Tuesday, June 4, 2013

~Like A Boss~

~May Challenge~ Full Calendar:
So...The month of May has now come to an end and the 1st day of summer has come and gone as well...Before you know it the first 1/2 of the year will be behind us and all of the holidays will be fast approaching.  This is also the time of the year when most of the band wagoners (if they haven't already) will stop crowding the gym. I'm looking forward to a less-crowded gym. 

As promised, above is the filled in calendar of the workouts I was able to get in for the entire month of May. The goal was to workout everyday.  Although I did skip 3 days, I did manage to get in a total of (8) 2-a-days. So Im still pretty happy with that! Below is the breakdown of my workouts last week.

Workouts Week of 5/27-6/2:
Mon:Lazy Memorial Day=NONE!  

Tues: AM:Gym->Chest & Tri w/Ab & Cardio   
              PM: Jog w/ Bell:2 mi/30 mins/224cals 
(Bell rode her bike. I jogged and ended up having to carry her bike hm.) 

Wed:AM:Gym->Bk & Bi w/Ab & Cardio               
         PM: Gym->Stair Master/30 mins/140 Floors/363 cals
                   & Treadmill/ 15 mins/1 mi/108 cals

Thurs:Gym->Spin Class/52 min/906 cals

Friday: AM:
Gym->Leg Day!
                 PM: Ran/2.12 miles/22:41 mins/ 10:42 avg pace/ 316 cals
                 *Also went hm and cut the grass afterwards...H O T!

Saturday: None
Sunday: None

MFP Meals Week of 5/27-6/2: ~>Goal 1200 cal or less
The goal for this past week was to "Do better" and.. I am pretty proud of how I did last week.  I skipped working out on Monday so it was a rough start to the week.  I vowed to myself to get in as many 2/days as I could. I managed to do so 3 days last week. :D One of which was a Friday...WHAT? Yup!!  I knew we were going out to eat Friday night and I knew I didn't want to have to be super strict. (I hadn't eaten a real meal all day...I was ready!!) So I went to the track and ran 2 miles at a great pace!

I also kept up w MFP and managed to stay under my daily cals even on the days w/ No Workouts!!! I had a great week and the scale loved me Monday morning bc of it.  Im super pumped and excited to have another great week this week! 

Happy June Everyone!


  1. YOU HAD AN AWESOME MONTH!!! WOW! Think 3 years ago you would think that you would exercise all but 3 days of the month but then throw in some two-a-days? Crazy how things change (for the better)!

    Great job!!!!!


  2. You put my blog to shame every week!! LOL! I love all of your pictures and progress!! Keep it up girl!!
    - Amanda

  3. di-ZAM gurl! =) keep it up!