Monday, October 22, 2012

Word to ya Motha!

Happy Monday everyone!  Most days I'm like "Monday...ughhhhhh!!"  But Monday is my day to post, so I'm looking on the bright side! 

Whether you're happy about the start of a new week or not, here it comes.  I've done excellent since my last post.  Don't believe me?  Check it out:

Activity Since Last Monday's Post:

3.21 mile walk @ lunch
2.83 mile walk @ home

3.05 mile walk @ lunch
2.13 mile walk/run intervals @ home

3.02 mile walk @ lunch
2.81 mile walk @ home

3.25 mile walk @ lunch
2.37 mile walk @ home

3.25 mile walk @ lunch
2.00 mile walk @ home

6.51 mile bike ride

2.00 mile walk @ Bayou Coquille nature trail
Mowed the front and backyard
2.45 mile walk @ home


Not to "toot" my own horn, but I am proud of all that work!  Along with the exercise, I had some exciting NSVs this past week:

NSVs (Non-Scale Victories) Since Last Monday's Post:

1.  Every Tuesday my family gets together at my house for dinner.  Last Tuesday we had grilled hamburgers on french bread with potato salad, and tortilla chips with cheese dip.  I cooked the burgers on the grill and I made it a point to say I was going to have 1 burger, no cheese, on a bed of romaine lettuce.  But then I thought to myself  "This is a lifestyle change, are you never going to eat a cheeseburger again?  Are you going to eat everything on a bed of lettuce the rest of your life?"  I decided then that I would eat what everyone else ate (minus the potato salad...YUCK) and that I would use self-control.  I made my burger with one slice of cheese, a small slice of french bread, and I even allowed myself a handful of tortilla chips with a little bit of cheese dip, which I put sparingly on my plate.  I ate my burger, I ate my chips, I used the cheese dip and I was satisfied, not STUFFED.  I got up from the table but still sat in the dining room with everyone else while they sat around the table talking and munching on chips.  I was in control and I was SO happy/proud of myself.  That Tuesday night dinner was a MAJOR NSV for me! 

2.  I banged out 3 miles in 35 minutes on my lunch time walk on Thursday!  Total for that Thursday walk was 3.25 miles in 38 minutes, but some of that time was spent waiting at the stoplight intersection for the okay to cross back to my office.  As I waited, I feverishly tried to stop my activity tracker with screen glare from the sun happening.  Yet another NSV for this week.  I felt like a beast on my walk!  All business!  The walk felt like it was over before it started.  Very proud of this accomplishment!

3.  On Friday I was invited to lunch with Stephanie and two of her co-workers to celebrate Stephanie's 6 year anniversary with the company she works for.  The restaurant they chose is a really great mexican place with the best food.  Everything I've ever had from there is fabulous.  I went there knowing I did not want to eat tortilla chips!  Seriously, I can't just eat one or a few so if that's how I was going to be, it's better to not have any.  So I didn't.  I ordered a water with lemon to drink, and for my meal I ordered the 1/2 chicken quesadilla with 1/2 ceasar salad, dressing on the side.  The salad was excellent and the perfect portion!  I used only a tiny bit of dressing on my salad, and my quesadilla was just enough to satisfy my craving for mexican food!  To go to a mexican restaurant and not leave STUFFED with corn chips is another major NSV for me!  I went to lunch with the goal of enjoying the company.  The food came second and was satisfying and I didn't feel restricted in any way!


I did absolutely fantastic with eating all last week, until Saturday.  After my early morning bike ride I headed to the grocery to get food for the weekend.  I got home, prepped some of the items I bought, and started cleaning house.  My husband called on his way home from the gym and asked if we (my sister and nephew as well) wanted to grab breakfast/lunch.  It was 11 and I had been up since 6:30..I was starving.  I overate for breakfast and again for dinner.  I overate at dinner simply because I "already ruined the day."  What a horrible way to look at food!  I should've made better choices and not let my lunch time splurge ruin the evening meal.  I need to get this in check, asap!  Though I did overeat, I am happy to report that my overeating did not result in weight gain!

This week's fitness goals:

For this upcoming week I'd like to keep the momentum going by continuing with my lunch walks and evening walks.  For three days this week, rather than walk around the Superdome for 4 laps, I'd like to make it 5 laps.  For my evening walks, I'd like to add in more running to the run/walk intervals.  I find that my run/walk intervals have become just a walking session.  I'm never going to build stamina if I don't run...and by "run" I mean jog!

This week's diet goals:

DON'T OVEREAT!  I have the potential to sabotage my efforts with a busy weekend ahead.  With a birthday party on Saturday followed by trick-or-treating and then a baptism on Sunday followed by a small gathering, I need to keep my food intake in CHECK!  Healthy choices.  Smart choices.  Small portions.  Wish me luck!

I hope everyone reading had a great weekend.  Start out this week doing great and keep it up! 


  1. WOW You ROCKED this week!!!! WAY TO GO GIRLY!!! Keep up the hard work! So excited for you!!! :D

  2. What a great week!!! Good for you!