Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Breaking Even Never Felt So Good!

This week I’ve logged a loss of .2 of my starting weight. It took me a quite some time to get back to my starting weight but I did it. This shows that with working out and decreasing calorie intake, it can be done. HELLO!! Took me 14 weeks to get this revelation but I thank GOD that I got it!!!

10/17/12 – 168.6 lbs – Starting weight
11/14/12 – 170.2 lbs
12/12/12 – 172 lbs
12/19/12 – 171.2 lbs
12/26/12 – 170.0 lbs
01/02/13 – 170.4 lbs

01/09/13 – 169.6 lbs
01/23/13 – 168.4 lbs – Current Weight

My work outs weren’t what I wanted for the week but I’m glad I got some in. I have been slacking with the squats but today my husband said that my butt was getting smaller so I’m excited to start back up! Bye-bye huge booty!!!!  =)
(1/16)  60 Squats
            C25K – Week 6 Day 3
            2.24 Miles – 15:37 min/mile

(1/17)  65 Squats

(1/18)  C25K – Week 7 Day 1
            1.72 Miles – 20:20 min/mile

(1/22) C25K – Week 7 Day 2          
            2.28 miles – 15:21 min/ mile

As you can see, on the 18th my work out was much less than stellar and there was a 4 day gap in working out. I attribute this to not stretching. I have GOT to get on the stretching train. Usually the day after I do a C25K jog, I’m hurting in the shins. Yesterday I logged my second longest jog but I followed it with a 5 minute stretch and VIOLA! NO SHIN SPLINTS TODAY! Who knew it could be so easy! =)
While I’ve been losing consistently since my 12/19 weigh in, I’m only .2 LESS pounds from when we started but it feels so good to know that even after all this time from the start, I CAN DO THIS! I WILL DO THIS! I AM DOING THIS!


I've also updated my goals!!!
48.4 lbs to goal!!!

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  1. Loving the tude!!! Also love all your quotes! Couldn't agree more! You've got this my friend! You found your routine and its working!! Keep at it!!! :)