Wednesday, December 5, 2012

7 out of 30 ain't bad!!!

Good morning all. Let’s get to the goods first:


1.) Thursday 11/29
1.86 miles
Pace: 16:38

2.) Sunday 12/2
1.92 miles
Pace: 16:07

3.) Ab focused Yoga (7 minutes)

So I didn’t get my 4 workouts in but the reason is by far no excuse this time. After having my husband laugh at me while I was attempting the following moves:

i gave in. The DVD is 30 minutes long but I think it was the last one that did me in!!! I swear I was sore until this morning and even now my back isn’t too happy! I plan on attempting this DVD twice a week and I figure that will build me up! My next yoga goal is to make it to 10 minutes of the DVD!

 I had every intention of going to work out after my kids Christmas play (to get my 4th workout in), but on top of the soreness and Reginelli’s… I caved. =( BUT my kido’s were super adorable as usual!

 On a better note, for both of these workouts, I was able to jog continuously for the 3 and 5 minute intervals! For 11/29 my speed was 4.1 mph and for 12/2 it was 4.2. for the jogging portions. I’ve decided that every time I do the C25K program, I will up my walking speed and my jogging speed .1 mph.

I started today doing the “take a picture for accountability” motivation that Nicole started. It probably won’t last for me but heck, anything worth a try!

Any who! I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL WEEK!!!!


  1. <3 the yoga nonsense. 10 mins is a great goal that shit is hard! Agreed! Babies are adorable, as always!! As for the accountability pics, Just keep up with making your collage daily bc at end of the week if you have a bunch to make it just takes to much Isn't it fun tho? I see you are lovin that app too..So Fun! :D

  2. i know! JJ had a blast laughing at me! he said there was no way he was doing it!

    i LOVE the app!!! at night before i go to bed i usually check facebook so i'm going to start doing the collages right before that!

  3. What app are you using for the pics?

    LOL @ the yoga. While it's a great workout, it's so goofy! Keep it up!