Friday, June 21, 2013

46 pounds from ONEderland!!

Today was a great morning, I weighed in at 246.2 which is the lowest I have been in well over a year. I feel wonderful and full of energy. Juicing is definitely working for me!! 

This has been a hectic week so we only did our walking on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday was my father in law's birthday and they insisted that we go to Osaka's with them to celebrate his birthday. We had our juice before getting to the restaurant and we weren't hungry so we just had a nice time and visited. My mother in law doesn't understand what we are doing so she seemed to be a little put off that we didn't eat anything (not even the "healthy" vegetables saturated in butter and oil). Ah well, she got over it and the rest of night went great! I guess along with our juicing fast comes people who don't understand it and who think we are crazy. That was a big challenge for us but we went, we conquered and we left!! Pretty proud of us!! :)

Tonight is a graduation party so we won't get any walking in tonight either. We will get back to our routine of walking on Saturday. I'm hoping to be down another 3 pounds by next Friday so stay tuned to see if I can pull it off!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


  1. wowowowowow!!! that's a great NSV!!!!!! so proud! i think i am going to TRY to do a 5 day fast (mon-fri) of next week. i love juicing, and you are such a motivation, that i really want to try it!!!

    1. You can do it Steph!! The first 3 days you feel tired and have a headache because your detoxing but I didn't find it that bad. By day 4 I felt AMAZING!! My skin looks better, my nails are actually growing (that never happens), my hair feel so awesome! Keep me posted on how you do!! I'm excited that you're trying it!!
      - Amanda

  2. HOLY SHIT AMANDA!!! You have the Will Power of SUPERWOMAN!!!!
    Seriously...1st off you went to a restaurant and celebrated w the fam!!! 2nd You didn't cave and eat ANYTHING (no matter no healthy or not healthy). You stuck to your plan 100% and didn't cave. THAT IS FREAKIN HUGE!!!! 3rd You have been doing this what nearly a month! Holy MOLY! People may not understand. But its your way and its surly working great for yall. I am SO PROUD of yall for coming up w a plan and NOT straying from the plan no matter what temptations come your way. SHEESH! I am so IMPRESSED by you! Im so happy for the way your feeling about yourself, makes me happy to see you happy! Miss you girly & Keep up the great work!! :D

    1. Thank you Nicole!! I miss you guys!! Thank you so much for making me feel good about what we are doing!! I really appreciate all of you girls supporting me!! I love y'all!!