Tuesday, May 28, 2013

~Memorial Day Weekend~

May Challenge: Step It Up! WEEK FOUR:

Workouts Week of 5/20-5/26:

Mon: Gym-> Body Pump/ 60 mins/630 cals
                            +Ran: 1 mi/9:44mins/132 cals

Tues: Field Day @ Cjs school + Cut grass/yard work
              +Track-Walk/Jog/2.06 mi/36:50 mins/245cals

[2-a-day] Wed: AM:Gym->Bk & Bi w/Ab & Cardio
                              +PM:Track-Walk/Jog/3.04 mi/45:06 mins/417 cals

Thurs: Lunch Run w/ Hun:2.11 mi/22:31 mins/315 cals 
                 + 1 min Plank break (x3)

Friday:Gym->KILLER Leg Day!
Saturday: Hangover + BBQ w Great Friends=Workout:NONE!

Sunday:Family & Friendz Bike Ride

MFP Meals Week of 5/20-5/26: ~>Goal 1200 cal or less

The goal: Last week was to start logging on MFP every day....and that totally happened M-Th, then Fri-Sat-Sun same ol' didn't log=ate too much. I didn't go as crazy as the previous weekend but still I didn't control it. Work in progress, lots of work to be done in this area...Holiday weekend is now over. Hope to do better this week. 

NSV: Never did I think my hubs would be able to hold me on his shoulders for a pool chick fight, Super fun. & they did it a good 3 times or so...Whoooo! 
Good Times! :D      Nicole & Chad-Stephanie & Jackie & my CJ


  1. Dang..when did y'all go swimming?!?!?!

  2. Sunday after the bike ride which we thought you were in on :(

    1. When I left the partay on Saturday there was no time set. I was painting painting and more painting and I left to get a trim brush and I got the text asking why I wasn't at the park! I didn't know what time it was for and lost track of time to text and ask! Otherwise, I would've been there! Next time for sure...

  3. i had a cramp in ma leg AND freaking chad knocked me off because he didn't want to make out JJ. lol

  4. LMAO!! Cramp or not...I was impressed! lol