Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all!!!!

Bless me bloggers for I have sinned...It's been way too long since my last post...Here is a brief summary of what I've been up to...

We are pretty settled into the new house, it's been over two months now.  We haven't had much time to just sit and enjoy it or do much sight seeing.  We spend M-F commuting back and forth.  Rushing home in the afternoons to begin the madness known as 5th grade homework/studying...Ahhhhh! Then our weekends are spent hanging out with friends on the wank, at the old house doing whatever needs to be done or were out of town with family events.  So, as time passes I am looking forward to getting to shop/hang around the cool new places in our neck of the woods.  

As far as my fitness--Everything has been kinda the same for me lately...
 I've been keeping up with my MWF Cardio/Weights routine, Tues/Thurs Cardio only.  I did switch it up and instead of doing my cardio in between reps of weights. I now hit the Cardio as soon as I get to the gym.  I either run 10 min/1 mile on treadmill (or) I do 15 mins of the stair climber.  Then I do my weight routine. Which is still same...Mon-Chest/Tri, Wed-Back/Bi and Friday-Legs.  As for Tues & Thurs Ive been doing the Spin Class. But this week I think I'll do one day Spin and the other I will run outside, its been getting cooler and Ive been looking forward to getting back to outdoors running!

2-yr Weight Loss Anniversary
I did hit my 2-yr weight loss anniversary at the beginning of October!  Kinda seems to me like its been much longer...When I think about it on the day to day and When I look back and see old pics of myself...It seems like that me was gone LONG ago.  

START WEIGHT OCT 2011: 261.2 lbs

October 2012: 174 lbs 

October 2013: 175 lbs 

Total Lost: 86.2

Total lost this year= None (+1 lb) 

I am extremely happy to know now that Ive got this down pat!!!  The first year was EXCITING!!!! The weight was flying off and to loose 87 lbs in that amount of time was very motivational.  This past year hasn't been quite as exciting.  There has been several times I defiantly lost focus, mainly with my diet.  Ive seen the scale +5 & -5 alot this year.   But overall the year in review has shown me, I know what to do to maintain this healthier lifestyle.  I am proud of that!  I am dedicated to the gym and working out.  It is my routine.  I love the way I feel accomplishing it daily. With the exception of a few vacation weeks, I haven't given up on it for 2 years now!!!  I love feeling myself get toner/stronger and I love the confidence I now have bc I believe in myself. 

With that being said....I am real with myself and anyone who asks me...Do I live/eat/breathe/exercise 100% health 24/7=NOPE!  I think that is pretty evident.  You can't fool the scale/mirror lol...But that again is proof to me that if I can do this with my occasional slacker mentality and all of my bad eating habit setbacks...Keeping this up as what I set out for it to be, a lifestyle-change...Will be easier than I once though.  I have no doubts anymore...There is no going back for me, Ive Got This!!!

I wanted to share a few snacks that Ive been loving lately...

I like the Sunbelt Bakery bars for the busy mornings.  Its easy to grab/go and eat on the run for breakfast in the mornings and I have the Dole banana dippers every now and then for an afternoon snack.

Fall Fun w My Little Fam :D
Hope everyone has a great week ahead!

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  1. great job keeping up all this time! wow! your awesome! so glad to be called your PIC!!!!