Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Well its a New Year...2013...Lucky 13 for us all, I hope! Time to start fresh! I  can't wait to see what this year brings to us all. I joined everyone and listed out a few new year resolutions. Posted on the "2013 Goals" page. I may add to the list as the year comes to a start. But I love this idea of keeping a list and being able to feel accomplished as we check things off. Now...Just time to START!

Here is the break down from last week:
Monday: Christmas Eve-None
Tuesday:Christmas Day-None
Wednesday:Gym->Chest/Bk/Bi/Abs/Tri +Cardio:Stair Master
Thursday:Gym->Abs+Cardio Treadmill 1mi=9:17min=135cals
                             Stair Master-45fl=10mins=120cals
Friday:Gym->Ran 3.01mi/33:53min
Saturday & Sunday: None
Its the new year. The gym is upgrading and getting all new equipment. I am most excited about the new Stair Master! There use to only be 1 and there was always someone waiting to get on it. UGGG! Well they have 2 now and the newer one has cool settings. You can choose locations. Example: Empire State Bldg.=20 floors, Big Ben=30 floors, Great Pyramid=45 floors, etc. I think its cool to think of it in that aspect, nerd-funner, I guess...but I like saying..I climbed the (whatever) at lunch. This week I climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, 45 floors. More to come on my climbing adventures :) 

As far as the whole...Beat the New Year Goal->Loose 5 lbs by Jan 1st
Well..It was a goal, that I didn't meet! I can't say, I'm surprised. I think the challenge helped to keep me on task with my workouts but I failed where I always do. Eating! I didn't do much adjusting on the diet end, which is why I have the results below.
WEEK 1/Dec11:181.4 lbs     
WEEK 2/Dec18:181.2 lbs       
WEEK 3/Dec25:181.6 GAIN :(
How the hell I gain on a "Loose before NY challenge"??? Oh well, can't do anything about the past all we can do is move forward and try to do better at reaching our goals.  
Good Luck this week & this year in meeting your goals!


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  1. your doing great buddy! i can't wait to see what new things you have going on this year!!!!!!

    thank you for being my RUNNING inspiration!!!!!!