Thursday, October 25, 2012

My apologies to all who have to share an elevator with me...

Thursday seems to have come pretty quickly this week.  No complaints here!  This last week has been VERY stressful, but I have handled it better than I expected as far as my food intake and exercise are concerned.  I had mentioned that I want to walk three days a week during my lunch hour and do some sort of exercise one day out of the weekend.  Well, I did get some walking in this past weekend, but have only walked two days so far this week.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday seem to work best for me.  Tuesday ended up being a wash.  I was very stressed and had a ton of work to do.  I didn't let it ruin my day though.  I still ate properly.  But, yesterday and today, I went over my usual two miles.  Yesterday, I walked 2.07 miles and today was 2.47 miles!  This is the most distance I have had yet.  It felt good.  I even took the stairs in the parking garage today.  I plan on walking tomorrow at lunch to make up for missing Tuesday.  The only thing I don't like about walking is SWEATING.  Bleh!  It is SO nasty!  But, as Nicole says, that's just my fat crying.  Let that shit cry ALL it wants!  Note to self:  you DO NOT like Chobani Greek Yogurt, Plain.  I repeat, you DO NOT like Chobani Greek Yogurt, Plain.  Yuck!  After today's walk, I went to the grocery to get lunch.  I picked up some cantaloupe and yogurt.  I figured I'd have one today and the other tomorrow.  I really wasn't too hungry.  Pretty sure you can figure out what I actually ended up eating.  I'm getting anxious for the 14th.  That is when I check my weight and measurements again.  Shannon asked if I noticed a difference in my clothes.  I'm not really sure.  I think my pants are baggier around my legs and ass, but I'm not sure if that's because I walk in them and they stretched out, or if I really am doing well.  We shall see. 


  1. LOL!!! So what you're saying is that you do NOT like Chobani Greek Yogurt plain? LOL. Just making sure I've got this straight!

    I'm glad you're sticking to your walking despite your current stress! Don't let stress and things stop you from making your goals. Use those things to push you to doing what you have to do!

    Good job! Can't wait til the 14th!!!!


  2. i think your going to rock it!!!

  3. Your out there doing the damn thing like you said you would! Sticking to your goals! Getting your heart rate up! You don't need the 14th both you and I know you are ROCKING IT!!! Very proud of you for sticking to it, going on days unplanned just to get it in! I like the pep Im seeing in your step! Keep steppin buddy! <3