Tuesday, April 2, 2013


So...It's April! 4 months into the year now..How are your New Yr Resolutions looking?? Chk out our "Goals" tab, I have updated my list. 

Im excited SPRING IS HERE!!! And I am loving this beautiful weather!! I love getting outside and enjoying the weekends with my family and friends and it is simply to pretty to be stuck inside! With that said..Summer is right around the corner (80 days) and although this mamma will never be "bikini-bod ready". I am ready to NOT be that mom buried in a t-shirt and capris on the beach! I use to look fwd to winter, boots/sweaters/scarves...But I am ready for some fun in the sun! Summer Time..LOOK OUT! :D

So last week, I did pretty well during the week...
but I still struggled w alot of the same...

3/25-3/31 Goals :
Workouts:Get Em In~DONE!
Hydrate:H2O~Did better
Log on MFP ~So...So...

Workouts = Supa Star!
3/25 Mon: Gym->Lateral X: 33 mins/5.11 miles/82 floors/353 cals 
Accidentally had it on video on Monday instead of camera, my bad :(    

3/26 Tues: Gym-> Chisel Class:30 mins full body weight training
                       + Step Aerobics Class: 1 hour
3/27 Wed: Gym->Stair Master: 30 mins/147 floors/3 miles/381 cals
3/28 Thurs: Run w Chad: 2.5 miles=23:17 mins=364 cals
   **NEW BEST TIME**   **Mile 1=8:35 pace** Mile 2=9:43 pace** 

3/29 Fri: Gym->Leg Day + TRX Ab work 

3/30 Sat:CrescentCityClassic 10k w Shannon:6.75 mi/1:50 mins/862 cals
                   + Fontainebleau Pk Fam Bike Ride: 10.61 mi/1:18 mins/ 599 cals  

3/31 Sun: Bayou Segnette Fam Bike Ride: Chad Guestimate 6-7 miles?
Neither Chad/I had our phones..No pics..No Endomondo..Its like it never happened.lol..

LOST: 2.6 lbs

There is only 1 week left to my challenge.  It will be 4 weeks on 4/9 and we leave for our cruise only 5 days later on 4/14...EEEK! :D I have a good feeling, lol, I will not make the 7# goal. But I will be happy if I can just get comfy and settle into the 160's bracket for a while! 

Im very happy to still be in that 169 range...Im actually shocked w the way Ive been eating on the weekend that Im not in the 170s! I continue to be stuck in that pattern of..work/diet during the week..and free for all on the weekends..This past weekend started w pizza fest. Then lots eating out..Wing Zone, Olive Garden, Chimes...Who can be "good" there? Not I! Followed by Easter candy extravaganza!...And popcorn/candy/margarita movie night...Yea! IKR! Then I was off on Monday, So no workout there and EAT is what I did ALL DAY!  I can't seem to CONTROL myself!

Thank goodness Tuesday, routine work day/gym day is here! Back on track!
To Do This Week:
~Work it out!
~Loose #s
~Review NY Resolutions 

Random Weekend Cuteness!

Also if you have not checked out "Photo" page in a while..New pics added!!


  1. Like a BOSS! You should go on this cruise feeling like a million freaking bucks! Whether you make that 7 lb. goal or not, you've come a LONG way and you did it! I can't wait to see all the cruise pics! Y'all will have so much fun!

    And thank you again for doing the CCC with me! Was a great time!


  2. 1.) SEXY WHISTLE!!!
    2.) GREAT job to you and shananna on the CCC! So proud!
    3.) freakng bell! shes so stinkin adorable!
    4.) i know that feeling of "FINALLY STAYING IN THE 160'S!!!)

    <3 you!