Wednesday, December 19, 2012

… I’ve had better…

So this week wasn’t a complete failure, but it could have been better. First, let’s start off with my weekly weigh in for weight watchers. Last week I was 172 and this week’s weigh in was 171.2. That’s a loss of .8 for the week but that puts me at still up 2.6lbs since we started the blog. BUT I’m not going to let that get me down.

My work out’s didn’t quite pan out like I had hoped for the week because I let Christmas non-sense get in the way!

Work Outs

1.90 miles
16:18 pace


1.93 miles
16:03 pace

My total miles for this week are 3.83 miles but I’m not hugely disappointed. For the 12/17 jog, the C25K program was: 5 minute walk, 8 minute jog, 5 minute walk, 8 minute jog, 5 minute walk. I am happy to report that for the 2 8 minute jogs I was able to do them nonstop… and not just nonstop, I didn’t feel like I was going to collapse, explode, pass out… I actually feet GREAT!

So, now I’m going to do an update on last week’s blog.

1.)  I’m going to the gym today if it kills me! Great success! Went and rocked it!

2.)  I am in fact working on my 2013 goals today. Not finished but working on it!

3.)  I am joining Nicole in here “5 lbs by January 1”. Down .8, but headed in the right direction.

4.)  Be at 5mph for jogging by January 1. 2nd 8 minute interval was at 4.5 mph so I’m getting there!

5.)  Make a schedule (see below) for work outs. Make a Plan or Plan to FAIL! My little buddy Anthony was home sick today and I had a hair appointment so I didn’t make todays but I am going to make a MUCH bigger effort this week to stick with the plan with all of the holiday eating that’s coming next Monday and Tuesday! I have to earn some serious weight watcher points!!!

6.)  Do an abdominal routine everyday. I’m sick of this gut!!!! it's freakin gross! I didn’t do it every day and my gut is still gross! lol

7.)  I am resigning up for weight watchers.  I have lost in the past with weight watchers but gave up on it because I just love to eat and I eat too much! I really need to get in check with that if I want to lose 5 pounds by January 1! Working on it although I did go over my points by 9. But not too bad for my first week!!!

8.)  I had to put on one of my “FAT” dresses yesterday and it really had me down. While a 14 isn’t a fat dress for some, it’s a fat dress for me. See #1! Sear suckered myself in a pair of 12 slacks…. Wowza! Get on it sista!

9.)  I’m super excited that I have Friday off because I get to become Mrs. Johnson OFFICALLY and I get to spend some time with my friend Ambers new ittybitty baby Sophie! OMG! She is so freaking adorable!!!!!!!! No, I don’t have baby fever! I have BOAT fever!

10.)Its 13 day’s until Christmas and I haven’t even started shopping!!!! AH! Shopping is near complete!

Workout Schedule for this week:
but I got my hair did!
PM Workout:
C25K @ Snap
AM Workout:
 Yoga at home
AM Workout:
C25K @ Snap
 AM Workout:
AM Workout:
C25K @ Snap

 AM Workout:
1 mile run

Well, to all of our friends out there in blog-land…



  1. WOW you have been a busy bee this week! Your doing great and that is an awesome 1st week success w WW!Can't wait to hear more, I may need to get in on this action!