Monday, October 15, 2012

First Post!!

I don't think anyone quite understands just how excited I am to start off this blog today!  Writing is something I love and I think deep down we all look to connect with others that we can relate to.  Being able to share this experience with any and everyone, while scary, is empowering!

Thank you for reading and please follow along, leave comments, ask questions, or e-mail us! 

So here are my current measurements:

[Removed for privacy]

It's out there.  The ugly scary truth!  These numbers can get me down or these numbers can motivate me to change.  I'm not new to dieting.  I've lost weight before and I'll do it again, only this time I want it to be a life change.  No more yo yo dieting!   All of our stats will be added to a new page at the top of this blog and they will get updated monthly as we track our individual progress.  Look for these numbers to change and SOON!

Exercise goal for this week:

Physically, my goal for this week is to exercise every day at lunch with walking and to exercise every evening with run/walk interval training in my neighborhood.  I am also going to set a goal to go to the gym at least 3 times this week for some time on the elliptical. 

Something for me to work on this week:

One thing I am dealing with currently is stress.  There are a lot of behind the scene things going on that have the potential to sabotage my efforts.  I need to learn that I can only be accountable for my own life and my own decisions.  A fight with a family member or things happening that are beyond my control are not green lights to slack off on my own goals!

I'll be back on Monday to update whether my goals have been met (or exceeded) and to talk more about stress and being accountable for yourself. 


Where do you go online for inspiration and motivation?  I could really use some new sources in my favorites list!!!


  1. You are going to ROCK this Shannon! I read the pages of my blog friends to get inspiration. I haven't posted in forever. I feel like I have said everything haha. Maybe I will get inspired to post again. But I love to read what others are doing! :)

  2. Great 1st post & Goals Shannon!! Nervous my turn tomorrow! :(
    I love following friends on FB for inspirations/motivation! Several some you may know or not; 6 degrees (you are a member :) Amanda Tyson, was biggest loser contestant <3 her! Madd Mike, just a great motivational quoter daily love reading his posts. May more just like reading there daily motivational quotes or post about working out makes me feel like I have to do my part.

  3. I'll be following along Shannon! Good luck!