Monday, April 29, 2013

Me vs. Myself - In the end, I win.

Happy Monday Morning Everyone!  How was your weekend?  I had a busy one!  So busy in fact, I made myself a To-Do List to keep on track  with it all!

A daunting way to start the weekend huh? 

We were "fostering" 2 cats for some friends who are in the military and after 2 years, the cats were returned to their owners.  I'm sad to see them go but SO HAPPY they are gone!  One was an outside cat that liked to play chicken with my car every time I pulled into the driveway, and the other was a long haired black and white crazy cat!  Seriously, the cat would just bite you for no reason!  He also jumped on my counters (hated that!), would run and hide under the bed in my room when I would open my door to exit (when he wasn't allowed in my room EVER!), he'd run out the house any chance he got, and he had an issue with HAIRBALLS!  Ick!  Also, my sister and nephew, who currently live with me, are moving out next weekend!  With the two cats gone, and with my sister and nephew moving, I was ready to spring clean the crap out of my house!

I work well with an organized list of what needs to be done because it keeps me on track.  I am also a huge fan of a spotless house and a nicely kept yard.  I'm not big into cleaning, which is why I keep my house clean by doing just a little bit every day so that it stays clean, but when the time is right and a big clean needs to be done, I'm all over it!  Dust bunnies BEWARE!  No ceiling fan blade is safe!  No baseboard is too clean!  LOL!  I need help!  You know the best part of a To-Do List?  Knowing you completed nearly everything you set out to do!

The car didn't get washed (b/c of rain), and I didn't go through ALL my clothes.  I did throw in a few extras that I didn't put down, like cleaning the fridge, clearing out my DVR (I record stuff and never delete any of it!), and organizing the area under my kitchen sink!  Boom...girl's got mad cleaning skills.  I'll clean your house too...if the price is right!  So why am I telling you this?  Being active isn't about sweating it out at the gym.  There's no minimum gym or track requirement time that you must put in before it becomes "exercise".  I got in a full body workout on Saturday and my house was clean after!  How many people can say that about hitting the gym?

Even though I kept myself very busy this weekend, I also made time for some fun stuff along the way... like dinner at Zea's with my friend Kelli (I ordered the chicken almond salad, took half of it home, and ate the rest of it for breakfast the next day), and an impromptu lunch on Saturday to Dos Gringos where I ordered the fajita chicken salad, no dressing (used salsa instead), and I had TWO CHIPS!  Proud moment for me.

Sunday I hit the gym early to get it out the way, and then I got dressed and went shopping!  I love clothes shopping, even at my heaviest I loved clothes shopping!  I was in serious need of new shirts as all my shirts are too big...and conveniently, JC Penney's sent me two coupons!!!  I spent the rest of my Saturday alone shopping and browsing and enjoying time to myself.  Everyone needs time to themselves!  It was fabulous! 

But enough about my weekend and marathon cleaning session!! Checkout how I've been doing exercise-wise since last week's post!

How My Week Went

Monday - SLACKER (at least it feels that way) - I did 2 miles of walk/run intervals on the treadmill and headed home!

Tuesday -  2.5 mile walk at work, then 2 miles of walk/run intervals on the treadmill at the gym followed by a 500 meter row.  Cardio boxing at home that evening with Adam after my online group meeting!

Wednesday -  2 miles of walk/run intervals on the treadmill followed by some last minute pre-weekend getaway shopping with (and for) my husband's trip. 

Thursday - 2.5 mile walk at work, Abs and Glutes class, Body Pump class.  I was SO SORE on Friday!  Mostly my rear because of the glute work!

Friday -  5 min. warmup walk/10 min. run/4 min. walk/10 min. run/4 min. walk/10 min. run/5 min. cooldown.  500 meter row, and 10 min. on stairclimber

Saturday -  Yardwork and housework!

Sunday -  5 min. warmup walk/10 min. run/4 min. walk/10 min. run/4 min. walk/10 min. run/5 min. cooldown.  500 meter row, and 10 min. on stairclimber.  Lots of walking while shopping and light cardio from trying on all those clothes!

As you can see, I'm keeping up with the fitness!  It is really something I enjoy and look forward to, most days at least.  I recall talking to Courtney on my way to the gym on Friday and I said I was tired.  She asked what I was doing and I told her I was heading to the gym but as much as I wanted to turn the car around and head home, I view the gym the same as showering or brushing my teeth...something I have to do.  Exercise is no longer optional.  If I want to lose weight and be healthy, I need to eat right and exercise.

Rather than continue to fit in cardio and then a class, I've decided to get the cardio portion of my day out of the way in the morning rather than the evening.  This can only mean one thing......early morning workouts!  Ick.  As I've gotten older I've become more of a morning person than a let's hope this means that morning workouts are easy to do when that 5:30 a.m. alarm goes off!  Wish me luck! 

What's New??

1.  Husband and I are signed up for next Sunday's CrossFit Fiesta Field Day.  It's a day of field day fun and the cost of registration includes a t-shirt, fajitas, some exercise, and lots of FUN!  I'm excited about it AND I'm considering this towards my goal of 12 events!

2.  Thursday is my second to last checkup with Pennington.  After this checkup I have 2 more weeks and then I'm back to regular foods.  I'll still have shakes throughout the day and more than likely my routine will be shake, snack, shake, snack, sensible dinner.  I'll keep that going for a while to continue to lose weight.

3.  I had an online meeting with the dietitian on Friday and she moved me to Level 2 which means I can have 2 cups of veggies a day!  Woot Woot...bout time!

4.  I am awesome...oh wait, this isn't new!!

I'm thankful that I've taken pictures along this journey.  It's fun to look back and see the changes that I've made.  There are days when I feel as big as I ever was, but pictures help bring me down to reality.

In the last shot the white sticking out from under my shirt is my sports bra that used to be too tight.  Now it's too loose and, as you can see above, it's non-cooperative

That shirt was TIGHT


  1. daaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looking good over there.

    so, this price is right option... i might need in on that! i HATE cleaning! ugh. guess i'll have to bite the bullet one day and clean the baseboards!!!!

  2. I helped my dad pick up trash on my lot and mow down the hayfield it had become. I think home ownership will def. make me be more active outside the gym.

  3. The pics are awesome so glad your taking so many!

  4. PS: Im starting to think I stink and this is why you just don't want to come out to eat w

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Nicole =( You don't stink! If y'all go this Thursday, I'll go with! It was impromptu b/c I took Brock to a birthday party in Marrero. My aunt came with us since she wasn't doing anything. WELL, we find the house and there are no sign of a party. So I pull up a few houses and pull out the invite...yeah, the party wasn't Saturday, it was on SUnday! Brock was PISSED! He hadn't eaten (at 2:30) b/c he was gonna have pizza and stuff at the party. To ease his mood I asked if he wanted me to take him to lunch..he said yes and wanted Mexican. My aunt and Brock love Dos Gringos and they share the nachos so she suggested it and Brock was all over the idea. So I went. It was HARD..I wanted more chips and cheese but I limited myself. I was proud.

    Since I got word that I can have veggies now, I was all over a salad.