Monday, June 17, 2013

What Up?!?!?

So it would appear that I was MIA last bad everyone!  I am so busy at work right now that I didn't put together a post that I could update during the week so when Monday came I didn't have the time to sit back and type it all out...  BUT, I'm back this week!  So sit back cause ya know I'm a talker and I have lots to say!

I don't remember what all I did the week before last but I know I got my workouts in like a good girl should =)  Every day...without fail!

And here's how this past week went!

Monday - 30 min. run, Body Pump

Tuesday - 30 min. run, then went home for my online group meeting

Wednesday - 30 min. run, then did Body Combat...I was DRENCHED with sweat and it felt great!

Thursday - 30 min. run, then did Body Pump

Friday - 30 min. run

Saturday - 7 mile bike ride (sweaty fun), spent the day walking and playing at the amusement park (about 4 hours), and then went swimming at Amanda's mom and dad's house for about 2 hours. 

Sunday - Huey P. Bridge Run - 5k, sweaty good time

What's New?

1.  I'm starting CrossFit!  This Tuesday at noon is my first on ramp class where I'll start learning the workouts, the moves, the techniques, and most importantly, how to do them without hurting myself!  I go back on Thursday at noon for my second on ramp class and hopefully by the end of that class I'll be cleared to begin doing the regular classes!   I'm anxious, intimidated, a little nervous, but mostly just excited!  I'm looking forward to it and will hopefully get some photos during those 2 days!  My husband will be there doing the regular workout at noon...let's hope he can take a few shots with my camera!

2.  Sunday was Father's Day and also the Huey P. Long Bridge Run.  We jogged half the race.  We started off jogging from the start line to mile 1.  I was happy with myself...I just jogged a solid mile, non-stop, partially on an incline (the last quarter of mile one was strictly on an incline for the approach to the bridge).  Before we reached mile 1 we saw a lot of commotion ahead ... ambulances, police, etc.  Shortly after mile 1 a runner collapsed.  We reached the 1 mile marker and my dad said he needed to walk.  So we grabbed some waters and walked.  As we passed the ambulance and paramedics I was expecting to see that someone had fallen and hurt themselves or that the heat got to someone.  Sadly this was not the case.  As I walked up the bridge just 4 feet from me the paramedics worked to revive a man.  The CPR machine was doing constant chest compressions and those around him were frantic.  I was almost in shock at what I was seeing and it instantly affected me.  I got upset, as did others as they passed, and my dad and I walked together, arms around one another, talking about the man and hoping for the best.  Later yesterday afternoon we learned the man didn't make it.  You can read about that Here. I didn't know this man, but I know that he was there with the rest of us to enjoy a beautiful day and be a part of the first race across the new bridge.  It was Father's Day and Father's Day is always somewhat emotional for me because my grandpa, whom I was closest to, passed away on Father's Day in 2000.  So my dad and I walked and talked and we reached mile marker 2.  About a quarter mile later we said bye to a guy we met and talked to since mile marker 1 and we jogged the rest of the race, down the bridge and around to the finish.  I don't feel sore, I don't feel worn dad on the otherhand called me this morning saying how sore he was from the incline and that his legs are hurting today.   

3.  We got season passes to the amusement park at City Park and me, Brock and my Aunt Jan spent the day riding rides and having fun!  It was extra awesome because my Aunt Jan has terminal cancer and although she is dealing with that, she lives on her own, is fully functional and able to care for herself, she takes chemotherapy every 3 weeks and in between treatments she has really good days that allow her to continue enjoying life.  It was fun to see her bumping into others on the bumper cars and seeing her ride the tilt-a-whirl with my nephew!  It was a GREAT day!

The next few weeks are busy busy for me!  I have 2 big cae filings that need to be turned in before my work trip to Monroe.  The day I return from Monroe is the day I leave for Charlotte, North Carolina to visit my mom for a week.  I'm excited and looking forward to seeing my mom and visiting with friends in Charlotte that I haven't seen in quite some time!  I've already mapped out my plan for my stay and am signing up at Planet Fitness next week so that I can use the Planet Fitness in Charlotte while I'm there!  Can't wait! 

Here are pictures from this weekend!

Getting quite the collection from just this year!  Looking forward to adding to this!

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  1. Love it all Shannon. Looks like you had a great weekend! Keep Rockin Girly!