Monday, December 10, 2012

Not Good But Not Bad

This week was not as eventful as it should have been.  A sick day on Monday, followed by an all-nighter in the ER with my aunt made this week a rough one for doing anything besides sleeping!

Here's a quick rundown of my week:

Monday - 2.75 miles on elliptical, 30 minutes in the pool, and 10 minutes of rowing
Tuesday - 30 on elliptical and 30 on treadmill
Wednesday - Nothing
Thursday - Nothing - Dinner at 7 with group
Friday - Nothing - Worked late
Saturday - CrossFit workout, nearly died, and walking at Christmas in the Oaks
Sunday - 2.5 mile walk on Jean Lafitte's Palmetto Trail and the visitor center's trail

Not great but not horrible. 

I'm SO SORE from the CrossFit workout.  The squats I did have my legs on FIRE!  It's better today than it was yesterday, but it still hurts!

My eating also hasn't been good but it hasn't been horrible either.  I need to step my game up! 

How is everyone else doing?

Goals for this week...GET AT IT!

It's a short post this week because I'm busy busy at work.  Have a great Monday!

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  1. We all have those week, Shit your calling it a bad week but looks to me like you were still pretty active! We have about 22 days until the New Year! Lets Step it up!!!! Lord knows I need too!