Tuesday, October 30, 2012

30 years YOUNG! :D

So yes...Its true the day has finally come, I am no longer the young little whipper snapper in the group. I am now older, wiser and buffed to a bright shine, or so I would like to think! Idk if the times have just changed, it seems couples are waiting to have babies, companies are producing in mass quantities anti-aging products, celebrities make 30s-40s-50s look so young and youthful, or probably just bc its me here now, but 30 just doesn't seem so OLD after all!:D 

Well the goals from last week were to run everyday and try not to eat 2 much.Update: 
Mon-I ran 2.24 miles in 23:45 
Tues-I ran 3.03 miles in 19:05 (9:24/mile pace!!!) 
Wed-I ran 2 miles in 20:19 (10:10/mile pace) 
Thurs-Funeral, PTC & Bday festivities=Excuses got the best of me! 
Fri-I walk/jogged 2.16 miles in 33:57. Then I ran 1 mile in 9:43. 
Sat & Sun-Were also slacker family days. 

And as far as the "try not to eat too much" goes..Well lets just say this was NOT a good week. Last Monday I weighed in at 174.4. This Monday 174.2. Guess I did just enough to maintain, not happy with that. I need to get my mind right and get over this hump! 

I am however, excited about (as Shannon's calls it) NSVs or Non-Scale Victories. 
I went shopping alot over the bday week and I am SO excited to be able to walk in just about ANY store and fit the jeans, slacks, shirts, shoes whatever! I spent way too much $$$ but I am super happy I have a nice wardrobe coming together! Its actually fun getting ready to go places these days. I want to dress up and look nice no matter what the event/occasion is that Im going to. Which IS A HUGE CHANGE!!! I use to end up in tears sitting on the floor in my closet and skipping events all bc I had NOTHING to wear or just felt I looked horrible in everything! 

A few of my FAV purchases have been....
MY BOOTS!!! This is HUGE for me! I have NEVER in my adult life been able to fit in ANY boots Ive tried on. My kankles were simply just too BIG! So, I am SUPER excited about my hooker boots and I want to wear them everyday! 
MY JEGGINS: Never thought I would be able to pull it off (and maybe I still shouldn't..lol) but they come in my size now and they make me feel sexy and confident and they are soo soo soo comfy, IDC anymore...Im ROCKIN them bad boys!! 
& DRESSES: Just in general love to be able to throw on comfy little dresses, with or wo a little shrug sweater, some flip flops or dress it up w some heels and roll on out. Its so easy to throw a dress on and look and feel great and it took little to no effort to get ready in the morning. I think Im shocking the work crew, who are always use to see me bumming it, but again idc. I feel great! :D So...

This week dispite Halloween on Wednesday and my already non-existent start (did nothing on Monday and so far today :( My goal is to not let the rest of this week get the best of me. I will run Tues-Friday and throw in a morning workout on Saturday. I will also start making healthier choices with my eating, this starts NOW!

Good Luck to everyone with your weekly goals! 


  1. First 3 things I'll buy...

    A sexy little black dress
    Kinky lingerie
    One of those cute one-strap/shoulder shirts

    Can't wait!

    BTW, you can pull of the jeggings just fine! I like them! They really do look like jeans. You said jeggings and I was like "WTF is a jegging?" I'm seeing girls in short shirts with leggings on and I'm like "Oh HELL no.." I don't need to see some girl's ass jiggling all over the place. Cover that UP! But the jeggings don't do that and I like them A LOT!

    Doing great, keep it up. You're motivating me!!!!

    1. SHEW! Im glad you like! :) And you will be in them loving them right along w me soon! SO comfy! You know I was so tempted to buy them damn pajama jeans just bc to me they say "Im formal jeans" yet they also say "Im here to party and be comfy" and that is so ME! lol..But Jeggins are so much cooler! :D

  2. You maintained your weight and that's better than gaining! You are keeping up with your exercises and that's awesome!! Everyone gets in little funks but you'll get out, when you're ready! I'm so proud of how far you've come! You look amazing! I'm hoping to look as good as you do one day! :)