Monday, April 15, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday!

Happy Monday Morning Everyone!!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Monday's are always kind of BLEH huh?  I woke up late because neither my husband nor myself heard the alarm go it was rush rush rush out the door for me!  All that rushing didn't stop me from packing a gym bag so that I'm ready to go after work!  I did just remember that I forgot my sports bra at home, but a quick detour to the house won't keep me down!  This just goes to show that it's best to pack the gym bag the night before so that you are ready to go the next day!!!  Normally I do this...lastnight I didn't.  Wahhhh!!!

So let's get right to it...

How My Week Went

Monday - 2.5 mile walk at work, 3 mile bike ride with Adam, and a CrossFit workout c/o my wonderful husband.  The workout started with warmup stretches (scorpions, arm circles, shoulder stretches, hamstring stretches, and squats).  Next came the actual workout which consisted of 10 pushups (I did girly style on my knees), 20 medicine ball squat and releases (squat and as you rise you toss a medicine ball up in the air, when it comes down you go catch it and go right back into a squat position with it), followed by 20 American kettlebell swings.  I had 15 minutes to do as many rounds of this as possible.  I used a 15 lb. kettlebell and I used a basketball in place of a medicine ball (I was at home and used what I had!).  I did 5 rounds plus 10, meaning 5 complete rounds followed by 10 pushups.  I started on round 6 but only made it through 10 pushups.  I was sweating my butt off when I was finished!  Great times!

Tuesday - 20 minute run on the treadmill @ the gym!  Non-stop!  Finally tackled C25K D3/W5!  Had to head home for my online group meeting but after the meeting I started a CrossFit workout:  800 meter run (got chased by a chiahuahua), 10 shoulder dislocates, 10 scorpions, 10 touchups, 10 air squats (I did 3 rounds of all of those), followed by 10 burpees, and 10 situps.  I was supposed to do more burpees and more situps but I was battling a sinus headache all day and by the end of the day (work, workout, online meeting) when I was doing this workout I was spent and my head was throbbing.  I cut it short and headed straight for a bubble bath instead!  Adam understood.  I was sweating like a pig and exhausted!  I know my limits and I reached it that evening!!

Wednesday - 20 minute run on the treadmill @ the gym and 10 minutes on the stairclimber

Thursday - I don't remember what I did this day =(  I know I worked out, but I can't recall!!!  I know it was cardio, but I don't remember what...LOL!

Friday - None - In Baton Rouge all day

Saturday - 20 minute run on the treadmill @ the gym

Sunday -  5 minute walk/10 minute run/4 minute walk/10 minute run/4 minute walk/10 minute run/4 minute walk.

What's New?

1.  My third online group session was Tuesday and it was BORING.  This session was all about physical activity, which is something I am very accustomed to at this point.  The majority of program participants are much older and haven't exercised in years, so this session was informative for them, which is great!  Many have disabilities that make it harder for them to exercise as well, including diabetes, and arthritis.  The session discussed how they want us to start off with 10 minutes of exercise 5 days a week and then work our way up from there until we reach a point where we can workout for 45 minutes a day.  I'm at the point where I workout for at least an hour every day, even if it's just bike riding and throwing the football.   

I listened to the entire session and something was discussed that I'd like to share...

One of our assignments for Tuesday's session was to make a list of reasons why, in the past, we wouldn't exercise like we should.  I started listing my reasons:  weather, I was tired, I forgot my shoes, the gym was too busy, I didn't belong to a gym or couldn't afford a gym, I had a headache, I had laundry to do, or I was just being lazy...and in bold letters I wrote EXCUSES after that.  When the session started we went over our homework and the dietitian asked us to share our reasons for not exercising.  Some said kids, some said injuries, some said they work late, and then it was my turn.  I basically said that for me personally, as I wrote down my list of reasons (and I said those reasons) that I realized that those were just excuses and that none of the things I listed were reason enough for me to not get up and get moving.  If I want to exercise and if it's important enough to me, I'll make the time to do it no matter what excuses I come up with.  After I said my peace on the matter, another participant rang in agreeing with what I said, and that made me feel good.  I was worried that the other participants would think I was trying to say that their reasons were just lame excuses.  I can't speak for everyone else!  I can only speak for myself when I say that in the past I made A LOT of excuses why I couldn't exercise or why I didn't exercise and looking back, those were all just EXCUSES. 

  • Not a member of a gym?  You don't need a gym!
  • Have a headache?  It happens, but did the headache cause you to not workout for a week?
  • Tired?  We're all tired, but exercise gives you energy...once you start, you feel better!
  • Work late?  What about lunch time?  What about morning time?  What about walking at work around the building? 
Nothing stopped me besides MYSELF!  Admitting this and realizing this makes me VERY hopeful that I am changing in ways that you can't measure with a scale!

Half the battle is exercise, and the other half is diet!  I haven't figured out all the answers in terms of's a work in progress for me and it's the huge reason I joined this program!  But when it comes to exercise, I just tell myself that every single day I have to do SOMETHING.  Like brushing my teeth and wearing deodorant, exercising has to be a part of my day.  Some days I stay out of the gym and my exercise consists of house cleaning and yardwork, but being active is being active, whether it's sweating it out at the gym or killing weeds in the yard!  BE YOUR OWN BOSS!


Next week is my fourth session and I'm not sure what we're discussing but in just the last three sessions I've learned a lot!  I'm excited to see what I continue to gain from this!

2.  My husband is very much into CrossFit and on Saturday he took part in a CrossFit tournament called the Festivus games.  He has changed so much since joining CrossFit and he did an amazing job.  I am so incredibly proud of him and all of his accomplishments!!!  My apologies for these pictures being blurry! 

3.  My sister and nephew are moving into their own place in just 3 weeks!!!  Last Monday evening she signed the lease to her new apartment and as much as I'll miss having them around, I am excited that the house will be just me and my husband again.  We've got big plans for the extra bedroom...and no, it's not a nursery...not yet at least! We are wanting to turn the extra bedroom into an at-home fitness room.  I won't be cancelling my membership to the gym or anything, but it will be nice to have a space to do at-home workouts that I can't do at the kickboxing or a speedbag! 

4.  I jogged 20 minutes straight on the treadmill on 4/09/13

5.  It's great to be able to grab clothes from your closet and not have that fear of "Will this fit?!?!?!?"  Now, I can grab something that I haven't worn in a while and the biggest issue is whether it's too big!  I am wearing pants that I haven't worn in years and a shirt that I purchased but didn't try on and when I got it home and took the tags off, I put it on and it was too tight.  Now it's too big but it doesn't look frumpy so I went with it. 

A little weightloss motivator...  it's good to take pictures!!!

This coming Saturday I am taking part in the Mandeville Tour de Cure bike ride.  This ride is all about diabetes...bringing attention to it, finding a cure for it, preventing it.... you name it.  I am doing the 25 mile ride with a few people that I've never met, but look forward to meeting.  It's going to be a fun time!  I raised $192 towards the cause and if any blog readers want to donate, you can do so by clicking HERE!  Every dollar raised is a step in the right direction!  I'll fill y'all in on the ride next Monday! 

Have a great week ahead everyone!  

"To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.  - T.F. Hodge"


  1. I do my battles in parts:
    1 part physical
    1 part diet
    1 part emotional
    1 part psychological

    They would be in fractions, but I don't do math.

  2. well aren't you filled with NSV's this week! great job buddy!!!

    **sexy whistle** at pumpkin cheeks!!!!!!

    good luck on the bike ride buddy!