Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Happy Tuesday!! Im currently sailing the seas..but thanks to my pal and fit friend, Shannon or whom ever else gets to this first.  They are posting this blog post for me..TY TY TY!!!! So, I entered my workouts day to day as I did them. Don't have a whole lot of time to think/write...I can say that all the squats from this week have me walking around looking like Im about 80 yrs old..OMG! 
But..No Pain=No Gain! So...Burn baby Burn!

Oh and I also got my hair did..Im a blonde again!!! =D
My Workouts This Week:
4/8 Mon:Gym->Stairs:30 mins/2.68 mi/129 floors/338 cals
                  +WBC Sunday & Monday

4/9 Tues:Run: 2.5 mi/23:03 mins/364 cals
                   +WBC: Tuesday

4/10 Wed:Gym->Bball & Boot camp drills w Amanda & Vince (trainer) 
 *Pretty sure I pulled something in my back, stabbing pains when I move.

4/11 Thurs:Gym->Bball & Boot camp drills w Chad
*Back still in pain, limping from all the squats but gave it my all anyway.
                       + WBC from Wed 4/10 
 4/12 Fri:Gym->Fitness Profile Eval...
                  Stair Master: 15 mins/187 cals/1.51 mi/72 floors
 *Back still in pain, legs are SORE especially my inner thighs!

So yea, I got confronted by a trainer at the gym about how great Im doing (happens by someone different at least once a week. One gym member, refers to me as "The Shrinking Lady" every time she passes me..Gotta say I Love Her!!!! But this chick Jenn, suggested I get a Fitness Eval done, takes my weight, measurements and body fat %, the whole 9 yards. So, today (Friday) at noon I went in and had that done.  Below is only 1 of the 4 pgs of the report but it had the most info on it.  Im not sure what it all means yet. I sure wish I had this done when I started (2011). Oh well, better late than never. She says to do it again in 6-8 weeks after I have been hard core serious training. I was thinking 6mths -year? We'll see...

 So in a nut shell...
1st 3 rows:BP Description=All good.
4th row: Body Fat %=26.7 (Fair)
5th row: BMI=29.3 
YAY! Im only "over weight" now and Im not 30+"obese" anymore...lol
6th row:Waist/Hip Ratio=.75
Idk...This just makes me think of Sir-mix-a-lot "36,24,36"
7th row:Total Fitness Score=61 "Fit"

Im just glad to not be in the "needs work" brackets, although I know..I need lost more work. I so wish I could see the comparison from 93 lbs ago. She said each time you have them do it, it will show the comparison ranges from previous time and new times added to it. So you can see the changes. Pretty cool!

4/13 Sat: I will update on this weekends workouts (or lack there of..lol)next blog post. 
4/14 Sun: We set sail TODAY!
Just in case ya'll miss me & wanna follow... Here is where we will be:

Have a Great Week Everyone!!! 

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  1. your doing amazing as usual buddy! miss ya!!!