Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weight off mah shoulders and fat off mah body!

A weight has been lifted!  And I don't just mean fat.  I didn't mention it to anyone except my closest friends, but I was laid off from my job and last week was my last week.  I have been under SO much stress - how to find a job? how to pay my bills? how to breathe? how to not flip the f out? (wasn't exactly successful on this one by the way) how to do anything?  Well, as of today, I am employed again!  WOOHOO!!  I had my first interview with them yesterday afternoon, and by this morning, I had a call to go in and interview with the attorneys I'd be working for.  I felt so at home.  It was AMAZING.  The people that I met there are wonderful.  Whew!  Within the hour I received an offer and accepted!
Also, I am proud to say that I lost 5.6 pounds in the last month.  It's not two pounds a week like I wanted, but it's a loss!  And, I didn't gain the last two weeks while dealing with the job and money stress.  HUGE accomplishment for me!
Such good things seem to be coming. So excited!
It also helps when you have amazing friends to make things better.  You girls ALWAYS know how to make me smile and take my mind off of the sucky things in life!  Thank you!  Love mah girls!  (See, I said it!!)  lol


  1. So excited for you Courtney! It's about time that the sun shines on you and gives you something positive to be happy and excited about! You deserve it more than anyone I know!

    And congrats on the weightloss!!! Wha what?!?!?! 5.6 pounds girl! You are doing great!


  2. WOW...Holy Shit Balls...What a week and what a roller coaster ride of emotions! I am soooooooo happy you found a job you like and feel comfortable at so quickly. Everything worked out and Im very happy for you.

    ~A N D~ Added bonus of a 5.6# LOSS! Holy Cow! (no pun intended) lol...Awesome Courtney! Keep it up my friend!!!

  3. woot woot for you! so happy for you! everything happens for a reason! SO EXCITED FOR THINGS TO COME FOR YOU!