Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Mornings...

So, I have been very anxious to start this journey with my 5 Fit Fabulous Friends who I love very much <3...BUT I myself have been kinda in a slump! I know we all go through it and I WILL get through it! 

Ive been off track for the last few months...In August, my 10yr old son, CJ started school again..4th grade..Dum..Dum..DuMmMMMM!  So with the 3-4 hrs of homework and studying each night I have had a hard time justifying going to my evening classes at the gym (Excuses...Excuses...) End of August we had a week off for Hurricane Isaac, that started my downward spiral. I did little-no exercise that week and with that comes me eating...I ate any and everything! Its so easy to fall right back into old patterns.  The few weeks following I got back into it and did some running and went to my classes at the gym but I was still off track w the diet, for sure. Weekends of September was filled with fun-filled activities for one of my best friends (Stephanie's) wedding, where again I over ate and drank but it was all well worth the cause! We did the Saints 5k race together where we all worked up quite a sweat while having fun w friends! I look forward to many more races with my girls!! Anyway the months and weeks leading up to the wedding, I slacked big time. Which is funny to me bc it was Steph & Shannon who helped boost my thoughts of getting started on this journey in the first place. One of them (Shannon, I think) said "We have 1 yr till the wedding! Lets all get Smokin Hot Bods!" I took her words of wisdom and RAN w it, literately! I worked my ass off, yet the month leading up to the wedding I fall off the wagon? Yup! lol..

I found this and thought it was perfect.  Im not at a stop sign! I am going in the right direction! I just need to Keep Going!!  

So this weeks goal is to get back on track. I plan to run everyday, No Excuses! 

I will let you know how I did next week when I post again on Tuesday. 

Until then, just keep moving! :)


  1. I LOVE IT! You did an awesome first post! From what you said, to how you said it, and that signature! LOVE everything about it! I'm proud of you. I feel the same way though about Isaac....I was pumped, then Isaac came, and after that I was in a slump. Now I'm motivated and ready. Get it girl! Proud of you! You are one of my biggest motivators!


  2. Can't wait to read more of your story, Nicole! :)