Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Summer is officially only 31 days AWAY...
Uggg, while I enjoy the weekend mini-vacays to the lake or to the beach..I do not enjoy the heat every other day of the summer...and the heat certainly puts an impact on my outdoor workout performance. Not looking forward to that...So Get it in While You Still Can!

April Challenge Update: 
Yeah well... It has gotten the best of me. History is proving...Im not good w keeping up w my regular gym routine 5+ days a week and also doing these challenges day to day. I start off strong and a week or two later..Quit...I haven't done 1 day since before vacation! ::Sorry Snuffy!:: lol

May Challenge: Step It Up!
Im thinking my challenge for May will be something I can push myself everyday to keep up with...I will start with a blank MAY calendar and track everything I do daily (legit exercising only).  The goal will be simple, too exercise EVERYDAY for the 31 days! I will likely incorporate ideas from the other challenges..like on a day I don't feel like getting to gym, track or biking (Sat or Sunday) I can instead do a little home routine of squats, push ups, ab work, burpees, Whatever...Each week I will post that weeks calendar of what was done and by the end of the month my calendar will be full, all 31 days! & before ya know it..POOF! Summer will be HERE!...and hopefully some pounds will NOT be!

This week 4/22-4/28, I had a slow start getting back into it coming off from a week of vacation down time but I got right back into the swing of things, on Tuesday..lol. 
Mon:~None~ My minds on a permanent vacation... 

Tues: Gym->Stair Master: 15 mins/80 floors/208 cals
                     +Treadmill: 1 mile/9:36 mins/134 cals

Wed: Gym->Lat X: 33 mins/85 floors/5.24 miles/362 cals

Thurs: Gym->Cardio w Chad

Friday: Gym->Run 1 mile=9:18/136 cals
                               +Leg Day

Saturday: Family Day~Casual Zoo Walking/Climbing~

Sunday: St. Joachim family workout (1 hour)

 CJ & I ~Sandbag Race~

I also rekindled my old flame w MFP and I stayed under budget with my calories intake everyday, except one. Im pretty happy w that.

And with that being done...
I lost!!!!! 2.6 lbs this week!
...and gained a whole lot of sore muscles!!!!

Not a ton..But 2.6 less than last week :D

NSV: I had a little "non-scale victory" moment on Thursday...Chad and I were working out in the gymnasium @ the gym and Vince, one of the trainers-my fav trainer..lol, stopped me in bw sets and asked "What sport do you play?" I laughed and said "Umm..None." He said "What sport did you use to play?" I said.."Umm...Dancing?" He shook his head and said "No, really...with the burst speed of your sprints, I thought for sure you played a sport." He went on to say..Keep that up and you will be shredded. WAHhOOOO! PS:Ive never played sports in my life, except for what they made us do in gym class in school...which I either sat out or slacked and avoided the whole time I pretended to play! I was good at getting OUT! at dodge ball..and that's about it! lol AND before about a year ago..I had never even dreamed of myself jogging/running/sprinting. Anyone Can Do It! Set Your Mind!

Hope everyone has a great week.
Motivate yourself!!!!


  1. Awesome job! I knew that cruise weight would fly right off! Kicking ass and taking names! So explain the Sprint to me? What is it that you do? Get to one end of the basketball court and run as fast as you can to the other side? Am I reading this wrong?

  2. Nope, You got it right. That's IT! Its that simple.
    Sprint=Run Like You Stole It!

    At the gym there is no place to sprint a full 1/4 mile.
    (like I have done at Bent Tree track, one full lap around)

    So chad came up w this routine where we...
    Sprint up the long length of the bball court,
    Then you squat low side shuffles down the side of the court,
    Then you Sprint (bk wards or fwd)back down the long length,
    Then you squat low side shuffles down the side of the court.
    We do this 3 times in a row,3 times around the court, as fast as you can go!!! Then we do the other little exercises in between...planks, step ups, etc.
    And Then we repeat it all again. We do the 3x around court routine...3 times total! Its a workout!!!!

  3. Wow, you really got your regimen plotted out which is quite good. In doing this you are reminded of what you should accomplish during a certain day and your proof of progress just certifies your efforts. Getting fit is almost everyone's motive at some point, but not all of them have the time to work out. Just don't overwork yourself, dear! :)

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