Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What had happened wuz...

May Challenge: Step It Up!
I told you guys Im NO GOOD w these challenges..lol. I said last blog my "challenge" for the month of May was just going to be to workout everydayYeah well..Week 1=FAIL. Excuse: We were out of town and had alot going on w the family, kids, a baby shower to help out w and well I just didn't make the time to get in a workout. I did however over come those excuses and woke up early on Sunday morning (We were still out of town w the inlaws and fam) and my hubs and I went for a run, at my request, ty very much! ...And I was so glad we did bc if we hadn't gone that morning, it wouldn't have happened Sunday either. 

This doesn't mean Im giving up already, I still plan to make a better attempt to keep up and get in my workouts every day left in this month. 

Here was this weeks break down... WEEK ONE:
WORKOUTS 4/29-5/5/13:
Mon:Gym->Chest & Triceps

Tues: Gym->Run 1 mile/9 mins
                         +Walk 1.5 miles
Wed: Gym->Back & Biceps

Thurs: Gym->Cardio w Chad

Friday: Run 1mi/9:48 mins

Saturday: ~NONE~ :(

Sunday: Run 2mi/18 mins 
                  + 1mi cool dwn walk

This weekend should be a fun one...Saturday, We have a big group of us, including my Fit Blog Friends, all doing the Color Me Rad 5k (3.1 miles). I can't wait to get colored!! Pics to come next week...
And of course, Sunday is Mother's Day :D
  Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies, 
grand-mommies, & mommies-2-be!
Hope everyone has a great week.

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  1. Missing 1 day out of 7...I'll take it! Kicking ass! I love all the pics and YES, this weekend will be fun, though the weather is saying we're gonna get rained on... UGH!

    Looking forward to this evening's dinner and painting!!!