Thursday, November 1, 2012


Disappointment will be this week’s topic for me for a few reasons.
1.    This post is late
2.    I didn’t meet any workout goals
3.    I didn’t cut the dang grass
4.    I ate horrid all week 

All of these things made for a not so stellar week for me. While I did get 3 workouts in, I feel horrible about myself and how I let the old routine get me down.


1.65 miles
(13:36 min/mile)

2.35 miles
(13:11 min/mile)

1.97 miles
(15:46 min/mile)

Total miles this week: 5.97 miles

As I sit here pondering “where did I go wrong”, the only answer that I can find is, you did this to yourself. I have motivation, I need to use it. Where a wrench gets thrown in, and my friends have heard this more than once for sure, is that I am NOT a morning person. While I like getting it in and over with, I HATE mornings. On the flip side of that, we have 2 kids and a dog and getting to bed by nine is rough. So what’s a girl to do? Mornings v. Evenings? While I have been doing the AM thing for a bit, my snap fitness membership has started up as of today. I think it’s time to try out that in the evenings again. I dunno. I’m at a cross roads with this one. any advice?


  1. Do what works for you. Do the exercises that you ENJOY at a time that is good for you and you're more likely to stick with it! There have been studies done that prove that you are better off sleeping in and working out later in the day than if you wake up early and half-ass your workout b/c you're half asleep.

    I would give the evening workouts a shot and see how that works for you. There's a happy medium in there somewhere. You'll find it! I believe in you Buddy!

  2. Girl, I totally understand. I am at that same crossroads myself. I say mornings/lunch is the best time for me bc I can be kid free easiest. But when it comes to the early am times required, that 5am wake up call is a B!!! and I just can't tear myself out of my comfy bed. I LOVE MY SLEEP! Then lunch time rolls around and I want to eat, I don't want to run. Evenings are packed w family time, cooking, homework, studying, baths, dinner. I don't want to take time away there either. I just HAVE to get my mind right and make it work. I have to start getting to bed earlier so I can get my butt up! It TOTALLY helps knowing Im getting up to go meet you. I feel bad if I have to stand you up, so that helps motivate me to GET UP & GO!
    This week SUCKS for me...So don't want to report bk on the blog nxt week...lmao!

  3. Steph do NOT be disappointed!! You've been doing wonderful!! Beside you're a newlywed! ENJOY IT!! lol...You should definitely find a workout schedule that works best for you. If you keep trying to get it done in the morning and you're not a morning person it's easy to get frustrated and say to forget it! If evenings work best then that's the route you take! For me, personally, lunchtime workouts are the best. I get away from work for an hour, I don't have to wake up earlier to do it and it doesn't take away time from my family in the evenings. Just find what makes you happy!! You got 3 workouts in this week! That's an accomplishment!! Be proud! I am! :)