Monday, January 28, 2013

Shake it Up

I received a call from Pennington on Wednesday telling me that I can go ahead with starting the protein shakes.  I started first thing Thursday morning and as of today, Monday... 4 days in, I've lost 9 pounds. 

The chocolate shake is the best, second comes vanilla, but the strawberry is awful.  Nothing I do makes it taste good.  I tried to see if I could switch out the strawberry with other flavors and I was told that once you take the shakes home, you cannot return them and switch them out.  Understandably.. 

SO I'm going to suck it up and handle up on these strawberry shakes and next time I go back I'm not getting ANY strawberry!  Ick!  Ironically, they make a flavor called creamy potato soup and I had that lastnight and loved it!  Like, I'd eat that even if I weren't on this diet!  I cooked it on the stove with water, a bouillon cube, garlic powder, and black pepper.  It was really good!  I'll be getting a box of that for sure next time I go! 

I've been keeping a food log and exercise diary (as required by the program) and this is something I intend to keep up with even after this program.  It's great to look back and see exactly what I ate, when I ate it, how I was feeling when I did it, and what exercises I did.   

The hard part of this program is getting over the anxiety of not eating.  It's definitely tough to see others eating (my husband, my sister, my nephew..) and not be able to enjoy the same as them.  But, I'm strong and I've got this!

I hesitated hitting the gym after starting the shakes because I wasn't sure how my body would feel on the diet with so few calories.  I'm doing great with it and have decided it's time to get back to the gym.  My gym bag is packed and in my car waiting for me after work!  I wish I brought my swimsuit but forgot it at home so swimming will have to wait til tomorrow ... BOO! 

So my next appointment is on February 6th and I'm excited/anxious to see how much weight I can lose by then!   I'm going to work hard, push hard, stay strong, and block out the negative.  

My goal for this coming week is simple...

Work hard, devote every ounce of extra energy into myself.

Change in all things is sweet - Aristotle 


  1. i think that's a great goal! i can't wait to hear about your next appointment! you go this!

  2. So excited to hear you..Putting your time into you! You can't be great for anyone else until you are for yourself! Your such a strong, beautiful, friend! So happy for you!:)