Friday, October 19, 2012

And so the story goes...

Well, I wasn't sure what to do for my first blog but after thinking about it and reading my 4 awesome friends first posts I've decided I'm going to post my measurements. This is the NOT fun part but here we go...

Neck - 15 inches
Bust - 50 inches (sadly a proud member of the itty bitty titty commity most of this is back fat)
Right arm - 18 inches (not guns...)
Left arm - 18 inches
Waist - 52.5
Hips - 61 (HOLY CRAP!!)
Right Thigh - 29 inches
Left Thigh - 30 inches (This is the fat one)
Right Middle Finger (WTF?) - 2 and 3/4 inches

Well it's out there...for everyone to completely embarrassing. Oh well, it's only going to get better from here!

I've also decided on my first blog to post a picture of myself from 2006 when I lost 80 pounds because one day I'm going to look like that again.

I was about 198 pounds in the picture which is 77 pounds lighter than I am today.

I would eventually like to weigh about 150 pounds. I'm going to set small realistic goals, 5 pounds at a time. Yesterday I was at 275 so by November 1st I'd like to be at 270. That's 2.5 pounds a week and I can do that. I'm also setting realistic workout goals. I plan to do the kettlebell 5 times a week and walk 5 times a week. I will include the results of my goals each Friday. Wish me luck!! :)
I hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend!!!!


  1. GREAT first blog amanda! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG, you made me LOL with the (Not Guns) comment on your arm measurement! You are too funny! You will get right back where you want to be because you have all the support in the world! I'm so proud of you for posting this!!! Your first post was a success! I can't wait to watch you meet and exceed your goals!

    1. Thanks Shannon!! I know I can do this and I know we all can do this!! We are gonna be some skinny BIZNITCH'S in no time!! :)
      - Amanda