Thursday, November 29, 2012


I haven't done quite so well with my walking this week.  So far, I've only walked Monday.  I'm not throwing in the towel though.  I plan on walking tomorrow at lunch and go for a walk again on Saturday.  I didn't get a chance to walk at lunch today because I had a dental visit.  My mouth f-ing hurts.
Anyway.  I went to lunch with Shannon yesterday.  We went to Panera.  WARNING!  Panera WILL cause you to eat TONS of oh so warm and soft and fresh bread!  lol  It was FABULOUS.  I had my first bread bowl (potato soup).  lol
I don't have a whole lot of time to post tonight.  I have some homework and studying to do as finals are coming up next week.
So, this is me cutting it short for the second week in a row.  :(

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  1. That bread bowl of potato soup sounds amazing! Good Luck the rest of the week :D