Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hit the ground running!!!

Well the new year is off to an ok start.  I started it off by getting sick 12/30 and suffered w it the whole week last week and still suffering w the aftermath; stuff nose, congestion, pressure, headaches, cough..UGG! But...I was determined to make my way bk into my workout routines. So even though I probably shouldn't have, I'm pretty proud I made it to the gym anyway. Here is the break down from last week:
Monday: New Years Eve-None
Tuesday:New Years Day-None
Wednesday:Gym->Bike:3.03miles/10mins/113 cals +Chest/Bk//Tri's
Thursday:Gym->Cardio:SM/Empire St Bldg/117 Floors/316cals/30mins
Friday:Gym->Treadmill Ran 1mi/9:50 + Leg Day!
Saturday:Family Day @ Aquarium & Sunday:Lazy Day
Rant for this week: I was pretty pissed that the Commitment Day race was canceled, still am. How the hell you gonna cancel a "Commitment Day" race? UGG! But like Shannon has said, Time to start fresh!
I want to map out a few of my next races.  Just so I have goals of things coming up and work towards (more to come on that). One BIG one that I am already registered for is the Rock-N-Roll 1/2 marathon in Feb! This is one of my favorites! I want to do every year now.  Im not sure yet how I want to do it exactly but it will be a run/walk combination of some sort.  Ive done (2) 1/2 marathons already but both I walked, no running at all. Goal for my 1st was just to finish, done! Goal for the 2nd was to beat previous time, which I did by over 10 mins. I was happy w that!! This time I will be doing some running (not sure how much yet)Chad will also be doing it w me so I have no worries that I will surly beat my previous times, which is my only goal for this race.  
The RNR (2/24/13) is about 6 weeks away and I have come up with a training schedule so Im a little more prepared than I was for my first 2 (which was NO prep AT ALL!)  This is one I came up with. I will try to do a 5k/10k/practice 13.1, etc on the week listed below. (Its listed on Sunday's but I may do it in the gym during that week, cardio days) We'll see...
My goals for this week are: 
*Continue "Beast Mode" @ the gym.
*Take official weight/measurements/pics for Jan.
*Start using MFP or "Loose it" app & Get control of the diet.
*Shop for bikini, for bikini pics. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!


  1. Wish you would've gone to the doctor and taken care of the funk so you weren't dealing with it for over a week! Think about it, this year is about taking care of you right? Exercise, hair/nails, looking good...that also means feeling good. Like you said, if either of your kiddos were sick you would've been in the doctor's office the next day! You could've spread that to people at work or at the gym.. just saying! Rant over...next time, go to the doctor ma'am!!!

    I'm proud of you for getting your workouts in. You are doing great and I like the collage photos. Makes the blog more festive!

    1. Lol..I hear ya and TY for your concern. Your a good friend buddy! :) But that's just me. Everyone is different and handles their lives differently..that's what makes this crazy world go round. Unless Im in dire need of a dr, I won't go. Many excuses here that I won't go into...lol..but basically I can handle the minor aches/pains/colds,etc myself. If I feel I can't handle it, I'd go see a dr. I took meds and dealt with it. It didn't stop me from getting anything done that I normally do. Life goes on...It wasn't anything major just an annoying cold. My healthy immune system can fight that off in a week, NBD! I still went to work, worked full days, cooked, cleaned, went to the gym, got together w friends and fam during the holidays, etc. Really not that big a deal, everyone I know has been coughing, sneezing and congested for the last month. Its just this crazy weather. No excuses, Im good! :)

      TY! :) Glad you like, that's why I like the collages too. Its a lot to keep up w making notes of everything Im doing in the gym. But I like to look back and know what I did, so its worth it.