Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I know...Its not Tuesday! ;)

Well, Ya see..What had happened was..I had prepared this to just hit POST yesterday but w the Christmas excitement..I failed to log on and do so...Day late & a bunch of $ short..but
Better late than never?

So this post will be kinda short and straight to the point bc It's CHRISTMAS!!!  
Last weeks workout breakdown...
Monday: Gym-> Chest/Tri/Abs
Tuesday: Gym-> Cardio:Treadmill 2 mi/19:13mins, Ab ball crunches 3/25
   I also tried the BL's Jacobs Ladder 5:09mins=372ft=83cals <~KILLER!
Wednesday: Gym-> Bk/Bi/Abs
Thursday: Gym-> Cardio:Elliptical 3mi=30mins=429cals
Friday: Gym->1mi treadmill in 9:51mins & Leg Day
Saturday & Sunday:NONE!
Pics from this week...

Beat the New Year Goal->Loose 5 lbs by Jan 1st
WEEK 1/Dec11:181.4 lbs     WEEK 2/Dec18:181.2 lbs      
WEEK 3/Dec25:181.6 GAIN :(

Hope everyone had a great Christmas Day!!! o</;)} 
Goal for the rest of this week:Kick Butt! 

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  1. GREAT job buddy!!!!! LOVIN the family pics!!!