take time to update the blog on Thursdays. I think I'll move my reminder from 10 am to 8 pm.  I'll probably be able to stick to that a whole lot easier.
As for weight loss, I'm down another 2 pounds.  My body must also be making other changes because while it's not a ton of weight loss, my pants are getting too big.  It's to the poor where I need to take them to a seen stress to have them taken in.  Good feeling.  Oh, and mah draws keep fallin' down.  Lol.  Had to buy new ones.
I bring my lunch.  I work in the CBD, so everything here is priced outrageous. Good thing.  I'm sure at some point I'll venture out, just not yet.
I need to learn to budget first.
Hannah is back from Texas so I'll be back at the gym now.  She really pushes for it.  Glad she does.
Well, I don't really know what else to say, so, until next time...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hey June...

Two week post, Sorry I skipped out last week I was out of town on Tuesday and then just didn't wanna post all late so I figured I'd make it a double...

6/3 Mon: Gym->Chest & Tri's
6/4 Tues: Gym->Stair Master/20 mins/96 Floors/247 cals
6/5 Wed: Gym->Bk & Bi's
   +Eliza's Workout Challenge in 2:38 mins
6/6 Thurs: Gym-> Ran 1mi/9:36mins/132 cals 
   +TRX Ab Wk and Basketball
6/7 Friday: Gym->Ran .5mi/4.5mins & Leg Day 

6/8 Saturday & 6/11 Tuesday: None

We went out of town last weekend from Friday 6/7-Tuesday 6/11 for a family reunion on Saturday and also my sister in law had her 1st baby this weekend while we were there.  She had a beautiful baby girl, Mia Kate, 6# 9oz 19.5in long.  We did play on the playground with the kids a few days and also went on a little nature walk but I didn't get in any real workouts while out of town. For that reason, Im glad to be back and back into my routine.  
6/12 Wednesday: Gym->Stair Master/10mins/51 floors/127 cals
                                    + 1hr Spin Class 
6/13 Thursday:Gym->Run/1 mi/9:19 mins/130 cals
                                 + Chest & Tri/Bk&Bi combo routine
6/14 Friday:Gym->Run/1 mi/9:13 mins/129 cals
                          +Leg Day Routine

Saturday was a family fun in the sun day. We played in the yard, bbq'd and swam all day. Saturday night was fun adults only night, we had dinner, played mini golf and danced the night/morning away.

Sunday-Father's Day was low key just hanging out w the family. We went to the movies to see Superman and to Outback for lunch. YUM!

This week was adjusting back into the routine after having a few days off. This current week I have been trying to get back into the daily workout routine. More to come next week on that...Hope everyone has a awesome week! :D