Friday, May 31, 2013


Last Friday, May 24th we started our 3 day juice detox. The first 2 days were a little difficult...had a few headaches without my coffee and I was tired. Day three I felt great! At the end of day three Tony and I decided to continue with our fast but add a little veggies and fruit. Today makes day 8 that we've been juicing and I weighed in at 256.8 this morning! That is so exciting seeing as how I was almost 270 again on the 20th. I have also gotten back to walking every evening with my family. I haven't had a headache since Sunday and I wake up with tons of energy which I keep throughout the day! I also started drinking hot lemon water first thing in the morning because I've read that it boosts your metabolism for the day. Today is our Biggest Loser weigh in at work and I've lost 3.37% but Kacie is at a 3.48% loss. She hasn't weighed in yet this morning so unless she gained some weight she won the month!

It's been a little bit challenge!! Neil has eaten a shrimp poboy in front of me on Tuesday and then offered me the other half. On Wednesday he ate Cane's and then Thursday he ate China Doll. I am proud to report that I didn't give in!! This morning all of my coworkers had Burger King and MacDonald's breakfast which smelled wonderful but I wasn't even tempted! I'm so excited about this journey I've started and I can't wait to see where it takes me!! 

I hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend!!


  1. great job buddy! so you gave up coffee too? your one strong momma!!!!!!!!!! and a huge loss!!! CONGRATS!!!

    1. Thanks Steph!!! I had to give up coffee but I have energy without it! You guys are a huge motivation!! :)

  2. WOW Amanda!!!! You are one strong mamma! I am so proud of your for not giving into the temptations. Keep it up! I can't wait to hear how well yall are doing. I need to get a dang juicer!!!

  3. I am blown away by your results! That is fan-freaking-tastic! Way to go! Ironically, I went to a birthday party on Saturday and my sister-in-laws husband, Ed, he watched the same documentary and started juicing that very day and he was only on day 3 but he said he was dealing with headaches and lethargy. He's tired and exhausted but I told him that's probably b/c his body is going through withdrawls of the caffeine, sugar, and junk he's used to. He said he was finally starting to feel a bit better that day. Keep it up girl!

    Serious question though... your body needs are you getting protein if you are only consuming fruits and veggies? Maybe considering throwing in a protein shake or two? Be sure you are covering all your basics and that your body is getting everything it needs!

    I'm so excited for you!!!