Thursday, December 13, 2012

What She Said...

Failure.  Yep.  Sums it up for me too, Steph.  I have really slacked when it came to exercise this month.  I just don't like the holidays.  I hate December.  It makes me want to stay in bed all month.  I get so depressed.  We'll see just how lazy tomorrow morning as I am going to Shannon's to weigh in.  I am NOT looking forward to it.
I will not let it get me completely off track though.  I have been doing really well with my eating habits.  Just because the last few weeks haven't been spectacular doesn't mean I can't start kicking ass now.
I signed up for another 5K.  I'm doing the Commitment Day race thing with Shannon.  It's on January 1st in City Park.  It will be so pretty to walk through.  Just hoping to do a little better with this one.  Don't really want the pace car passing me up or anything.  lol
I need to get my mojo back.  I think that once the holidays are over, I'll start feeling better.  I just need to get over this!
I need to start keeping a running draft all week long like Shannon does.  My entries keep getting shorter and shorter because I forget what I want to write about.  I guess that can be another resolution, to keep a daily log of my victories, thoughts, etc.


  1. I'm with you on disliking December, but I'm working on it! You're doing great despite your feelings! This coming month is your month to kick all kinds of ass! Thank you for signing up for the race with me! I'll bring my camera'll be fun!

  2. I am glad you signed up for another 5k, it will be fun! I like the idea of the daily log, it has helped me too. Good Luck Buddy! :D