Friday, October 26, 2012

The dark horse is coming!!

Happy Friday!!

Well this past week has been a huge transformation as far as what I'm eating. Over the weekend my husband and I sat down and talked about what would be the healthiest way to eat and that would be an easy transformation for our daughter. We both decided from then on out that we are not buying processed foods. We printed recipes that sounded yummy and headed to the Rouses to gather our groceries!! Saturday I did TONS of cooking, first I made carrot, banana muffins (enough for breakfast for us both for the entire week), then I baked some drum fish with veggies, and maple walnut chicken using 100% pure maple with an army of veggies! I am happy to say EVERY one of these recipes and would absolutely make each of them again. Sunday I made more baked drum fish and coconut shrimp (using, shrimp in the shell, 2 cans of coconut milk, fresh garlic, fresh ginger and sea salt) this one was by FAR my favorite recipe. Throughout the week we made more maple, walnut chicken, egg drop soup, lettuce wraps, crustless quiche and the only one of these recipes that needs some serious tweeking was the quiche. Anyway, misson accomplished there and I'm so happy with my new food choices!!

Last week I made the promise that I would exercise everyday at lunch and do the kettlebell every evening, Monday through Friday. I have so far gone to the gym everyday as promised and I did the kettlebell Monday, Tuesday and I will again tonight. Wednesday night my hubby had a meeting at school and I had baby duty so I was preoccupied then Thursday I had dinner with my in-laws and didn't make it back home until 8:30. Next week I'll be changing it up a little, instead of trying to do the kettlebell 5 days a week at night I will do 3 days a week. I think I'll be able to stick to this routine.

Not only do my awesome friends want to get fit but my co-workers do also and so we've been doing something like the biggest loser. Every month whomever has the highest weightloss percentage gets $20.00. We started this in August. I lost the month of August as well as the month of September but this month is MY month. On Monday, October 15th is when I really got on the ball with the working out and then on October 20th is when we starting our new eating habits. I've lost 13 pounds since the 15th and even though a lot of that is water weight it's still exciting. I'm the dark horse coming in from behind to take that $20!! I'm pumped!! I'm at 3.79% so far for this month and if I get over 4.00% I should get it!! Fingers crossed!!

I weighed myself this morning and I'm 266.4 and so excited to announce that I'm officially out of the 270's!!

Tune in next week to see if I was able to continue my new eating habits and keep up with my promised workouts!! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU! You are doing great and I'm so happy that you are excited about the new eating plan!

    Keep up all the hard work girl!

  2. ONE-derland, here you come!!!!!

  3. WOW Super exciting! You are doing FANTASTIC! Im so glad work is in on it too, a little more extra motivation for you! I love it!! Can't wait to hear about how the dark horse swooped in and stole the $20's. Make it Rain Baby! You GOT THIS! :)

    1. Thank you!! We just weighed in today to see where everyone's percentage of weightloss is and I'm in first at 4.14%!! WHOOP WHOOP!!
      - Amanda