Tuesday, December 4, 2012

21 Days till Christmas!!!

After last weeks challenge, I fell right back into my slacker trap! [Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon] I made NO time for dedicated workouts, besides the things I try to count as my wkout...cleaning house, leisurely walks, etc. Monday, I extended the holiday, took off wk and had a lazy day! Come Tuesday...I was headed in the same direction. I didn't do anything in the am, went to work and didn't have a planned lunch workout, family time in the afternoon and I just didn't wanna do ANYTHING! AHHHHhhhh!!! I thought...This has got to STOP! What this girl needs is to continue that little theme of "Accountability"!!! Thanksgiving, I did pretty good bc I knew I would have to report it bk, pics of what I ate and I also ran that morning bc I wanted to not feel guilty for whatever I did eat later in the day...I think it worked well. So, Why stop it there? I like the fact of having to make myself be accountable for whatever I am doing (eating/exercising). I was thinking it would help to keep me in check and I always feel when I take the time to get a workout in I don't want to ruin that by eating badly so its easier to keep that side of it in control, as well. (Don't want to waste a workout, ya know?) I decided as an accountability incentive for this week to post my workouts and a food log. It went well for only a few days. I kept up with it Tuesday & Wednesday and then by Thursday I was forgetting to take pics.  So it all went downhill...Here is the breakdown: Monday:SLACKER
Tuesday: I did this Fitness @ Hm routine w Chad. We did it 3xs w a 1 min break in bw sets. We sweat our butts off and we even got the kids involved. Bell was doing it w us and CJ did the whole last set! Fun! 
Wednesday:Gym-Elliptical:(Program:Weight Loss, Resistance 10)
30 mins + cool down=3.29 miles=418 cals burned
[Pics go downhill from here..but this is what I did/have..lol]
Thursday: Ran 2 miles on treadmill in 21mins; Ate @ Dos Gringos 
 Friday:Ab WkOut; Ate @ Olive Garden
 Saturday: Ran 3 miles w Chad in 31:10; Ate Lunch @ CFA & Dinner @ Chili's
Sunday: No WkOut; Ate @ Mannings
As you can see...The weekends are killer! Slacker! Slacker! Slacker! 

Goals for this week: DO BETTER!

I have joined the gym w Chad so I look forward to having that extra motivation to make it to the gym everyday at lunch! My plan is to go [AT LEAST] 3 days a week; M, W & F. Tuesday, Thursday & weekends will be for cardio and I can get that in various ways.
This coming Saturday, I am SUPER excited that we are doing our 1st race together as a FAMILY! I signed us all up for the CCC Celebration in the Oaks Walk. The course is 2 miles through City Park. It starts with pics w Santa and ends with admission to see all the Christmas lights! Bell has been wanting to "Do a race w mommy" and She is super excited! Her excitement has me STOKED! ***This is Bell when I came hm from the Saints 5k. She said then, She wanted to do a race w mommy! Love my girl! :D***


  1. 1.) belle is freaking adorable as usual!
    2.) the dos was SOOOOO much fun!
    3.) i like your daily accountability! i might be a copy cat
    4.) i love your make a plan or plan to fail attitude! even when when your a slacker you blow me out of the water!!!

    xoxo <3 you!

  2. 1) Agreed..Ol Hot Mess!
    2) MMMMMM!
    3) Go for it..were in this together! :D
    4) <3 That Steph:Make a plan or plan to fail attitude! We can do this..Right?