Monday, October 29, 2012

Not Easy, But Worth It

What's up everyone!?!?  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  The weather has turned chilly here in NOLA, and I'm loving it! 

So let's get down to it...

Activity Since Last Monday's Post:


4.07 mile walk @ lunch (5 laps)
2.50 mile walk/run intervals @ home

2.42 mile walk @ lunch (3 laps)
2.36 mile walk @ home

4.02 mile walk @ lunch (5 laps)
2.25 mile walk @ home

3.36 mile walk @ lunch
2.25 mile walk @ home
2.50 mile bike ride @ home (just b/c I felt like getting on my bike)

3.66 mile walk @lunch*

2.46 mile walk @ home
1 mile walk @ Fountainbleu Park trick-or-treat

2.66 mile walk @ home


I'm happy with my exercise for the week despite not meeting last week's number. 

My Rant For The Week:

Sometimes, being a woman SUCKS!  Women lose weight different and slower than men.  Totally unfair!  Men can pee standing up.  That could TOTALLY come in handy for me quite often!  Men don't get monthly periods....periods that cause major cramps, lower back pain, headaches, their hormones to go out of whack, their face to look like a mother f'n pizza, and their bodies to retain water like a f'n cactus!  (I'm writing this as I experience the majority of these symptoms.) 

Yeah yeah, women do a lot of awesome things that guys can' spend an hour doing their hair and makeup, wearing heels that inevitably lead to long-term foot pain, and carrying purses that are the size of mini suitcases containing pretty much anything we might possibly, but probably won't, need.  Being a woman is sooooo awesome!

I said I wouldn't weigh myself til the 14th because I know how horrible it is to constantly weigh yourself and get down because the scale doesn't move.  So over the past few days, despite my exercise and strict eating, I haven't lost a single pound.  I have, however, gained 3 pounds.  It makes me want to grab a box of doughnuts and say "SCREW IT!"  I haven't done that and I won't!  I'm committed.  Balls (if I had any) to the wall. 

I feel better for having gotten this off my huge chest, which reminds me, guys don't have to wear bras!  F'n men!  I am happy I don't have balls much as having huge boobs can suck, I would imagine having balls in my pants wouldn't be so awesome either!

Recap, I'm hormonal, angry, and not losing weight.  I'm not going to derail progress by eating doughnuts, even though they sound delicious!

NSVs since my last post:

1.  On Wednesday I wore a black shirt and gray capris pants, both of which were previously too tight and made me look like a stuffed sausage.  The shirt used to be too snug and the pants would cut off circulation, but on Wednesday that didn't!!  I may not always see a change in the scale, but I feel it in my clothes!  Just another tool in my arsenal to keep me from giving up on myself or giving in to temptation!

2.  Went to Walmart on my way home from work Wednesday to pick up a few items and I stood in the express lane waiting for the line to move and the candy was staring at me.  I almost grabbed for a Kit Kat bar, one of my favorite chocolate candies.  I stopped myself and grabbed sugar free gum instead.  Felt great to be able to stop myself and get something that wasn't going to fill me with unnecessary calories!  I can enjoy a Kit Kat bar some other time, but right now, I have a goal and eating a Kit Kat bar is only putting me further from that goal!

3.  I got my period and didn't overeat or let that throw me off my game.  That deserves a standing ovation, a round of applause, and a headline in the daily paper. 

4.  I was VERY unmotivated Saturday.  I simply did not feel like going for my walk, but I put my shoes on and forced myself to do it.  I felt great when I was finished and I was proud of myself for actually doing it.  


*(I was supposed to do 5 laps today, but after the 4th lap I had a few issues...#1  I had to pee SO BAD, #2 It was freaking HOT, no wind, no breeze, just icky 85 degrees plus humidity, and #3 I needed lunch.  Rather than walk 5 laps, go to my office and order lunch, I did 4 laps, ordered from my phone, and walked to get lunch.  While I didn't do 5 laps, I feel happy about the change I did make)

The next time I post I'll be a new woman.  Wiser, more sophisticated.  I'm turning 30 on Friday!  With that said, here are my goals for this coming week:

1.  Lunchtime walk around the Superdome every day this week, 3 of those days need to be 5 laps rather than my usual 4
2.  Walk/run intervals every night in my neighborhood
3.  Ride my bike 3 nights this work week (Monday-Friday) for at least 5 miles each time
4.  Walk 5 miles on either Saturday or Sunday (and try to convince one of my friends and/or sister to join me for all or just part of my walk..HINT HINT)


  1. You did FANTASTIC with your workouts!! Remember you can't control mother nature and once that's over just WAIT to see what the scale says!! You'll be pleasantly surprised!! Don't get discouraged and remember we love you and are very proud of you!! :)
    - Amanda

    1. Thank you ma'am! Freaking mother nature. Poor Adam..he got the brunt of it. On Friday when I got home I said "and I started my period!" and he said "I was gonna ask you if that was your problem, but I thought that would be the wrong thing to ask!" LOL. He knew it too. I was saying he was being a butt, but really, it was ME being all *(^#)*%Y#)*^)*^ right before my period.

      And I love you too and am VERY proud of you as well!

  2. Wow girly you are rocking it out!!! Don't let period week get your down, almost every month I had slight gains on that week. There is no way with all of that exercise it won't even right on out next week and surly by the end of month 1(right around the corner) You will be so proud of yourself! Hang in there!!! Keep up the great work!!

    1. Hoping you're right and that I see the scale drop back down again SOON! VERY frustrating but I'll keep chugging along! The 14th is right around the corner! Interested in seeing my 1 month results. Hoping to see some changing going on!

  3. And.....H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y W E E K!! Keep the eye on the prize and stay focused this week (unlike I did on mybday week lol) Learn by :)

    1. Thank you thank you! Remind me of this on Friday when we all go to Velvet Cactus! No chips for me. Just my 1/2 quesadilla 1/2 salad lunch meal!

    2. As hard as your working you deserve to live a little it won't kill you to splurge on a special occasion such as your 30TH BDAY!!! Im sure you will work it off! :D