Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Now we’re getting somewhere!!!
So, I’ve broke the 170 mark! No, it’s not for the first time but it’ll sure be the last! Bye-bye 170’s!!! Hello “less than 50 lbs to goal”!!!!

I really need to do new measurements and REAL before pictures. My new bikini will be in tomorrow so I will do pictures and measurements then. Lol, I never thought “my” and “bikini” would be in the same sentence and be pertaining to ME! I’M SO EXCITED! I WANT THIS! This is the bikini…

I know that it will take me quite some time to look like THAT in it, but dang, I WILL!
My workouts weren’t abundant, but they were worth wile for sure! I know my pace went up a little but I was able to FINALLY break 2 miles in a session! =)


(1/5)   Week 6 Day 1, C25K – 2.16 miles 15:44 pace
            Stairmaster – 10 minutes

(1/6)   Gym – Cross Trainer – 15 minutes
            Walking – 4 mph (.5 mile) – 10 minutes
            Bicycling - 10.5 mph – 20 minutes

(1/7)    20 Squats

(1/8)    25 Squats

As for weigh-in’s:
12/12 – 172
12/19 – 171.2 (-.8)
12/26 – 170.0 (-2.0)
01/02 – 170.4 (-1.6)

01/09 – 169.6 (-2.4) BAZINGA!

49.6 lbs to goal!!! Here’s to finally getting 2013 in check!


  1. You're doing great!! And I love the "here's my bikini...will insert photo later, having computer issues.." LOL.

    Great news on being below the 50 lb. to lose mark! Get at it!

  2. WOW..That is HUGE! Feels great to break into the nxt weight bracket! Ahhh..160s sound sooo SWEET! Great Job Buddy!

    As far as the decrease pace..Im sure if you would have Endomondo'd it you would have saw that your pace for the first mile/mile 1/2 was on target, any time you increase your distance you can expect a decrease pace at least for the first time or two. Then you can maintain the new distance and wk on the speed factor.

    Can't wait for the day we can rock our KINIs w confidence! :P

    1. Shannon, i'm going to email you the picture to put up for me! i still can't get the brouse box on here! UGH!

      i can't wait for some kini time!!!

      i figured that my pace would suffer a bit but i was hoping that it wouldn't fall back too much and it didn't! i'm definitly happy with where it's at... FOR NOW!!!!!

      -- Stephanie--