Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The BIG 3-OH!

Fat Tuesday? Well... Technically its not but it always feels this way lately. Isn't it soooo much easier to stay focused during the week???...And then the weekend comes and I loose it! Ok so, last weeks goal was to run everyday! Update:

Monday- I didn't wake up as planned in the am to run. (Off to a bad start) Lunch time came and I wanted to eat but told myself I HAD to get it in. I decided to gear up and I ran to GNC, got some vitamins and then I ran to Jimmy Johns, sat and ate a sandwich and then I jogged back to work. Total of 1.5 miles. Not the greatest but it was something.
Tuesday- Even though it was Tuesday and I usually only run in the am MWF, I figured Monday was rough start. So Tuesday am I was up and at em! I did 2 miles in 20:17!! It is HUGE for me to maintain 10 min/mile pace for 2 miles! I was super HAPPY!
Wednesday- Am run 2 miles in 20:35. Slower than Tuesday but still in my 10 min/mile range=HAPPY!
Thursday- I was feeling down bc I didn't wake up for the am run, lunch time came I grabbed a smoothie and went shopping. The routine of the day kids, homework, dinner, baths etc was starting to get me in excuse mode, so I decided I HAD to get it in. I went full on BEAST mode and cranked out a little 5k action!!!! 3.1 miles in 31:06! My personal best time!!! Maintained my 10 min/mile pace for the entire 5k! Wha..What??? Super Proud!

And that my friends concludes the awesomeness of my week! Friday came, I was off of work and we headed out of town. We went to the Balloon Fest in Natchez, MS. We were on foot the whole weekend and I did log over 10 miles of walking over the weekend. My sister in law lives a little less than 2 miles from the bluff so we walked to and from a good 6 times. But other than that, No running & lots of eating! :(

So its officially ma birthday week! Yes yes..the BIG 3-0H!!! Not really feeling one way or another about it. The last few years of life have been a bit of a roller coaster, to say the least! Im ready and looking forward to continuing to work on making myself happy and healthy and all the fun that comes along with that! :D 

So at the end of last year, I was urged by Shannon, as every year, to write a list of goals "New Year Resolutions" for the year. In years past, I never participate in this routine bc I never follow through with half the things on the list. Well since October last year I have been in a routine and doing great staying focused so I thought..Why not..I need this! It will be fun and helpful to stayed motivated to check things off the list. So I DID IT! I decided to call it 30 BEFORE 30!  

I think I've done pretty well checking things off the list.  Ive already started making my next list of goals (keeping the ones I haven't gotten to yet) and look forward to crossing them off one by one! :D

GOALS 4 MA BIRTHDAY WEEK: Run Everyday! & Try NOT to devour too much cake and other sweet sweet goodness! Do my best to withhold from redeeming all 10 of my fav resturaunt free birthday give-a-ways! 

Good luck meeting your goals this week!! Updates to come next Tuesday, Stay tuned...



  1. Being 29 was a GREAT year for you! You are going to do AMAZING in the big 30!

    Great job this past week! Doing great, keep it up, keep on motivating me!


  2. you are rockin it girly!!! welcome to the 30's (tomorrow :))!!!! i'm so proud of you for checking SO much off of your list!!!!!!