Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I was hm yesterday and totally forgot to hit post..Sorry! ~ Nicole

Well...Lets start off w the GOOD.... 

May Challenge: Step It Up! WEEK THREE:

Mon: Gym-> Chest & Bi w/Ab & Cardio

Tuesday: Family Bike-3.64mi/32:52mins/208cals

Wed: Gym-> Bk & Tri w/Ab & Cardio

Thurs:Gym-> Cardio & Core

Friday:Gym->Leg Day

Saturday: Family Bike-7.95mi/54:29mins/447cals

Sunday:Fam/Friend Bike-6.11mi/49:08mins/346cals

The last few weeks I have started doing weight training again on MWF. But this time around Im also trying to add in cardio & ab work in bw sets so I am always moving the entire workout, no breaks. Still keping up the "cardio days" on Tues & Thurs and the weekends.  I like this routine.  Its something different than the bboring Lat X/Stair Master/Treadmill routines. So as you can see from above..another good week in the work out dept.  Summer is approching, school is nearing end. (2 days, YAY!) I love spending the afternoons bike riding or at the track w the family.  This is where I do good.  On a bad week, I workout at least 5 xs/week...

MY PROBLEM=FOOD! Always has been, still is today. 
I stay focused and on track during the week but I sound like a broken record at this point when saying, weekends all hell breaks loose. I eat any and everything in sight.  Im lucky to be maintaining by doing this. I am happy at how far Ive come...Im comfortable w the # I see on the scale.  I think  this is why I am ok w the splurge weekends.  But...I don't like the way I feel after eating, back to being sick and feeling like crap. Im not yet where I want to be. Its more about feeling good and I don't when I eat one bad meal after the next. I need to get a grip on the eating. I've mentioned to my friends Im all about tracking on MFP, but you won't catch me tracking on a day when I eat crap, conveniently skip those days. 

My goal for this next week will be to start logging on MFP every day & to hold myself accountable, I will be posting both my workouts and MFP entry nxt week! :/ EEK! LOL!

How do you keep yourself accountable to yourself and your goals??

Have a great week everyone!!


  1. wow! what a great week! i have a HUGE food problem myself! it's just so damn good! damn southern food!

    yall know i jump from place to place with tracking! i need to get back on MFP NOW!