Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Welcome to Wednesday!

This Week’s Stats:
Weight:            168.6lbs
Arms:               14 inches
Thighs:             27 inches
Waist:              33.5 inches
Bust:                40 inches
Stomach:          43 inches
Hips:                45 inches

I will start off my Wednesday posts with my stats that are taken on Tuesday mornings and then proceed with my weekly rant. Enjoy!

How weight has affected me as I have packed on the pounds.  
1.   Body Perception: When I was in high school, I didn’t think about weight. I didn’t think of myself or other people as fat or thin. I didn’t think about sizes in cloths or what I should or shouldn’t eat. I guess that since I didn’t have a weight problem, no one mentioned about keeping thin or how food can affect you in the long run. Once out of high school I packed on the pound and have struggled through 2 beautiful babies to get it off. This is my biggest struggle so far in weight loss. When I’m told that I look great and then I see pictures, all I can do is cry. I hate the way I look.
2.   Sleep: I LOVE to sleep but since I have gained weight I don’t get quality sleep and I have started snoring. Yes, snoring… loudly. Enough that it keeps my husband awake.
3.   Stretch marks: While yes, my kido’s have played a part in the stretch marks, I only gained 7 and 11 lbs for the respectively so I have NO reason other than over eating and being lazy to have stretch marks on my thighs, arms and breasts. It’s a lovely sight.
My Goals.
Every time I have started a weight loss journey, I set unrealistic goals for myself that just set me up for failure. Example: I’m going to work out 5 days a week and eat 10 servings of veggies a week! That is simply unrealistic in my life. I have two kids that go to school 20 minutes from my house so just to get them to school and make it to work on time, I have to leave at 7. That means running at 5 am, to get home, shower, get kids up, feed them, get ready and be out the house for 7… that’s a lot to do and I am most certainly a morning person so why would I commit to getting up 5 days a week at 5 am! It’s just an unrealistic goal that I gave up on. SO, I am setting new small goals with a big goal in mine.
Small Goals
1.      Work out at least 3 days a week
2.      Cut the grass at least twice a month (which will also save me $80!)
3.      Go to the gym to do strength training at least once a week
Big Goals:
1.      Goal Weight: 120 lbs (I’m only 5’2’’)
a. Goal Weigh Date: May 1st
2.      Surgery: (a highly debated topic amongst friends) To rid my body of the extra skin I have accumulated on my biceps, abdomen and thighs. I know that once the weight comes off, those stretch marks will look even nicer! **oozing with sarcasm**
How do you set your goals? What do you base them on? How has gaining or losing weigh affected your mind?
I hope all of you readers, 6 I think now, have a Happy Hump Day!


  1. Great goals!!! You have set the mark to make great changes and I don't think any of your goals are unrealistic.

    You, NOT a morning person? Say it ain't so! LOL

    As for surgery, I think once you meet your goals, you should do whatever it is that will make you happy. I am opposed to weightloss surgery as a cure for being overweight unless it is absolutely necessary. So many people jump right into weightloss surgery because the idea of doing it on their own seems impossible. Weightloss surgery is dangerous and unless you confront the demons you deal with in regards to food and exercise, the weight will normally come back over time.

    You will do GREAT! I know you will!!!!! Can't wait to watch you reach your goals. Oh to have your measurements! One day...

    1. definitly no weightLOSS surgery, just "here, i don't need this extra skin/put my boobs back where they go" surgery! lol

      you will buddy! one day, i see us all basking in the sun in our bikini's... with margarita's in hand of course!!!
      XO - Stephanie

    2. Ah...that sounds so good! Can't wait! :D

  2. Ok So I LOVE your Small Goals! Very Realistic and I know you can stick with that, save yourself money and its more than enough (with diet control of course) to achieve your desired results!

    As for the Bigger Goals. 120..Geez I dont think I weighed that at 10yrs old! lol.. In less than 7 months? May 2013???? Why that date? Just curious. I know you will do great! Once you get started with a routine I have no doubt you will stick to it. But I was just thinking..myself being STUCK in the 170s range has been a NIGHTMARE! Iam loosing hope that I will ever see 169 and thats less than 5 lbs away! Idk what I should weigh? But I NEED to set it and GO FOR IT as you are inspiring me to do!!! Thanks!!!

    Why work your ASS off, literately, with a goal of being Happy & Healthy, if at the end of the day your left with a body your still ashamed of! NO BUENO!!! If you work that hard to get healthy and maintain that lifestyle you MORE than deserve to be happy about your body!

    As for the scares of surgery, I think you have already been through the scariest of them all! You can't control your destiny like that and your certainly can't live in fear of it. You deserve to be happy with yourself!

    I have now lost somewhere in the neck of the woods of 88lbs and Let me tell you..I am JUST as depressed with my body as I was at 261 lbs!!! Now, Don't get me wrong Im happy about the weight loss and ALL the good things that come with it (big and small too many to list. BUT when I look at my body it is VERY Depressing!!!! My boobs, which was once my security blanket, use to hide my belly and underbelly..NOPE not any more boobs are straight sag and skin and my belly/ies FAR SURPASS the boobage! So Not Fair! :( My leg/thighs...the loose skin is un real!

    I just don't believe for one second in doing yourself the service of making this lifestyle change to become happy and healthy and not following that through. I have decided that after reaching my goal and maintaining it for one year. Im treating myself!!!!!!!! Can Not Wait!!!

    Love ya Steph! Can't wait to follow your journey! :)

    1. 1. i know that 120 will be a hard to reach goal (and it's just a random date), but i think it's doable. when i was in highschool i was 110 so that's 10 lbs lighter. when the date comes, and if i'm not at 120, i'll look at it again. if i'm happy where i am it's not 120, then so be it. i just don't want to short change myself by setting a smaller goal and then settling for less than 100% of what i know i can do!!!

      2.I totally agree! cut me up baby!!!

      LOVE and SO PROUD OF YOU - Steph

  3. Couldn't agree more Nicole! Once you get where you want to be, absolutely continue on and take off extra skin, etc. I will join you ladies in that!

    We will all get there. Can't wait to see it all happen!

  4. Think they offer a BOGO deal? I wish! LMAO

    If not, we can always go w my plan of slamming my arm in a car door??? Thats what are friends for? :p

  5. I think you are so smart to set realistic goals. I think trying to keep up daily exercise can be very hard...and once life gets in the way one time, it is easy to throw in the towel. 3 days a week is perfect...and if you make it to the gym 5 days that is just a cherry on top!
    As far as surgery, I don't know if it is for me (I am a scaredy cat!)But, I totally understand why people do it. I am much more self conscious now, than when I was at 250 because of the way by skin sags.
    I look forward to reading more of your story! :)

  6. LMAO! @ Nicole, no slaming arms in doors!!!!!

    @ Jessica - your absolutly right. it's MUCH easier to sit on the couch and read my kindle than it is to go jogging when my husband gets home. BUT i know i can do the right thing!!! thanks for following us!!! we look forward to hearing from you!!!