Tuesday, April 9, 2013

~CHALLENGE OVER...On to the next..

So this weeks post concludes my 4 week, 30 day challenge to loose 7lbs...
I am however starting a new one w Stephanie and maybe a few other of our 5Fit Friends? Its the April Whole Body Challenge, "WBC". You will see it listed in my workout section below. Ive taken before pics and will share at the end of the challenge.

Start Date: March 12, 2013    Start Weight: 171.6
28 days=TOTAL LOST 3.6 lbs

So, I have 2 days left till the "30 day" mark but I am no where near 7 lbs down. 
I am happy with my 3.6 lbs. Wish it was more..Who wouldn't, but I'm just overjoyed to be in the 160's bracket. I will be happy here for a while! :) 

Goals from last week:
~Work it out=Done! 
~Hydrate=Still need 2 drank! 
~MFP=Rocked It! 
~Loose #s=Done! 
~Review NY Resolutions=Done! See "Goals" tab

Workouts Week of 4/1-4/7
4/1 Mon: OFF  
4/2 Tues: AM: Gym-> Spin Class:45 mins/715 cals
                + PM: Run/Walk w Amanda:2.75 mi/42:07 mins/363 cals

4/3 Wed: Track w CJ, Sprints & Walking:2.84 mi/35:49 mins/421 cals
                   1/4 mi Sprint Times:1:33, 1:37, 1:41, 1:49
                + Whole Body Challange "WBC" w the fam:10 min/72 cals
4/4 Thurs:Gym->Ran:1mi/8:34mins +Bball drills w/Chad:20mins
                       + WBC:10 min/? cals

4/5 Fri:Gym->LEG DAY + WBC

4/6 Sat:NONE! & 4/7 Sun:NONE! 

First weekend off in months and I felt like a slacker..lol We stayed busy going to a birthday party for Amanda's daughter Hannah. It was a beautiful day of playing in the park. Hey now, that action on the swings and see-saw had me feeling burning in the thighs for sure!The rest of our weekend was spent cleaning house, doing laundry, shopping and packing for our trip. 

So next week for my blog post on Tuesday-4/16, I will be on my cruise, at sea! 
I will however, ask one of my BFF 5Fit Friends to post my blog or me. I will already have it saved as a "draft" with all my workouts and info from what happened this next week. So it will be a simple "post" but it'll have the scoop on what I did for my workouts.

Hope everyone has a great week! 
Sweat it out!! SUMMER is coming!!! 


  1. WOW Time FLIES huh? Seems like you were just getting started on your challenge and here you are, 4 days away from setting sail! Very exciting!!!!! Y'all will have a great time!!!

    You are kicking butt and taking names. Congrats on sitting pretty in the 160's! I'm proud of you!

    Have a wonderful trip! I'll be sure to post your blog next Tuesday! =D

    Safe travels!