Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Cruise=Spoiled Rotten!
So...As you all know, I was out on vacation all last week. And with that, of course...comes LOTS of eating and not a lot of exercising. Although, any cruiser knows, You take the stairs everywhere and I bet I climbed a hell of alot of stairs everyday and did lots of walking...I did also make it to the gym on board on our 2nd day at sea (Tuesday). I ran 1 mile on the treadmill in the 8 min mile range and I also did front and side plank work and arms w weights.

BUT...& BIG BUTT...It doesn't come close to what I consumed..lol. I over-indulged to say the least! 

Every day went a little like this:
1*Room Service Wake up call w coffee, muffins, cereal, fruit, etc.
2*Breakfast on Lido deck or dining hall=Cheese omelet w bacon, toast & milk
3*Lunch on Lido deck=Hamburger w fries, taco, buritto, pizza, etc.
4*Throw in bw there several "drink of the days" and ice cream cones for "snacks" 
5*Dinner-Lots of bread/butter rolls, salad starters, main course (variety), and my fav..Dessert=bread pudding w van ice cream , melting chocolate cake w van ice cream, creme brulee, baked alaska, cappuccino pie, coconut cake, chocolate amaretto cake, etc etc. (I tried 2-3 of these each night)
6-7-8*More drinks...
9-10*Late Night Pizza & Ice cream cone

Yeah which explains...the 9.6 lb GAIN in the 7 day trip.. :( 
Yeah its gunna take a while to work that off...

We had a blast and I took over 700 pics. Here are just a few...
Grand Cayman:  

Fun On Board:  
Lots of fun..But now that that's over, time to get bk to it...
Hope to have a good week for getting back on track..
Good Luck to everyone ;)


  1. Its fine.

    First, I bet at least 3lbs of that 9 is from too much salt intake and swelling from traveling, alcohol too. So, its probably not as bad as you think. Chug water, to flush your system.

    Second, the moment I get back from the cruise meaning, the day I get home (flight time doesn't count), I get right back on my normal schedule and eating pattern. I bet it takes just about a week to lose that 9lbs.

    1. I hope so...We got hm on Sunday and Monday I was still in vacation mode lol...But I got bk in my routine yesterday (Tuesday) and woke up this am 1.4 lbs down (from just one day of being bk on track) Whoooo. Im hoping it falls off fast :) Thank ya girly!

  2. so glad you had fun buddy! i enjoyed seeing all of your pics! i think i went on vacation while you were on vacation!!!!lol

    glad your back! missed you


    1. :) We need at least a mini beach vacay together this summer!

  3. I love all those pics! Looks like y'all had an awesome time! Jamaica looks beaautiful and those sea turtles...ugh...I want one!

    As for the weight gain, it's vacation and it's expected. You went and had fun and with the way you beast mode your eating and exercise, those pounds will be gone in no time!

    Glad y'all had fun and had a safe trip!


    1. :) TY Buddy! I hope so too..We'll see :)