Thursday, October 18, 2012

"It's not me. I'm Mrs., Mrs. Iglesias."

On Sunday, I went to Shannon’s house and weighed myself for the first time in who knows how long and took my measurements. I was very disappointed in myself when I saw the scale. I knew I had gained back all of the weight I had previously lost, but I had no idea that I had gained another five pounds on top of that. I am officially at my heaviest. I am disgusted with myself. I weighed in at 218.2. WTF have I done to myself?! The wake up call was received! Starting on Monday, I had a FiberPlus bar and a Yoo-hoo for breakfast. I know, you’re thinking, "A Yoo-hoo? I thought this bitch wanted to lose weight?!" Well, this bitch does want to lose weight. My total calorie count for breakfast is only 230. Yep, a fiber bar and a 6.75 oz. box of Yoo-hoo is only 230 calories AND it holds me over until lunch without me feeling the "starving" feeling coming on. Score! Occasionally, I will snack on a Welch’s Fruit Snack pack around 11:00 if I ate breakfast earlier than usual. But, that snack is only 80 calories. Nice. For lunch, I bring either a ham sandwich or a PB&J and drink a 20 oz. Gatorade. This usually runs me about 483 calories. Sometimes at 3:00, I snack on a Kraft bread sticks & cheese pack, 110 calories. By the time dinner rolls around, I still have roughly 597 calories to stay within a 1500 calories per day diet. I’m usually never hungry in the evenings or at night, so that works for me. I make a salad size plate of dinner for me and pick at it. The only snacks I buy and keep at home are snacks for the kids and Tony. Luckily, I don’t like any of the snacks they ever pick. If I find myself wanting something after dinner, I stand in front of the pantry, then the freezer, then the refrigerator. Nothing ever appeals to me. Once I realize it’s my third time checking for a snack to magically pop out, I remind myself there’s a reason I can’t find anything good - I don’t friggin’ need it!. I have also been walking this week. Tuesday, I walked 1.87 miles during lunch. Yesterday was only .92 miles because there was NO breeze and I was starting to sweat really bad. I still had another three hours of work and didn’t want to stink the place out. Now, I have baby wipes, extra deodorant, and body/office spray. The weather doesn’t look so hot today. I may be stuck walking the parking garage (provided the rain isn’t blasting through the whole garage). Exercising at lunch is the key for me. I have trouble sleeping, so I fall asleep late and wake up a few times during the night. Waking up before 6:15 almost never happens. Since I have to be at work for 8:00, morning workouts are out of the question. I get home from work around 4:30, but I have to cook dinner early (Tony gets up for 3:30 in the morning, so we eat early so he can go to bed early), do homework, do laundry, and whatever else the evening brings. Occasionally I have time for a bike ride, but not often. So, lunch is my prime time. I bring my lunch and rarely go out of the office for anything during the day. It’s a nice break and change of scenery. I wonder if the Endomondo app will be able to track my walk in the parking garage today? Hmm...I guess we’ll see. I’ll fill you in next Thursday.


  1. You crack me up! Mrs. Iglesias..LOL. Love it! Great job Courtney! And stop saying "ONLY .92"!!! The fact that you got out there and did it is awesome...don't try to lessen that by saying "only" as if you should've been out there running a marathon on your lunch break! Slow and steady wins the race! Did you walk .92 miles at all last week? Then you're making a huge improvement already! See the good in what you do and go at your own pace! I'm proud of you Mrs. Iglesias!

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  3. That .92 miles is still a job well done! Starting small and building your workout up is one of the best ways to lose weight and be fit. Well, it's been almost eight months already. I know you've made so much progress since this post. Best regards!

    Madison Mcnulty