Monday, December 3, 2012

New Month/Fresh Start

Welcome to December!  With the new month comes a fresh start.  I was in a funk after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Whenever my mom and step dad come for a visit and then leave, it's hard on me.  I passed by the park near my house the other night and cried!  I cried because when they were in town for the holiday, we took the dogs to that park twice and we threw around the football and just enjoyed being together.  It was like that big happy family I wish I had.  But let's face it, holidays are never that great for me.  At 30 years old you'd think I'd be used to it, but it still gets to me.  I miss them a lot and all I want for Christmas is for them to come back!  We'll see.  My step dad said they are discussing coming in for Christmas but nothing has been made official and no decision has been made.  My mom is the one teetering on the idea.  My step dad, he'd move down here in a second if my mom said they could!  Kinda makes me angry, kinda doesn't surprise me. 

Enough of that though.....

Here's a recap of how this past week went for me (Keep in mind I was sick, I was upset, I was exhausted, and I was riding a junk food high!):

Monday - Nada! - Sick
Tuesday - Nada! - Sick
Wednesday - 1 mile walk/run intervals, 1 mile elliptical, 30 minutes in the pool
Thursday - 1 mile walk/run intervals, 1 mile elliptical
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -

Not a pretty picture.  It felt very uninspired and was seriously lacking motivation. 

But with the new month comes a new start and I'm hitting the re-do button! 

I made a December calendar outlining my workouts for the entire month....

Ambitious much?  Maybe.  But I'm a visual and organized kind of person.  I need to see it, I need to plan it, and I need to know what's next.  I am also big on checking things off a list.  Daily workout done?  CHECK!  It will be nice to get to the end of the month and see all the little check marks next to my workouts!  I made up this calendar and printed it 3 times; one for my desk, one for my purse, and one for my house.  No excuses!

The 14th is my monthly weigh-in so from now til the 14th I'm hitting it hard!  I need to stick with the program and hopefully bust out some good numbers here.  Thanksgiving knocked me off my socks and then some.  Truth be told, I'm not going to be shocked with a less than stellar weigh-in!  Expect the worst, hope for the best huh?  We'll see.  I'll be happier that I got back in the game regardless of what the scale says!

I should find out some time this month about the Heads Up Program.  I know I'm in the program, I'm just waiting on the phone call to setup the January appointment.  From what I've been told, you do the physical and they go over the program all in the same day.  You get sent home with everything you need to start but have to wait about 3 days.  Once they get the results of the physical and all the tests, they call you and give you the green light to start the program.  I'll keep everyone posted as soon as I get the call!


  1. where's your thanksgiving day pictures?!?!!?

    i know it makes you sad when you mom leaves. hopefully one day they will move back!

  2. Cant see your schedule pic very well but it looks like a lot typed out in each day, looks impressive! Im sure we will get the weekly break down as you accomplish it! I love the check list idea...You know I like my check list! Super motivating to see all that you have accomplished looking back..And when someone wants to know "HOW DID YOU LOOSE YOUR WEIGHT?" BAM BITCHEZ!! This is HOW!Im sure you will have great #s on the 14th, no worries. A few days is not going to set you back for the whole month! Get it Girl!! :D