Monday, May 13, 2013


Monday again!!!  I hope all the moms out there had a fabulous Mother's Day!  What did y'all do?  Anything exciting?

I had a great Mother's Day!  Adam and I went to his cousin's house in Mandeville where they had a cookout with a waterslide.  It was so fun, and I'm sore in places I didn't think I could be my armpits!  It was a workout to say the least! 

How My Week Went

Monday - 5 min. warmup/20 min. jog/5 min. cooldown, went home and cut and edged my front and back yards!  The weather was too pretty to be stuck inside the gym so after my cardio I made the decision to head home and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather and get the yards done!

Tuesday - 5 min. warmup/20 min. jog/5 min. cooldown, 10 min. on stairclimber.  Online Group Session

Wednesday - 5 min. warmup/20 min. jog/5 min. cooldown, 10 min. on stairclimber, Zumba Class!

Thursday - 2.5 mile walk at work!  Gym:  5 min. warmup/25 min. jog/5 min. cooldown, 10 min. on stairclimber.  I jogged 25 min. straight like a champ!  Booyah!  Painting With A Twist!!!

Friday -  2 miles on the treadmill.  It was a very UNINSPIRED workout.  It was nasty nasty on Friday and the day seemed to drag along.  I was getting ready to leave for work, yawning, and I remembered I had to workout.  It felt like 7 p.m. at only 4!  I got to the gym and quarter-mile into my workout I was ready to go but I stayed to 2 miles and headed home.  It was an off day for sure!

Saturday - Color Me Rad 5k!!

While the Color Me Rad race was fun, I will venture to say that the packet pickup was more fun!  Courtney and I ventured to Kenner to the hotel where the packet pickup was held and hilarity ensued! 

Sunday - Gym was closed BOOOOO!!!  Spent the day doing the waterslide thing.  When we finally got home Sunday evening I cleaned up around the house, bathed both dogs, and vacuumed the entire house.  It was a great day!

What's New?

1.  This Friday I go to Pennington for my last checkup for a few weeks!  I will still be doing shakes but I'll be incorporating regular food into my diet (I pretty much already am). 

2.  I have a skin cancer screening appointment on Thursday.  My sister has had to have skin cancer removed twice now, and it's a scary thing!! So if you can...I urge everyone to get checked!  The local hospital is having a free skin cancer screening and I signed up.  I'm glad I did!  Fingers crossed that they don't find anything!

Picture of me and Adam at his cousin's wedding in March. 
Picture of me on Saturday heading to a baby shower.

Sunset I caught driving home Mother's Day, picture I did at Painting With A Twist,
waterslide on Mother's Day, and me at the gym this past week.

I've got a full schedule of workouts planned ahead for this week.  Between my regular cardio workouts and classes in the evenings, I'm good to go!  I hope everyone has a great week ahead!  


  1. Love the pics! That is a GREAT pic of you and Adam at the wedding! You are kicking A on the workouts, keep it up.
    I had so much fun at PWT w you girls! :D
    The Color Run was a blast, sad you and Courtney couldn't do it w us but yall did it and thats the impt part. I will DEFIANTLY be signing up for the next Color Race!!! Can't Wait!!

  2. GREAT PICS! and PWT, SOOOOOOO much fun!